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  2. Flight Systems has come out with an updated version of the GM 6.5L diesel PMD since they incorporated new features for added durability and reliability to reduce the GM 6.5 stalling problems. On sale online or in our Franklin, Milwaukee Wisconsin repair installation and performance center
  3. Amazon's Choice for 6.5 diesel pmd 6.5L Diesel Engines Fuel Pump Drive Module PMD and Relocation Kit, Compatible with 1994-2004 Chevrolet GMC 1999-2005 Workhorse, Replaces for 12562836 19209057 4.6 out of 5 stars 7
  4. Check these items before replacing your 6.5 PMD. SYMPTOM: Your 6.5L Diesel stalls just as if someone had reached over and turned off the ignition switch. CAUSE: There are two main causes. The first and most common is the PMD (also called FSD). The other possibility is the Optical Sensor located in the pump itself
  5. The GM 6.5 PMD and cooler is the answer for stalling issues that are common on the 6.5L diesel engines and are on sale online or in our Franklin, Milwaukee Wisconsin repair installation and performance center

6.5L Turbo Diesel PMD Fuel Pump Driver Module for 1994-2002 Chevy GMC, FSD 19209057 12562836. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 40. $63.99. 6.5 Fuel Injector Pump Drive Module PMD FSD and Relocation Kit for 6.5L Chevrolet/Chevy Tahoe Suburban GMC Savana Yukon C1500 C2500 C3500 K1500 K2500 K3500 Replaces 12562836 19209057 904-104 904-113. 3.9 out of 5 stars. 17 What does the 6.5 PMD do? 6.5L Diesel PMD Relocation & Replacement Guide. The Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) or Fuel System Driver (FSD) is an electronic module used to amplify electrical signals from the engine PCM to the fuel control solenoid. Without the PMD, there is no way to actuate the fuel solenoid and the engine will not run

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  1. Picture above is of Stanadyne Fuel Calibration Resistors for the PMD/FSD for the GM 6.5 Liter Diesel Engine's Electronic Fuel injection system. These resistors are included in the PDC/PMD Remote Package unless set up for use with the Boost/Fuel Control. Cost separately is only $19.95
  2. 6.5 turbo diesel PMD problems. Question: Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. I. InsaneJim · Registered. Joined Jul 17, 2015 · 3 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 18, 2015 (Edited) I have a 95 chevy 3/4 ton 6.5 turbo diesel, with about 163,000 miles,that will not start now..
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  4. A known good PMD is the only way to check that. I also think you may have more issues, Clean all the grounds, fuse spades (ecm and fsos)especially. Check fuel pressure while running. Change fuel filter and blow back through the lines into fuel tank. This would be a good start
  5. Is your 6.5 diesel having a pmd/fsd issue like stalling, surging, run-away, wont start, cruise, shuts off ect... Here I show mostly how to repair your 6.5 d..
  6. We also carry the basics for the 6.5 diesel truck. Click on a category above in menu bar to view info on prices and products. Have a look around and feel free to call or email for more info. See the list below please. 10-6 CST. 713-408-0423. [email protected] We are asked everyday what should I do to my 6.5 diesel truck

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  1. Tired of unreliable OEM PMD's? - The HD PMD is built to last! The 6.5L Diesel with electronic injection was introduced in 1994. In the seventeen years following, owners have been plagued by PMD failure. Now, there is an alternative - the HD PMD from AccurateDiesel.com. Here are a few of the advantages / improvements of the HD 6.5 diesel PMD:..
  2. Where is the PMD located on 6.5 diesel? The PMD is mounted to the driver side of the Stanadyne DS-4 injection pump centered in the valley at the front of the engine. By design, the flow of diesel fuel through the injection pump is intended to cool the PMD , which produces and must dissipate a significant amount of heat
  3. Description. PMD Cooler-Relocation kit for 1994 - 2000 Chevy GMC 6.5L Turbo Diesel. Part # 65COOLER. If your 6.5L diesel with the DS4 electronic injection pump is showing symptoms of stalling, hard starting, and hesitation, then you don't necessarily need to replace the injection pump. The PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) is prone to failure from.

