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  1. Anasazi symbols - A protective circle of Anasazi symbols can keep a wendigo at bay. Fire - Burning a wendigo is the only known way to effectively kill one. Silver - A wendigo can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows, but they are ineffective as a means of killing one. Episode
  2. The wendigo in Supernatural, resemble the wendigo in original folklore. However, there is no commonly-known lore that says that they can mimic the voice of a human, can climb and jump from tree to tree, and can be repelled by Anasazi symbols. Every other charateristics of the character of the show is true to real folklore of the creature
  3. Anasazi Symbols: Special Anasazi symbols, drawn in protective circles, will keep a Wendigo away. Headphones: Headphones or earplugs must be used to block out the beast's maddening shrieks. Angelic Blade: The Wendigo can be killed by stabbing them with an angelic blade
  4. HOPI/ANASAZI Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them. 650 years ago, an entire civilization and culture vanished without a trace; this is the mystery of the Anasazi and it has puzzled many archeologists over the years. Causing absurd theories of this mysterious disappearance to sprout up.
  5. They can only be killed with silver or fire, but they also have been detailed as vulnerable to special Anasazi symbols, which can ward off the creature. The Wendigo may be a powerful predator, but it is not unbeatable. Jack Fiddler. The Wendigo is often a physical representation of the taboos surrounding murder, gluttony, and greed

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So Sam and Dean draw Anasazi symbols round the camp to protect them from the Wendigo. In the night they hear crys for help in the dark but Sam and Dean tell the others its the Wendigo mocking them with mimicry. When the Wendigo begins getting nearer the hunter agrees its no bear A 'Wendigo' can be kept at bay by forming a protective circle with the use of Anasazi symbols. The only way to fully stop one, aka kill one, is by the use of fire. Improvised flame throwers. Historic pictorial symbols for a word or a phrase have been found dating to before 3000 BC. These symbols, called pictographs, are created by painting on rock surfaces with natural pigments. These natural pigments included iron oxides found in hematite or limonite, white or yellow clays, and soft rock, charcoal, and copper minerals

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Anasazi Symbols - Special Anasazi symbols, drawn in protective circles, will keep a Wendigo away, much as salt does with demons and ghosts. Iron - The Pad of Definitons mentions that wendigos can only succumb to a few metals , one of them is iron, although it dosen't states that it can in fact kill them Can be kept at bay with a protective circle of Anasazi symbols. Can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows. 00dlez Silver Dragon Patreon Member. Posts: 194 Favorite D&D Race: Gnoll. Wendigo Apr 5, 2017 20:02:18 GMT . I had planned to use a Wendigo as the centerpiece of a find out what happened to the temple down the road, we haven't. The brothers use Anasazi symbols to fight the Wendigo in Colorado when the tribes were actually located in the Southwest. Dean says that Wendigo are typically found in the Northeast of the country (Minnesota) and he's never heard of one as far west as Colorado Wendigos must be burnt to death to die, but they cannot pass the protective Anasazi Symbol, so humans can use these for houses, and towns, and such. Wendigos Creature type, is just Creature. They are related to only humans. Wendigos live in dark, hidden places, such as caves and abandon mines, so they're mainly in mountains, or places like Texas The Anasazi's history dates back to the first millenium, and their culture grew until they mysteriously disappeared around 1300AD. In 1.02 Wendigo, Dean draws Anasazi protection symbols to ward off the Wendigo. Anasazi Symbols. Protection Circle . Symbol Translation . External Links. History, diagrams, and photos of classical Anasazi

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* Anasazi symbols Anasazi symbols are symbols that originated from the Anasazi people, one of the Native American tribes who settled around the southwestern United States of America. They are used as protections against wendigos. * Angel banishin.. They were a circle with three lines on the side; kind of looking like a spider. We had told everyone what the symbols were, but Haley had a hard time comprehending it as she asks what the symbols were once again. Anasazi symbols. It's for protecting. The wendigo can't cross over them. Dean mentioned as he drew another symbol in the dirt At night we lit a campfire. Dean, Sam and I drew Anasazi symbols for protection against the Wendigo around the campsite. Roy was being his annoying self and just stood there with his gun while laughing at us. Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy. Dean said which made me laugh Wendigo is an Algonquin, or a Cree Indian, word. It literally means evil that devours. They're hundreds of years old. Each was once aman, sometimes an Indian or even other times a frontiersman or a miner or hunter. It's always the same on how they come to being; during some harsh winter, a guy finds himself starving, cut off from supplies or help -- becomes a cannibal to survive, eating.

