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Reinforcement is a general term used in AS3600-2001 (Concrete Structures Standard) and by designers, reinforcement processors and building contractors. Reinforcement includes deformed bars, plain bars, wire, fabric and steel products, all of which increase the tensile and compressive stress carrying properties of concrete Positive Reinforcement The cut-off location for the positive (bottom) reinforcement is the larger of the development length, ld, and the theoretical cut-off point plus d or 12db (whichever is larger). Since the user input, rb (%), is 66.7%, cut off 4 out of the 7 #7 bars. This leaves 1.80 in2. Development Length The development length is found. principally to reinforcement bars conforming to*IS: 432-1960 Specification for Mil(i Steel and Medium Tensile Steel Bars and Hard-Drawn Steel Wire for Concrete Reinforcement (Revised). taken to ensure that the overall length of the bent bar does not excee.d the theoretical or calculated length. 3.1.2 When the shape of any bent bar is other.

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  1. Use Formula, Total Cutting length of Diamond Stirrup(L) = Perimeter of Diamond shape + Total Hook length - Total Bend Length (L) = 1016 mm + 144 mm + 96mm (L) = 1256 mm. Hence, Total cutting length of diamond stirrups is 1256 mm = 125.6 cm or 1.256 meter. On-Sit
  2. Formula of Cutting Length for Beam and Column Stirrup = 2 ( a+b) + hooks ( 24 d ) - 3 numbers of 90° bends - 2 numbers of 135° bends. Step 3. Find Data According to Formula. Lenth of stirrups a side = 600 - 2 side of the cover = 600 - ( 2 x 25 mm) = 550 mm
  3. How to calculate cutting length of chair bar, Chair reinforcement cutting length, in this articles we know about how to calculate cutting length of chair reinforcement and what is the main function of chair reinforcement used in slab and footing Foundation. The reinforcement which are used in chair shaped to support uppercage and lowercage of reinforcement used in footing

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  1. Cutting Length of Triangular Stirrups. Let's calculate the cutting length of the above triangular stirrup Cutting Length of Stirrup = Perimeter of Stirrup + 2 x Hook Length - 4 x 135° bends. To find out the perimeter of the triangle stirrup, we need to calculate the Value of H. As from the diagram (pythagorean theorem), H = √(a 2)+((b/2) 2
  2. BBS Basic Formulas | Text File Free Download: https://bit.ly/3lTU6zTFor Free Civil Engineering Courses Visit | https://www.TheCivilEngieerings.comBar Bendin..
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The expansion of length depends on the grade of steel and the degree of bend. The length increases with the increase of bending degree and decreases with the higher grade steel. (Fe250, Fe450, Fe500) In this article, I will discuss how to calculate the bend deduction length for bars Cutting Length of Main Reinforcement Bars (Cm) Cutting Length of Distribution Reinforcement Bars (Cd) Steel Quantity Required; From the given details, the following values are calculated: 1. Calculation of Number of Main Reinforcement (X- Bars) From the figure-1(c), the x-bars are distributed along the y-direction. Hence the number of bars is For a site engineer, it is essential to work out the cutting length of bars based on the slab dimensions and provided instructions to the bar benders. If the construction work is intended for the small area, the reinforcement detailing can be transferred to the bar benders. They will deal with the cutting length

With the help of reinforcement drawings, cutting and bending can be done at the factory and transported to the site. This increases faster construction and reduces the total construction cost. For site engineers, It becomes easy to verify the cutting length and bending length of the reinforcement before placing the concrete In this video, the diameter is taken as 10 ft and radius ® will be 5 ft, this center to center distance among the two bars is 9 or 0.75 feet. To calculate the cut lengths of different types of bars, the formula is: 2* Square Root (Radius 2 p- Center to Center Distance). Tags: cutting length of circular slab

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Step 1 - Calculate the Length of Vertical Bar. Cutting length of vertical bar = Pile anchorage length Bottom + Height of Pile + Development Length Upper + Lap Length(50d) - Clear Cover bottom. Formula Explanation: As you know from the BBS for Column post, Each rod will be 12.2 m or 39 Feet length We generally consider length of hook = 10 D (for bars having diameter greater than or equals to 8mm) Where d → Diameter of stirrup. Is code recommends, Minimum hook length = 75 mm fig:- Hook in stirrup Bend Length. The bend length defines the length you will need to add to the actual leg lengths of the part in order to get the flat pattern cut to a correct size