4 product ratings - CHEVROLET GMC GM 6.5 TURBO DIESEL FSD / PMD MODULE 6.5L *TESTED GOOD* $55.00. Trending at $59.95 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. or Best Offer +$5.20 shipping. 5 watchers. P K S p L N o L S n s Q 2 o 4 V r M e d. CHEVROLET GM 6.5 TURBO DIESEL FSD / PMD MODULE 6.5L GM 30214 GM 6.5L Turbo Diesel FSD / PMD Cooler Kit. $ 179.00 $ 149.00. PMD Cooler Kit for 1994-2001 GM 6.5L. Kit mounts on the Intake. No harness needed. GM 6.5L Turbo Diesel FSD / PMD Cooler Kit quantity. Add to cart. SKU: 2008 Category: PMD Cooler Kits & Diesel FSD. Description

The calibration resistor location by design, straddles the PMD connector pins and is sandwiched in place between the harness and the PMD/FSD connector. Average value used stock is a #5, but diesel enthusiasts know that increasing to a #9 is a definate performance boost. Installation instructions included. PMD/FSD's and coolers are also available Brand new FSD Heat-Sync TM kit, for all GM 6.5 Turbo Diesels with electronic fuel injection used in C/K trucks and Suburbans from 1994-2002. Manufactured in USA by SSDiesel Supply TM, GM 6.5 TD specialists.Solves the problem of frequent PMD failure with your GM Diesel. Featuring our new Advanced Technology PMD which outperforms all previous PMDs in performance and longevity Diesel Engines Fuel Pump Drive Module PMD FSD with Relocation Kit S39001 6H1477 for 1994-2002 GMC Chevrolet 1999-2005 Workhorse 6.5L 12562836 19209057. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 10. $138.80. $138

Subsequently, one may also ask, what is a PMD on 6.5 diesel? PMD stands for Pump Mounted Driver. The same part is also called an FSD or Fuel Solenoid Driver. (One is GM terminology, the other Stanadyne terminology). It is a black box about the size of a pack of cards mounted on the driver's side of the injection pump The PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) is prone to failure from constant heating and cooling when mounted inside the engine compartment and needs to be moved out in order to assure maximum performance and long service life. Our 6.5L PMD Cooler Kit conveniently mounts your new pump mounted driver (PMD) on the intake manifold

This video goes over the procedure to swap over the fuel calibration resistor from your old Stanadyne PMD (pump mounted driver) to your replacement PMD for t.. PMD INFORMATION & TROUBLESHOOTING The GM 6.5 Diesel PMD/FSD fior the Stanadyne DS-4 Injection Pump is a signal intensifier - the engine PCM sends a signal to the PMD which is then amplified by a pair of 500 Watt transistors as Pulse Width Modulation to control the fuel solenoid opening amount. This amplified signal then acts as a driver for the fuel solenoid Where to come when your 6.5L Diesel will not start! - Remember - The PMD / FSD (Pump mounted driver) is by far the #1 cause of 6.5L no-starts (at least 90%). If your truck experienced random stalling like someone shut the key off before ultimately refusing to start again, the PMD is very likely the issue This is the classic symptom of a failing Fuel Solenoid Driver (FSD) also known as a Pump Mounted Driver (PMD). This is an electronic switch that controls the fuel flow on a Stanadyne DS-4 electronic injection pump. Electronic injection pumps are used on all Hummers with the GM 6.5 turbo diesel between 1996 and 2004

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6.5 PMD Bulletproof PMD Diesel PMD PMD Driver Pump ..