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Wendigo is the 2nd episode ofSeason 1. It aired on September 20, 2005. 1 Summary 2 Plot 3 Characters 3.1 Main Cast 3.2 Recurring Cast 3.2.1 Co-Stars 4 Featured Supernatural Beings 5 Continuity 6 Trivia 7 Deaths 8 Featured Music 9 Cultural References 10 Quotes 11 International Titles 12 External.. Anasazi. The Anasazi (Ancient Ones), thought to be ancestors of the modern Pueblo Indians, inhabited the Four Corners country of southern Utah, southwestern Colorado, northwestern New Mexico, and northern Arizona from about A.D. 200 to A.D. 1300, leaving a heavy accumulation of house remains and debris. Recent research has traced the. The Wendigo is a supernatural creature from Algonquian Mythology. It is usually seen as a humanoid entity who feeds on humans. It is often seen as being a symbol against the taboo of cannibalism. Powers and Stats. Tier: At least 9-B, possibly higher. Name: The Wendigo Origin: Mythology. Gender: Varies Age: Varies Classification: Monster, spiri

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  1. Dean: Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them. Dean has moved to a different spot, and drawing another one in the dirt. Roy laughs, gun over his shoulder. Dean: Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy. Dean, after looking out into the trees and tossing the stick down, heads over to sit next to Sam, who is at the edge of the.
  2. They were called anasazi symbols. They were a bit complex, so you borrowed some paper and a pen at the desk and traced it over the computer screen. You were thorough with your research, because one bit of false information could leave you a wendigo's dinner
  3. Anasazi symbols - A protective circle of Anasazi symbols can keep a wendigo at bay. Silver - A wendigo can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows, but this is an ineffective means of killing one, as silver is very difficult to find, possibly as a result of Wendigo worshippers destroying the substance so Wendigos would have a higher chance.
  4. The Anasazi people disappeared mysteriously circa 1300 CE, however they left behind relics of their culture. Hunters quickly learned that certain Anasazi symbols could be used to ward against Wendigos, and have made use of this method ever since. Wendigo This is taken from Supernatural
  5. or or hunter. Harsh winter, guy finding starving, becomes cannibal. Cultures al over the world think eating human flesh give you abilities, speed, strength, immortality
  6. Can be kept at bay with a protective circle of Anasazi symbols. Can be injured by silver-tipped bows and arrows. 00dlez Silver Dragon Patreon Member. Posts: 194 Favorite D&D Race: Gnoll. Wendigo Apr 5, 2017 20:02:18 GMT . I had planned to use a Wendigo as the centerpiece of a find out what happened to the temple down the road, we haven't.
  7. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. This tribe is thought to have flourished and mysteriously disappeared between 550 and 1300 CE in the area of Mesa Verde.

For example, Wendigo was held back by Anasazi symbols while Shojo could only be killed by a sword blessed by a Shinto ritual. There doesn't seem to be a one size fits all kill method (not counting the Colt) or a faith/culture that is supreme over the others (though some creatures are naturally stronger and I'm getting to that) The Anasazi. In New Mexico, researchers found a cave painting that appears to depict a supernova explosion; the orientation of a crescent moon and stars indicate that the art may represent the Crab Nebula, formed in 1054 A.D. by supernova. The Anasazi way of life remains somewhat of a mystery, but researchers found that the tribe built a solar. Hello Paranormal investigators, I´ve been investigating wendigos for a long time and I would like to make a list of all the possible ways to kill it and I would also like to know all possible information about it, so if you, Paranormal investigators could help me i would be very happy Everyone decides it's time to camp for the night, and Dean draws some Anasazi symbols in the dirt to protect them from the Wendigo that Ranger Cylon and Hayley still think is a bear. Or maybe they doubt the efficacy of Anasazi symbols as protection against a demon drawn from Algonquin mythology anasazi symbols. 1 รายการ - สัญลักษณ์อนาซาซี่ Wendigo (2005) ติดโพย (PopThai) วางเมาส์ที่คำศัพท์เพื่อแสดงป๊อปอั