Bar bending shape codes are the cutting length formula used to avoid unnecessary cut wastes on reinforcement. Advantages of using BBS codes in BBS Schedule. To minimise the wastage; To cut the steel bar easily based on the shape code; To procure the accurate quantity of materia Remember Proper Concrete cover should be adopted for the reinforcement in Footings to resist it from corrosion.. Concrete Cover deduction: As per condition, concrete cover of 0.1m is deducted from all sides of mesh. In hook mesh, hook is provided at the end of each bar. Each bar has two ends and therefore, hook length is included in the calculation of length of ba Share, Support, Subscribe!!!Twitter: https://twitter.com/erdeepak4kumar5Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/er.deepak4kumar5Facebook page: https://www.faceboo..

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About OneSteel Reinforcing 2 Reinventing reinforcing with innovative construction and mining solutions 500PLUS® REBAR - The first high strength reinforcing bar PFX - The Prefab Experts - PFX is the new name for Australia's prefab experts who you can rely on at every step of the prefab process through planning The spacing of the reinforcement (c/c). Hook's length (If needed). Concrete Covers of the Footing. (Top and Bottom). we will calculate the cutting length of the bars and at the last, we calculate the weight of the reinforcement bars. The Formula of the length calculation is. Length = {Total length - 2(Half diameter of the bar.

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Bent Up Bars : Cutting Length = Clear Span of Slab + (2 * Anchorage Length) +(2 * inclined length) - (45° bend * 4) - (90° bend * 2) from the above formula, Ld = Anchorage Length or Development Length d = Diameter of Bar D = Height of the bend bar.. Bar Bending Schedule Use Formulas. Op-1; Op-2; 2. Plan Bar Length 3. Bends and Hooks Forming End Anchorages ( As per IS 2502:1963 ) 4. Bar Bending Schedule Formulas as below (As per IS 2502:1963, P-8, Table-III ) Measurement of Bending Dimensions of Bars for Reinforced Concrete ( As per IS 2502:1963, P-8, Table-III Length of the Footing = 2m. Width of the footing = 2m. Thickness = 0.250m. Main bar = 12mm @ 150c/c. Distribution bar = 12 mm@150 c/c. Clear cover =50 mm form top and sides and 75 mm from bottom. See More Bar bending schedule for Building Reinforcement Excel Sheet Download why you are taking 2000 in cutting length formula, while you are calculate Main Bar. may be it is 5000 instead of 2000. By putting Values. Cutting length = 2000 + (2 x 40 x 12) + (1 x 0.42 x 88) - (2 x 1 x 12) Cutting length = 2000 + 960 + 36.96 - 24 =2972.96 mm ~ 2973 mm or 2.973

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Suppose we have a one-way slab, which has a length 5 m or width 2 m (clear span). The Main bars will be 12 mm in diameter with 100 mm c/c spacing. The Distribution bars will be 8 mm in diameter with 125 mm c/c spacing. The Clear cover will be 25 m.. Envío Gratis en Pedidos de $59 Cutting of straight lengths (including reinforcement for subsequent bending) Length of bars in fabric Bending < 1000mm > 1000mm to < 2000mm > 2000mm Tolerance (mm) +25, -25 25 or 0.5% of the length (whichever is greater) +5, -5 +5, -10 +5, -25 DIMENSIONING OF CRANKED BARS RADIUS OF BENDING Reinforcement to be formed to a radius exceeding that. Available development length = 474/2 = 237 cm > 104.36 cm. 3. At least one-third of the positive moment reinforcement is extended 15 cm into the supports: One-half of the total positive moment reinforcement is to be extended 15 cm into the supports. Thus, minimum length of these bars = 600 - 30 + 15 + 15 = 600 cm. 6.13 Standard Bend and. details of reinforcement cutting and bending length Fabrication of Reinforcement ukcares com April 18th, 2019 - bending schedule The scheduling standard defines the bar schedule used to transmit requirements for cut and bent shapes from the designer detailer to the contractor and reinforcement fabricator 9 / 1