  1. PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) Buy PMD for GM 6.5 Diesel, or . Buy a DS4 Injection Pump for 6.5 The pump mounted driver gets fused 12 volt power when the key is on. The PCM then sends a signal to the PMD to close the fuel control solenoid. When the fuel control solenoid closes it sends a signal back to the PMD and that is relayed to the PCM
  2. The DTech DT650005 Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) for your 1994-2000 GM 6.5L Diesel is designed to increase reliability over the factory PMD on your truck. The DTech PMD is designed to withstand engine compartment operating temperatures and is brand new, not remanufactured
  3. On the 6.5L GM diesel with the DS4 injector pump (after 1994) there are two pumps, the lift pump, which brings fuel up to the fuel filter at about 5-7PSI, and the injector pump, which pressurizes it for the injectors. The injector pump is electronic, and the module that operates it is called the PMD, or pump mounted driver, because it's.
  4. The PMD is screwed to the DS-4 injection pump on the 1994-2001 GM 6.5 diesel utilizing fuel flow to dissipate heat. The injection pump is mounted in the intake valley (a high heat area). The PMD contains two power transistors that should be cooled by proper contact with the injection pump body. If the pump is not precisely machined to make.
  5. 02-18-2007, 09:27 PM. If you have a no start problem just plug it in. If the engine starts let it run for about 30 seconds then stut it off and mount it.You don't want to run it more than that ,you don't want to over heat the new PMD. If it is a drivabilty problem you must mount it it road test it you don't want to cook it
  6. Heath Diesel offers a complete, bolt-in relocation kit, which the company calls its PMD Isolator System. The package includes a new PMD already mounted to the supplied heat sink plate, and comes with a pre-installed resistor and an extension harness to move the module to the front skid plate

PMD With Resistor for Stanadyne pump The PMD is an electronic control module that is mounted to the side of the 6.5L Injection Pump. As with most electronics, they begin to fail when the heat in the surround environment becomes too much. The area which the pump/driver is located is very suscepti While they last. This is the complete kit. Everything you need to remote mount the PMD. And best of all MADE IN USA. Comes with PMD, Heat sink, 6′ cable, #5 or #9 Resistor, Mounting bolt. Some people say the #9 resistor is a performance mod it really is not, but I offer it if you want it or your PMD came with one originally you will want it. DTech PMD for the Electronic 6.5L Turbo Diesel. General Motors has announced they will begin using the 6.5L DS pump mounted driver (PMD) sold by DTech in their PMD service kit, replacing the original Stanadyne PMD

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Improve Injection Pump Reliability with this Simple Mod! One of the most common failures with the DS4 pump on 1994-2000 Chevy 6.5 liter diesel engine applications is the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD), located on the side of the pump. BDs PMD Relocation Kit moves the PMD away from this area of potential heat build-up and mounts in on an extruded aluminum base to provide better heat sinking Heath Diesel's Chevy 6.5 Turbo Diesel Maintenance Products include our PMD Relocation Kit, Super Cool Upgrade to prevent overheating, our Blue Ribbon Oil Cooler Kit, and much more. All of our manufacturing is done 100% in the U.S. 6.5L Diesel (04-94) • Eliminates need to reach fuel injection pump when only PMD module needs service or replacement • The S39001 kit comes complete with a new PMD, relocation harness, aluminum heat sink, mounting hardware, and a #9 resistor • Already have a functioning PMD? Our S39002 kit provides only the components. PMD Resistors #5 and #

Heath's PMD Isolator System is a complete relocation kit that includes everything you need for the installation, including a new module. The PMD Isolator System comes ready to bolt on, has a resistor pre-installed, and an extension harness to relocate it to the front skid plate. The PMD Module is pre-mounted to the heat sink plate with Heath's. Fits all GM,Chevrolet, and Hummers with the 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine 1994 thru 2000.-This is the new PMD, improved for heat and vibration resistance.-New #9 Resister-The new 6' extension harness is manufactured in the USA! (will plug into your current pump harness)-New heavy duty PMD heat sink is manufactured in the USA - Locate your PMD / FSD away from the injector pump where heat is trapped - Vertical mounting allows full air flow across the PMD / FSD and the heat sink and performs better during idle compared to horizontal mounting (other heat sink designs mount the PMD / FSD horizontally under the heat sink which can trap hot air, especially when idling