Anasazi symbols they're for protection., you answered. The Wendigo can't cross over them., Dean finished. Roy laughed, it was obvious he didn't agree with you guys. Nobody liked a skeptic, Roy., you glared at him. Before you could say anything else, you looked at Sam, sitting by himself in the corner These are some of the most difficult creatures to eliminate. It takes fire to end the life of a Wendigo. The problem is that they are very fast, very smart, and avoid the heat. Anasazi symbols can keep them at bay and protect individuals from becoming prey. 23 THE SCARECRO Magical Protection: Any means of mystical protection should be employed (amulets, protective spells, fetishes, and charms), as these things hold power over the Wendigo. Anasazi Symbols: Special Anasazi symbols, drawn in protective circles, will keep a Wendigo away According to Johns journal, a Wendigo could not cross over Anasazi Symbols. To help protect everyone for the night, Dean drew several Anasazi Symbols around their campsite, implying that drawing one symbol would not stop a wendigo, and that several of the symbols must be used together in order to construct an area safe from the monster

The Anasazi Protection symbol to keep away the wendigos. #supernatural #spn. Done. Comment. 1,066 views Wendigo's have minor weaknesses to silver tipped arrows but have no defence against fire, use that to your advantage. In the entrance of the cave I have laid down Anasazi symbols which will stop it entering, but if an animal like a coyote drags a meal and ruins one of the symbols the whole chain is useless

With the help of their father's journal, Sam and Dean realize that they're facing a wendigo. They inform the disbelieving group, and Dean draws Anasazi symbols for protection as they make camp for the night. Sam tells Dean he wants to abandon this hunt and search for their father. Dean replies that they have to help others; it is the. There was a Wendigo one a bit ago in a thread online. She said she was stuck in a house with one and I was trying to run over Anasazi symbols with her to protect her. Not easy Cancel culture วัฒนธรรมแห่งการ แบน การเลิกสนับสนุนดาราหรือคนดัง เลิกบริโภคสินค้าจากบางแบรนด์เพราะความเห็นของเค้าไม่ตรงกับเรา หรือเพราะเค้าออก.

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Name Wendigo History Wendigo is a Cree Indian word. It means evil that devours. They're hundreds of years old. Each was once a human, sometimes an Indian or other times a hunter.[...]During some harsh Winter, a person finds themself starving, cut off from supplies or help -- becomes a.. So while you rest, Claire paints Anasazi symbols- symbols which were drawn to keep a Wendigo from passing over them- around the room. A symbol is painted over each window in the front room and bathroom, over the back of the door and another one underneath the welcoming mat outside the room Sigil traps were various magical sigils within circles, that, when drawn somewhere, could render its respective supernatural being unable to leave, use their powers, or destroy the circle directly in any way upon entering. However, Castiel had been shown to have used Meg as a mat and walk across her to escape his trap made by Lucifer. Reaper trap - Trapped reapers. Devil's trap - Trapped. Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The Wendigo can't cross over them, Dean explains to Haley. Roy laughs, holding his gun over his shoulder. Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy, You comment. You look over at Sam, who once again has a blank expression on his face. Are you alright, Sammy? You ask, earning only a shrug from him

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The Wendigo have few weakness, as far as weapons are concerned it can only be killed by iron, steel and silver. The most gruesome method of disposal is by shattering the creature's ice heart with a silver stake and then dismembering the body with a silver axe. HOPI/ANASAZI Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The wendigo can't cross. The siblings inform the disbelieving group, and Dean draws Anasazi symbols for protection around the camp they made for the night. Roy is tricked by the Wendigo and killed, and the next day, when his body is dropped onto the ground, the group scatters; this causes Dean and Hayley to be captured and for Katherine to find herself lost alone Dad said it would get really quiet when the wendigo was nearby. Knowing that they were protected in a ring of Anasazi symbols, which Uncle Bobby said a wendigo couldn't cross, Sam almost hoped the thing would come so he could sleep in peace and quiet or at the very least kill the thing