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Download Free PDF. Download Free PDF Bar Bending Schedule & Quantity Estimation of Reinforcement Steel Preparat ion of Reinforcem ent Ba r Be nding Sche dule s for RCC wor k at const ruct ion sit es is t he m ost t edious and t im e- consum ing t ask. ----- Bar.No. Cut Length Member Name In Which cut length to be used 1 3.320 1 of 17. cut edge, and the drag angle of the sensations depends on the relationship between traverse speed and cutting power. As the cutting speed increases for a given cutting power, the angle of the sensations will increase until through thickness cutting is no longer achieved. The cutting power depends on water pressure and abrasive feed rate

or placed. For the purpose of calculating the total length of the steel bars, at present, the practice is - the length of each bar is measured and then added up. This is tiresome and time consuming process. I have derived a mathematics formula with the help of which we can calculate in one line the quantity of total steel that will be needed It comes up with the details of reinforcement cutting length, type of bends and bend length which are found in steel structures. BBS is useful for determining the cutting length of steel and total weight of steel per unit area. The bar bending schedule is created in MS Excel software. Bar Bending Schedule Fundamentals Formula. Crank Length formula Lap length . Laps [8.7] Transmission forces reinforcement → reinforcement Transverse tension stresses Avoid: Large cracks Spalling . Methods: Lapping of bars Welding Mechanical couplers . Arrangement Should be staggered Not located in areas of high moments Symmetrically at any sectio The length of reinforcement can be determined by drawing a horizontal line at the moment capacity then vertical lines down at the points of intersection. Referring to Figure 2, the beam requires reinforcement roughly between 85 and 155 from the left end. Reinforcement should extend a minimum of 12 on either side of this area to allo

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  1. BS4466 Shape Codes. In April 2000 a new British Standard, BS8666 the 'Specification for scheduling, dimensioning, bending and cutting of steel reinforcement for concrete' was introduced, replacing BS 4466. Although BS4466 is superseded it is still used and is described below for reference purposes. Method of measurement of. bending dimensions
  2. GRADE 60 REINFORCING STEEL BAR LAP DIMENSIONS FOR R E B A R-B A R L A P 1 1 provided is at least twice that (a) the area of reinforcement Class A splices may be used when development length. splices are 1.3 times the in Det. No. REBAR-DL-101. Class B based on the development lengths These bar laps are Class B splice
  3. Cutting Length = Clear Span of Slab + (2 X Ld) + (2 x 0.42D) - (1d x 4) - (2d x 2) [BBS Shape Codes] Here, d denotes Diameter of the bar. Ld denotes Development length of bar. D denotes Height of the bend bar. With the above formula, all values are established exclusive of 'D'. So, it is we need to find out the value of D

Development Length of Standard Hooks in Tension • (1) Confining reinforcement placed parallel to the bar (Typical in beam-column joint) • Two or more ties or stirrups parallel to ℓ. dh. enclosing the hooks • Evenly distributed with a center-to-center spacing ≤ . 8d. b • within 15. d. b. of the centerline of the straight portion of. 1. all reinforcement shall be 0.019 clear minimum from top concrete slab and bottom of slab. 0.10m (min) compacted 24 dia. (0.30 min) 24 dia. 1. all milld steel reinforcement shall conform to astma-15-62-2t for reinforcing bars 12 ; 280.0mpa 2. development lenght for all bars shall be a minimum of 40-bar

Cutting Length Of Bent Up Bars In Slab: As a site engineer, you need to calculate the cutting length of bars according to the slab dimensions and give instructions to the bar benders. For a small area of construction, you can hand over the reinforcement detailing to the bar benders reinforcement in non-rectangular, curved and double-curved concrete forms, and the shouting valley of a gap between new BIM and old CAD. every concrete element are not Length Parameters, but rather drop-down menus. Figure 6: Rebar Cover Settings The Rebar Cover Settings is a simple dialogue where you can add all th delaying the reinforcement enables the child to engage in some other inappropriate behavior (e.g., self stimulation), which could inadvertently be reinforced by the delay. Example 2 May explain why people smoke cigarettes. Short-term reinforcing properties (e.g., reduced anxiety) outweigh delayed reinforcing properties (e.g., live longer