6.5L No-Start Guide . The PMD / FSD (Pump mounted driver) is by far the #1 cause of 6.5L no-starts (at least 90%). If your truck experienced random stalling like someone shut the key off before ultimately refusing to start again, the PMD is very likely the issue. Typically the random stalls caused by the PMD will become more frequent as the. The GM 6.5L's DS4 injection pumps have been a failure point of these trucks throughout their lifespan. The main issue with the pumps was in regards to the pump mounted driver (PMD) failing from overheating issues. Flight Engineering has redesigned the PMD to alleviate the failure issues with these units. Warranty 1 Year UNLIMITED Mileage 1994 - 2000 CHEVY/ GMC 6.5L PMD As leaders in the diesel injection system remanufacturing and refurbishing industry for over 5 decades, you can shop in confidence. Item Condition: Manufactured Again-This is a Manufactured Again product Manufactured Again The definition

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  1. 9 product ratings 9 product ratings - GM 6.5 DIESEL PMD FSD MODULE & 6 FOOT EXT HARNESS KIT (# 146) $212.00. Brand: Stanadyne. Free shipping. 97 sold. PMD FSD PDM MODULE WITH COOLER KIT New Stanadyne and 6 ft harness 6.5L GM diesel. 5 out of 5 stars
  2. The 6.5 Diesel PMD Isolator System relocates the 6.5 PMD away from the heat of the engine. 6.5 PMD-Isolator System. This is the first and most important step in assuring sound and reliable performance with the 6.5. Factory-mounted on the driver-side of the fuel injection pump, the diesel PMD has a problem with overheating. When the box operates.
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  4. The PMD is screwed to the DS-4 injection pump on the 1994-2001 GM 6.5 diesel utilizing fuel flow to dissipate heat. The injection pump is mounted in the intake valley (a high heat area). The PMD contains two power transistors that should be cooled by proper contact with the injection pump body

PMD Cooler GM 1982- 2000 6

I have a 1994 6.5 turbo diesel, chevy 3500 1 ton 4x4. Here'e the problem, every time I reach a speed of 60 mi and the truck is in a strain, the engine light will come on and the turbo would shut off. If i turn off the truck and restart; the turbo will go back to normal.I recently instaled a new PMD and it works good for starting GM Chevy L Turbo Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Superkit See more like this L Diesel Pump Mounted Driver PMD/FSD Dorman For Chevy/GMC Brand New. Jun 13, · I drove a '94 Chevy Diesel over K miles and when the fuel pump quit working the first thing I would do is replace the oil pressure switch

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The PMD or Pump Mounted Driver on the 6.5 GM diesel trucks is notorious for failure due to the factory mounting location. This factory location causes the PMD to overheat and fail. This relocation kit from BD diesel will properly mount your PMD in a safe location to ensure long life and reliability The DTech DT650003R Remanufactured DS Fuel Pump w/ New PMD is a direct replacement for your 1994-2003 GM 6.5L Diesel Engine. Some companies think they can dupe you by slapping a meaningless claim on their products. DTech thinks their products should speak for themselves and rely on what really matters: performance This harness has sometimes been the cause of some of the more difficult to find drive ability problems on the Chevy / GMC 6.5 diesel. What happens is that the spring tension relaxes in the terminals of the PMD connector causing an intermittent connection and drive-ability issues including stalling (although the most common cause is the PMD itself) Guys, Got a question. My cousin called me yesterday saying that he saw a truck for sale. He said it was a 2000 Chevy 2500 ext cab with the 6.5L turbo diesel. The truck is in very good condition and has 96,000 miles on it. How is this engine compared to the Duramax engine? I could use..