Dean was drawing the Anasazi symbols with Winifred's help. Nobody likes a skeptic Roy. Dean looked at Winnie and mouthed a 'thank you' which she nodded to. So what are these- They're Anasazi symbols, they'll keep the Wendigo from stepping in here and hurting us. Winifred immediately stopped what she was doing and started walking over to. Hunters can protect themselves from Wendigos by creating protective circles with Anasazi symbols. The most common way to kill a wendigo is burning them to death, or using a special-made weapon, like The Colt, that can kill anything Dean, draws Anasazi symbols for protection when they make camp for the night. Dean saves Sam when a Wendigo goes after him and kills the Wendigo with a flare gun and he had. Wendigo, the Wendigo name means evil that devours. They were once human but became something else when forced to eat human flesh to survive There's plenty of scenes where he shows his ability to recall Anasazi symbols, what kills a Wendigo, how to make his own EMF thingy and lots, lots, lots more. Dean's smart

Dean pulls him away from Roy before he says wendigo. Haley won't leaving without Tommy so Dean declares they need to protect themselves in the dark, the wendigo natural hunting time. Dean takes the baton to explain that Anasazi symbols keep the wendigos out Dean looked up from his drawing and inhaled deeply. This was becoming a very long day. Anasazi protection symbols. The wendigo can't cross them. Roy laughed, glaring at Dean, for once. No one likes a skeptic, Roy, Dean called, as he finished his last symbol. He walked over to Buffy and Sam, who were sitting beside the fire

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Looking Back at Wendigo - Supernatural Post Finale Rewatch! January 6, 2021. January 17, 2021. spnfans. In the midst of turmoil of all kinds and way more stress than most of us hoped we'd be enduring for long periods of time, our comfort shows are even more important. While Supernatural ended its fifteen year run in 2020, the show and its. Dean Winchester, also known as Squirrel, was a character on The CW's Supernatural. He debuted in the first episode of the first season. He was portrayed by starring cast member Jensen Ackles. 1 History 1.1 Early Life 1.2 Hunting 2 Powers and Abilities 2.1 Former Powers 2.2 Abilities 3 References Mary and John Winchester put Dean and his younger brother, Sam, to bed. In the night, Mary, his. asupernaturaltreasury:. Here is my submission for the @asupernaturaltreasury . Artist: @dmsilvisart Writer: @waywardtricks Original title, author & illustrator: Oh the Places You'll Go - Dr. Seuss I love the little sneaky moments of this story

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  1. Elliot is discovered to be a Wendigo from the other world and attacks the group. They are rescued by an alternate world Ellen Harvelle and Amy (who is an angel). Jo, Amy, Ellen, other Amy, Ward, Emily, Chris, Mia and Claire hide in the basement, protecting the place with Anasazi symbols. Ellen claims that her world's Jo died instead of her
  2. Supernatural is 2020 American dark fantasy film. It follows two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester, who lost their mother at a young age. Now, Sam is going to Stanford but his plans are ruined when his brother, Dean shows up and wants his help finding their father and hunting supernatural creatures. Set in Lawrence, Kansas on November 2nd, 1996, a four-year-old boy named Dean Winchester says.
  3. Anasazi symbols, Katie answered. They're for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them. Dean grunted in approval and agreement. Roy laughed derisively from his self-appointed post. Dean didn't bother to look up as he finished his work. Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy, he called out

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  1. (1.2) Wendigo: Part two a fire crackled behind you as Dean sketched a symbol in the dirt with a stick he found on the ground before heading back to the group that was circled around the fire. One more time. That's a- Hailey asked, watching as he went to another spot and did the same drawing in the dirt. Anasazi symbols. It's.
  2. As Haley and Ben set up camp and start a fire, Sam and Dean carve Anasazi symbols into the dirt, symbols that the Wendigo can't cross over. They still haven't filled anyone in on what a Wendigo is, and Roy continues to insist it's a grizzly bear. Haley seems torn. She doesn't trust anyone, really, except her brothers
  3. The Navajo called them a tsil no'oli, or whirling logs, and in the absence of written records we have no way of knowing what the earlier Anasazi called the symbol. In ancient Greece, it was called the grammadion, and in Tibet the g-yung drung. In Chinese, the symbol is called the wan. In fact, prior to 1871, the word swastika was.
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The wendigo is a product of Algonquian folklore and is a beast that was feared by all. This terrifying creature was known to have its biggest impact during the winter months and was thought to be responsible for the manifestation of some of the darkest parts of the human spirit. It is winter, famine, gluttony, and cannibalism incarnate The Windigo can hibernate for five to six years at a time. The Windigo can not enter protective circles with Anasazi symbols. The only way to kill the creature is to do so by fire, but it is extremity difficult do to the fact of super intelligence, str ength, and speed