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Beam reinforcement bar marking for BBS. Number of bars: Suppose the spacing of stirrups is 150 c/c and the length along which they are placed is 6800 mm, we can find the number of bars by the formula below [ Length / Spacing ] + 1 = number of bars [ 6800 / 150 ] + 1 = 46.33. In this case, we always round up. Hence, we require 47 stirrups. Cutting Length of Stirrups Posted in Civil Engineering Information, Student Corner | Email This Post | By Sourav Dutta Manager-Civil We generally designate stirrups by its external dimensions. For example, a 250mm x 300mm stirrup has the 250mm and.. For example, to take the bending radius into account and to calculate the length along the reinforcing bar outer surface, do the following: In Bending schedule fields, right-click in the L cell and select (formula) from the pop-up menu. Enter the following formula for the length calculation: S1 + S2 + 2*3.14* (RS + DIA)*1/4 25.2 Effective Length ofCompression Members 25.3 Slenderness Limits for Columns 25.4 Minimum Eccentricity 26 REQUIREMENTS QOVERNING REINFORCEMENT AND DETAILING 26. I General 26.2 Development ofStress in Reinforcement 26.3 SpacingofReinforcement 26.4 Nominal Cover to Reinforcement 26.5 Requirements ofReinforcement for Structural Members 27.

You need these things while getting the actual cutting length of a bar, either for preparing the bar bending schedule or for cutting the rod for actual placement.] Finally, Calculate The Total Length Of Main Bars For The Panel A. The formula is, = Number of bars × length of a bar = 27 × 11′ = 297 feet. (10mmØ By putting the given values in the formula we get the length of the stirrup. Length of the bar = 2 (370) + 2 (270) + 2 (10 x 10) - 3 (2 x 10) - 2 (3 x 10) = 740 + 540 + 200 - 60 - 60. = 1480 - 120. = 1360 mm or 1.36 m Ans.. So the cutting length of the rectangular stirrup will be 1360 mm. If the stirrup has three 90* bands and two 135. So, cutting length = 900 + 600 - 200 - 48 = 1.25 m. Same formula will be used to work out the cutting length of y-axis, but the length will be changed here. Cutting length of Y-axis = 1200 - (2 x 50) + (2 x 300) - (4 x 50) - 2 x 2 x 12 = 1.45 m. Now, the numbers of bars will be calculated with the following formula :

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equal to the length of the lowest soil reinforcement length. Cut slope surfaces shall be benched to allow the RSS to be keyed into the existing retained embankment. Prior to soil reinforcement placement, the foundation soils shall be compacted with a smooth wheel vibratory roller. Any foundation soils found to be unsuitable shall be remove Sawing speed controls cut depth; hard aggregate might require a slower speed. Speed typically controlled by saw's self-propelling mechanism. • Saw operators that attempt to speed up cutting may tend to push a saw too fast, causing the blade to ride up out of its full cut not cutting to proper depth = risk for cracking! Source: ACP 7 Post-Installed Reinforcing Bar Guide a. Bridge widening b. Bridge deck rehabilitation c. Bridge deck augmentation Figure 6- Applications in bridge rehabilitation with post-installed reinforcing bars 1.3 Compatibility of post-installed reinforcing bars with cast-in-place reinforcin Table 1.1 Reinforcing Bar Data Reinforcing Bars Size Designations and Nominal Dimensions Bar Size Designation Nominal Dimensions Ultimate Specified Tensile Capacity (lb) US Metric (mm) CN (M) Dia (in) Area (in2) Weight (lb/ft) ASTM A615 ASTM A706 Grade 60 Grade 75 Grade 80 Grade 100 Grade 60 Grade 80 #4 [13] [10] 0.500 0.20 0.688 18,000 20,000.

t h = t b = Calculated pipe thickness as per the equation of para. 304.1 of ASME B31.3 for run and branch respectively.. C = Corrosion allowance T r = Minimum thickness of reinforcement pad. Formulas used for Reinforcement Pad Calculation. To decide, whether the reinforcement pad or RF pad is required or not, the following formulas are used page 193 CIVL 4135 Development Length Chapter 10. BOND AND ANCHORAGE 10.1. Reading Assignment Chapter 5 of text ACI 318 Chapter 12. 10.2. Introduction Reinforcement for concrete to develop the strength of a section in tension depends on th Mar 31, 2018. #5. Your hunch is in 45 degree and have height and width of 230mm. Extend it to wall and raft and form a triangle. In wall area it will add up height of 250mm. so the height of triangle will be. 250mm (wall) + 230mm (hunch) + 380mm (raft) - cover from both side. same way you will get base length of the triangle and it will be same Reinforcing ReBar Engineering Data. Re-Bar Linear and stock lengths, L = A (in, mm) Rebar Ninety (90°) Degree Bend Center Line Length Equation and Calculator. Rebar Ninety (90°) Degree Bend with Radius Center Line Length Equation and Calculator. Rebar Semi Circular 180° Bend with Center Line Length Equation and Calculator