Complete package with everything need to install. Fits all GM, Chevrolet, and Hummers with the 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine 1994 thru 2000. The PMD has a lifetime warranty and is made in the USA.-This is the new American Made PMD, improved for heat and vibration resistance.-New #9 Resiste Apparently the 6.5 was what they superseded to as a replacement. It also had a new pump, water pump, radiator and a lot of other bits, over $8000. It had less than 10,000 miles on the engine when I got it and seemed to run fine. Also, just moving the PMD is only half of it, you still need to put it on a heat sink 6.5L PMD Wiring Harness. This DT650030 PMD Wiring Harness is for your 1994-2000 GM 6.5L Diesel and is a direct replacement for your worn factory harness. Over time, the factory harnesses can fail due to fluid contamination, heat, and wear and tear. The DTech Harness replaces your existing to restore function to your fuel system 1999 6.5 Diesel SuburbanVehicle Updates--New Engine--New Transfer case--New remote PMD--New Injectors--New water pump--New Injector pump--New 3down pipe--New exhaust--New OPS--New TiresThe truck was driven sparingly and mostly to hall the kids around or pick up supplies.Never pulled anything larger than a utility trailer with mulchTransmission is starting to slip in reverse.Serious in 6.5 diesel wont start when hot. Not PMD. Jump to Latest Follow Status Not open for further replies. 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. R. rumscheid · Registered. Joined Jul 14, 2007 · 1 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 14, 2007. I have a 98 6.5 and it will not start when hot..

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Thoroughbred Diesel Part #: BDD1036520. Fitment Notes: BD Diesel PMD Relocation Kit 94-00 Chevy 6.5L w/DS4 Injection Pump - 1036520. One of the most common failures with the DS4 pump on the 1994-2000 Chev 6.5L engines is the Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) located on the side of the pump which has been contributed to excessive heat build up of the PMD Replacement for all black Pump Mounted Drivers (PMD) on 1994 and newer 6.5L. Our extension harnesses will also allow you to adapt a grey style PMD plug to these high quality PMDs. Why is Flight Systems superior to other brands?: They designed this PMD from the ground up including their proprietary modern SMT (Surface Next Generation Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) for 1994 - 2005 6.5L Chevrolet GMC Duramax. After many years of selling the PMD's from Stanadyne, black ones and grey ones, each branded as better than the last. After trying almost every manufacture of the product, we failed to find one that met our quality standards USED Stanadyne Pump Mounted Driver PMD (FSD) Box, for GM 6.5 L Diesel Fuel Pumps - 35976U Part Number: 35976U Manufacturer: Stanadyne Availability: In Stock $51.42. Add to Cart. Details. Alliant Power PMD (FSD) Box, for GM 6.5 L Diesel Fuel Pumps - AP63485 Part Number: AP63485. The 6.5 Turbo Diesel cover that is on the engine will have to be removed and the PMD cooler mounts directly to the intake manifold in the same bolt holes that were used by the old cover. This device is easily installed and will start saving the life of your injection pump


Question: - 6.5 turbo diesel PMD problems Diesel Plac

1 x 1994 - 2002 Chevy/GMC 6.5L Stanadyne Fuel Injection Pump With PMD Option. 1994 6.5L Heavy Duty. The eighth character in VIN will be an F. Engine RPO L65 Application Caution: Some 1994 Heavy Duty vehicles had the PCM calibration PROM changed to use the 440-6116-5068 pump Will it fit a 1994 Chevy 6.5 L turbo diesel c2500 truck ? July 16, 2017. Chris V. What make pmd is this? Is everything in the picture included? It's a lifetime warranty? July 19, 2019. Michael S. 10 With diesel fuel costs rising and new diesel trucks costing $50-60K!, the GM 6.5 diesel engine has enjoyed resurgent interest among truck owners who realize that the 6.5 can offer unmatched fuel economy (often in the 18-21 mpg range). This easily bests the newer diesels such as GM's Duramax and the Ford 7.3 6.0 & 6.4 Liter engines