What is UP y'all guess who's been without their ADHD meds for two weeks now that's right it's me. Which brings us to: Wow I can't believe I have to apologize for a delay on my second real post this is so embarrassing Among the more than 2,000 intact ceramic vessels, many appear to be from the Ancestral Puebloan people, or Anasazi, who lived on the Colorado Plateau for some ten centuries before they. The Road So Far 1.02 Wendigo SPNWiki entry for synopsis, trivia, etc. Wherein the boys get on with saving people, hunting things. Wherein Sam wrestles with the conflicting demands of the hunt and finding Dad, and Dean doesnt do shorts. And wherein I abuse italics and occasionally emplo A wendigo can be kept at bay by drawing Anasazi protection symbols, silver will also cause harm to it, but won't kill it. The only way to kill a wendigo is through immolation. Sirens [edit | edit source] Sirens are a type of creature with the ability to change its appearance depending on how it chooses to approach its victims

The thing really is a wendigo, and seeing it cements for the Victor the reality of the situation in a way that the demons couldn't. The demons looked human, were possessing humans, but this thing really is a monster, and actual honest to god, monster. Anasazi symbols and runes, herbal mixture recipes for purification and seals copied from. As they point out, wendigo (or, more properly, WIIN'digo) is a concept from Ojibwe culture - which makes the Anasazi protective symbols an odd choice, let's say mildly. But hey, they're all one kinda people, amirite

Another symbol, besides the bundle of sticks, that announces the presence of the pochteca is the pineapple. At the House of the Ephebe in Pompeii, we find on a mural a picture of what looks like a pineapple , a fruit native to South America and accessible only to warrior-merchants like the pochteca Także symbol anasazi jest w stanie go powstrzymać. Ciekawym zjawiskiem, które zostało udokumentowane po wielu latach przekazywania z pokolenia na pokolenie historii o wendigo, jest psychoza wendigo. Zaburzenia związane z tą chorobą dotykają najczęściej Indian Ojibwa, którzy są szczególnie narażeni na klęski głodu w okresie zimowym

The word Anasazi belongs to the Navajo language and means the ancient ones. This tribe is thought to have flourished and mysteriously disappeared between 550 and 1300 CE in the area of Mesa Verde , Colorado in the US.Historians, archaeologists, researchers and photographers have studied the tribe because many elements of their origins and their evolution remain an enigma Anasazi symbols, it's for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them. They're hundreds of years old. Each one was once a man. Sometimes an Indian, other times a.

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A wendigo is a monster of Native American legend, specifically the Anishinaabe people living in modern day Canada and the United States in the Great Lakes region. Depictions of the creature in literature and lore vary widely, but in general, it is associated with severe wind and cold and usually claims its victims during the night The Sumerian Civilization tells of a race of giants which ruled over the Sumerians, and there are many depictions of them. Sumerian records speak of a giant.

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In the Navajo language, yee naaldlooshii translates to by means of it, it goes on all fours. While perhaps the most common variety seen in horror fiction by non-Navajo people, the yee naaldlooshii is one of several varieties of skin-walkers in Navajo culture; specifically, they are a type of 'ánti'įhnii. The legend of the skin-walkers is not well understood outside of Navajo culture. It's the Anasazi symbol for protection. The creature won't break it and enter the car. Explained John as he opened the door for Xander, Xander gave John a harsh glare at being treated like a little kid, but obliged and sat in the front driver's seat. A Wendigo is the creature that they dealt with in the episode that was in fact. Algonquian is not a tribe, nor a language, but a language family with at least 29 dialects. The following is a list of words used by the Croatoan compiled by Scott Dawson. Andacon———-Evergreens Apis —————-Sit Down Artamockes ——-Blue Jay (bird) Asanamawqueo ——Loon (Bird) Ascopo ———— Sweet Bay (tree) Chachaquises —- Woodpecker Chaham ———-Shad (fish.