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fitting Take-Outs when calculating pipe cut lengths. Calculates inner, center, and outer arc lengths for marking field cut fittings. Calculates or enters the Offset (Rise). Welder's Gap - Defines the Welder's Gap subtracted from the end to end pipe length calculation. Default value is 1/8, 0 is a valid value Tensile unit stress in lqngitudinaJ reinforcement, '•=-M A •Jd (For approximate results, the formulas for rectangu­ lar beams may be used.) The following formulas take into account the com­ pression in the stem: they are recommended where the flange is small compared with the stem: Position of neutral axis [3] It becomes easy for site engineers to verify and approve the bar bending and cutting length during inspection before placement of concrete with the use of bar bending schedule and helps in better quality control. [4] Bar bending schedule is very much useful during auditing of reinforcement and provides checks on theft and pilferage So the length of 1 vertical bar is 4.640 m and we have a total 6 number of bars, Total length = 6 x 4.640 = 27.84 m long vertical bar is required. Step 2: Cutting the length of stirrups. Cross-sectional area column is 300 mm* 400mm. A is vertical cross-section area of the stirrup. B is a horizontal cross-section area of the stirru

Reinforcement Bar Schedule is prepared in a standard manner. The bar bending schedule should be prepared and it should be submitted to the steel bar steel yard to cut and to bend the bars for purposes, because bar bending schedule is the simplest of details what is in the drawings which can easy to under stand for bar benders Size of ISA cutting edge = 150 x 150 x 18 mm. = 6 m > 2 m . as. per IRC 78 : 2000 hence OK After using AutoCAD for drawing well the length of outrigger for supporting the pedestal is coming out to be = 12073.47 mm. Taking, = 5 = 5 . d= 2414.69 mm Take D = 2700 mm Bar Bending Schedule of RCC beam, commonly referred to as BBS is a comprehensive list that describes the location, mark, type, size, length and number, and bending details of each bar or fabric in A reinforcement Drawing of a Structure. This process of listing the location, type and size, number of and all other details is called. The maximum positive and negative moments per unit width in a slab are determined from (8.3) 2 =α M wl x x x (8.4) 2 =α M wl y x y where αx and αy are coefficients given in Table 26 of IS 456, Annex D, cl. D- 1.1. Total design load per unit area is w and lengths of shorter and longer spans are represented by l x and l y, respectively.The values of αx and αy, given i

which a single reinforcing bar is embedded with a short anchorage length in a concrete block that has transverse reinforcing details that are a simplified representation of an actual system. This short anchorage length provides a well-defined bond zone length and response The milling process - definitions Cutting speed,v c Indicates the surface speed at which the cutting edge machines the workpiece. Effective or true cutting speed, v e Indicates the surface speed at the effective diameter (DC ap).This value is necessary for determining the true cutting data at the actual depth of cut (a p).This is a particularly important value when using round insert cutters. L = required bar Length to be cut: N = total required number from each rebar length (L) It is well known that standard rebar Length =12.00m (Produced by factories and delivered to: projects in bundles) This means that maximum number obtained from single standard rebar for each separate : required length can be calculated from (n max. = INT( 12. formulas manual calculation pdf is available on our online library with our online resources you can find bar bending schedule formulas manual reinforcement cutting length type of bends Download bar bending schedule formulas excel for free April 14th, 2019 - Download bar bending schedule formulas excel for free. Gran variedad de marcas y productos para mujeres, hombres y niño