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This is NOT a common PMD problem, so if the second PMD (new and/or tested) has the same results you can be about 99% sure that the PMD is not the problem. There are many other causes of a no start with the 6.5 injection system. The PMD is normally not to blame for a cold-stall issue 203. There are only 2 brands of PMD currently available. Stanadyne and flight systems. the new stanadyne is grey and requires it's own PMD resistor and extension harness with gold plated terminals. Any PMD that does not say stanadyne is a flight systems no matter who's name is written on it and is a direct replacement for the black stanadyne. Note-This is a newly designed PMD that uses a different wire harness. To install this part the intake manifold will need to be removed New Alliant Power (OEM) replacement PMD (Pump Mounted Driver) for GM 6.5L injection pumps. Kennedy Diesel is your source for Duramax performance. Whether you are looking to tow or race, we have what you need to make your truck perform. We also carry filters, shocks, floor mats, and other useful service part

Are These Symptoms of a Bad PMD? The Truck Sto

Stanadyne modeled the DB2 when they attempted to design an electronic version for the 6.5 diesel dubbed the DS4 so while Vernon Roosa designed the DB2 in 1941 Stanadyne went it all alone on the DS4. The DS4 is basically DEAD after 7 years of failure in the field and the DB2 is a design 80 years old and relaible. That is a an important statement 1992-2002 GM 6.5 Diesel Engine Rebuild Rering Kit. This rebuild kit includes everything you need to rebuild your 6.5 GM Diesel Engine. Included in this kit: Piston Rings Rod Bearings Main Bearings Cam Bearing Complete Engine Gasket Kit If you need oversize bearings please contact us. MSRP: 504.60 GM 6.5L Turbo Diesel PMD FSD Module 72 Relocation Extension Harness wiring GM for GRAY PMD. This listing is for a NEW of 72 PMD FSD Module Relocation Wiring Extension. Fits the GRAY VERSION PMD. It allows you to move the Module to a Cooler Location avoiding costly repairs and being broken down on the side of the road While fuel in the lines of a diesel will cause hard starting, stalling and poor running, the unintended acceleration symptoms points to a pmd. I have never seen or heard of air in the lines causing a 6.5 to accelerate. A worn DS4 (injector pump) can cuase erratic rpm also, but has other symptoms the OP hasn't experienced

6.5 Turbo Diesel PMD FSD Transistor Replacement - YouTub

Find CHEVROLET GM 6.5 TURBO DIESEL FSD / PMD 39405 6.5L in Skaneateles Falls, New York, US, for US $55.5 Changes were made by GM to the 6.5 in their light trucks for emissions or reliability improvement. The 1992-1993 model years used a 6.5-specific Stanadyne DB-2 mechanical injection pump. GM replaced the DB-2 with the electronic throttle DS-4 in 1994-2000 vehicles. The DS style pump used a pump mounted driver known as the PMD

6GM 6

New Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) for 1994-2001 GM 6.5L. Diesel Fuel Pump Driver Module. Fits ALL 6.5L Electronic DS Pumps & Models. Failure results in a vehicle down situation. Plug and Play for easy installation. Newly engineered bushing on the mounting screws provide a long service life. Re-engineered to address failure points in the original. Stanadyne Pmd For 6.5 Diesel. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Parcel Select Ground. I ordered it for a customer who decided not to fix the truck and I couldn't return the item. It's never even been plugged in and costed me $175 new 95 silverado 6.5 turbo diesel. guages pyrometer,fuel pressure,tranny and boost. 75hp chip,3mandrel bent downpipe,3exhaust no cat or muffler back to collector out to 4duals,removed airbox installed open air filter,moved pmd to fender well,mist injection dual stage kicks in at 8lbs and 13lbs of boost,intercooler,b&m shifter,manual boost controller set at 15lbs,33/12.5/15 dunlop rovers on.

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