you grab an aerosol can and stand guard. you'll show this wendigo who's boss! first, you get everyone to safety, then return to the forest with a flamethrower. you scratch anasazi symbols into the ground and wait till it shows itsel The first native peoples encountered by European settlers in the New World were Algonkian tribes, speaking variants of the Algonquin language group. While initially relatively friendly, relations between the Europeans and the Algonquin tribes deteriorated quickly We are working on a second chart transcribed into IPA symbols. We have included twenty basic Algonquian Indian words, enough to give you a feeling for each language. All the nouns are singular and all the verbs are 3rd person singular (he or she sings) because many Native American languages don't have a separate infinitive (to sing) the way. The term Anasazi was established in archaeological terminology through the Pecos Classification system in 1927. Archaeologist Linda Cordell discussed the word's etymology and use: The name Anasazi has come to mean ancient people, ancient ones, although the word itself is Navajo, meaning enemy ancestors. It is unfortunate that a non. Anasazi symbols. It's for protection. The wendigo can't cross over them. ROY laughs, gun over his shoulder. DEAN Nobody likes a skeptic, Roy. DEAN heads over to sit next to SAM, who is at the edge of the campsite. DEAN You wanna tell me what's going on in that freaky head of yours? SAM Dean— DEAN No, you're not fine

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The Nephilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterward - when the sons of God went in to the daughters of man, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown . - Genesis 6: 1-4. The Sons of God Saw the Daughters of Men That They Were Fair (1923) by Daniel Chester French Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art Jun 28, 2016 - Explore Leah Marie's board John's Journal, followed by 135 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about john winchester journal, john winchester, journal The Native American Gods, also known as the Anasazi or Manidoog. Summary. the symbol of the warrior's heart. Wendigo. Mythological North American creature..

Apr 20, 2021 - Explore Cheryl Rogers's board John winchester journal on Pinterest. See more ideas about john winchester journal, john winchester, winchester Archaeologists recently discovered hidden cave drawings which may be the oldest works of rock art in America, according to a new paper in Antiquity. The images, found in Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, were discovered by researchers Jan F. Simek, Alan Cressler, Nicholas P. Herrmann and Sarah C. Sherwood. The team employed non-destructive. Anasazi ramzlari - Anasazi belgilarining doirasi chizilganida, Wendigo kesib o'tolmadi. Og'riq daraxti; Og'riq daraxti - bu Peri sehrining ramzi. Biror kishining qo'lida ushbu belgining mavjudligi, odamga teglar qo'yilganligi va ertak sehrining qurboniga aylanishiga ishora qiladi Words count: 11K A/N: Sorry for posting this part on Tumblr this late! It's been on wattpad since Sunday and I had no time to post it here! I posted the other day that I had no access to internet, so the chapter three Dead In The Water would be posted later, well, turns out internet is back and working! So I can get back on this new chapter and post it either Sunday or Monday! Feedback. It was a custom to hold a feather of this creature aloft when saying a prayer, and it was used as a symbol of truth for Native American tribes. Thunderbird. Wendigo(s) The hero Rotten Log battles one of these creatures and gets bitten in the throat. This figure may have originated in Anasazi myths or legends from the Toltec or other.

He devoured a Wendigo's heart to harness the beast's mystical power in an attempt to permanently prevent the Inua from interfering in the Earth realm; but, after battling Wolverine (Logan/James Howlett) and Alpha Flight, Mauvais was defeated by the Inua gods and banished to the Realm of the Beasts The Wendigo, although a dire threat to mankind, shares a close kinship with the forest's wildlife, mainly predatory animals (such as the wolf, bear, raven, or eagle). So let's get right to that. And the fact that, after suffering this possession, the demon could look, walk, and act like a human was truly frightening

Pin by Clary 🦋 on Supernatural | Supernatural, JohnAnasazi symbols | Supernatural Wiki | FANDOM powered by WikiaJust Like Fire — twistbeat: John Winchester’s Journal ThisWendigo | John's Journal - Supernatural Photo (37647760Anasazi - Super-wiki
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