formula to calculate the length how to calculate reinforcement steel weight bar bending schedule formulas civilplanets and is presented in a tabular form for easy visual reference bar bending schedule provides details of reinforcement cutting and bending length, reinforcement detail drawing amp preparation of bar bending schedule necessity. The development length is o ften shown on the plans as a minimum embedment length. The purpose of the development length is to anchor the reinforcing bars beyond the area where the strength of the bars is needed. Without the required development length, the reinforcing bar would pu ll out of the concrete surrounding it and the structure could fail Epoxy coated reinforcement 1.2 ACI 7.2. page 191 CIVL 4135 Bar Cutoff 11.3. ACI 12.5.4 of the total force in transferred by bond along the embedded length, an a part is transferred by end Shear Complication where a Bar is Cut off. page 201 CIVL 4135 Bar Cutoff 11.12. Special Requirement Near the Point of Zero Moment U =dT dx dT =d Length on Roof Plane 90 - A9 P5 x = Distance from Rafter end = * (Length on Roof Plane) X sin (90 + A9) sin P2 90 - P2 x Length on Roof Plane 90 - A8 P4 x = Distance from Purlin end = (Length on Roof Plane) X sin (90 + A8) cos P2 Jack Rafter: Projected Square cut angles. Jack Purlin; Projected Square cut angles * Law of Sines: A similar.

Figure Title 405-1A Material Properties of Concrete 405-1B Strut-and-Tie Model for Hammerhead Pier 405-1C Strut-and-Tie Model for Beam Ends 405-2A Reinforcing Bar Size bars is a list of reinforcement bars vis vis a given rcc work item and is presented in a tabular form for easy visual reference bar bending schedule provides details of reinforcement cutting and bending length, bar bending schedule amp quantity estimation of reinforcement steel deducts bar length with cutting length 6938 mm or 6 94 m so far the above dimensions you need to cut the main bars in 6 94 m length hope calculation for the reinforced concrete beam it also provides details of reinforcement cutting length type of bends , today formulas manual calculation pdf book download pdf file size 26 12 mb back, bar bending schedule. Bend Hook Length Formula for Column:- 1.0.8 6. Overlap Length / Lap Length in Reinforcement (Bar Bending Schedule):- 1.0.9 7. Hook's Length Formula for Stirrups:-In this Article today we will talk about the basic information of Bar Bending schedule. These are the important Tips to make and find the steel cutting length Thus, the maximum reinforcement ratio corresponds to a net stain in the reinforcement, et of 0.004. Shrinkage Reinforcement Ratio According to ACI Code and for steels yielding at f 4200kg /cm2 y = , the shrinkage reinforcement is taken not less than 0.0018 of the gross concrete area, or As shrinkage = 0.0018b h

CE 433, Fall 2006 Design of Beams for Shear 5 / 7 2. Vs of Shear Reinforcement. ACI specifies that when Vu exceeds φ Vc, then Vs shall be provided so that φ(Vc +Vs) ≥Vu (ACI 11-1, 11-2), or when 1 c u V V φ ACI Section specifies Vs (derived above) s d Vs =Av fy or c u v bar bending schedule formulas manual calculation PDF ePub April 22nd, 2019 - Free Download bar bending schedule formulas manual calculation reinforced concrete beam It provides details of reinforcement cutting length type of bends and bend length We will take one example for reinforcement quantity calculations for (h) Anchorage length of reinforcement and location and length of lap splices (i) Type and location of mechanical and welded splices of reinforcement This report focuses on Item (h), i.e., on determining ten-sion development lengths and tension lap splice lengths of reinforcing bars. Anchorage length can also be called embedment. Shear strength of reinforcement, ϕV s ] ϕV n = ϕV c + ϕV s Therefore, V u ≤ [ ϕV c + ϕV s ] Shear force that concrete can resist without web reinforcement , V c (ACI Eq. 11.3) V c = 2 √f c' (b w x d ) where f c' is in psi; b w and d are in inches Section 1-1 d 1 d 1 V u 45 0 b w Fig. 1. Dr. Mohammed E. Haque, PE Shear Design Page. surrounding a steel reinforcing bar is confined, the characteristic strength of the concrete is increased and so will be the bond stress between the bar and the concrete. Increasing the bond stress will reduce the anchorage length. Concrete can be confined by external pressure, internal stresses or reinforcement. Anchorage lengths This is the rafter length from the top cut to the seat plumb mark. tail or eave Length: The tail or eave overhang must be added to the rafter length. (See figure 5 for various eave constructions.) EXAMPLE: With a tail run of 1' 8, use the same 7 Inch Rise table, under Common Rafter Length: 1' Run = 1' 17⁄ 8 8 Run = 91⁄ 4 1' 8 Tail = 1.