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Mind you i was 14 years old. We were walking down a long road and there was a semi-truck on the side of the road and no other cars around. As we were walking towards the semi truck there was a bright blue flash of light coming from the back of the truck. This light almost looked like a burst of what i can only explain as energy, like the space. 11 more replies. level 1. · 3y. Probably my favorite unsolved mystery is the Eilean Mor Lighthouse Mystery. Basically the three lighthouse-keepers dissapeared from the island. Inside the lighthouse they found uneaten meals on the table and missing coats among other weird things.. The creepy part is the log book r/UnsolvedMysteries: This subreddit is about unsolved mysteries. Whenever possible, actual redditors have participated in investigating the events This was even before we hit construction in Ohio and traffic in Chicago. Our total drive time took us 12 and a half hours! We looked back on my friends Google history to try to explain how this happened. Google has all of our stops and travel times saying we drove for 6 hours and 55 minutes

Sometimes media such as photos and video are linked to murder victims who remain unidentified, other times the people are involved in mysteries that are unsolved Post away and if theres any info with the submission please post in the comments too Prepare to lose some sleep over this list of the biggest mysteries uncovered on Reddit. Of the many things Reddit users have done, uncover super weird mysteries is definitely at the top of the list. Sometimes, the mysteries are just really strange websites that are unsettling because of their unorthodox structure 355k members in the UnsolvedMysteries community. This subreddit is about unsolved mysteries. Whenever possible, actual redditors have participated But sleuthing around, trying to figure out the truth has always been part of the fun. OK, here they are, 15 great Reddit mysteries. 1. The Bridge. It's hard to explain, exactly, what The Bridge. Here are some creepy Reddit theories about the six episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. Episode One: Rey Rivera's letter decoded. In 2006, Rey Rivera goes missing and his body is eventually found six days later inside the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore

The internet loves certain things without question: dogs, yodeling kids and memes.But perhaps the most cherished internet fodder are unsolved mysteries. Long after police and private investigators. On February 13, 2017, Abigail Williams and Liberty German were dropped off by Liberty's older sister at an abandoned railway near a hiking path in Delphi, Indiana. The two girls promised to meet with a family member near a bridge later on that day, but the duo never showed up Unsolved Mysteries That Have Absolutely No Plausible Explanation (r/askReddit Reddit Stories) Has anything insane happened to you? Share your own funny an.. Strange Mysteries Discover unexplained mysteries that defy logic. Ancient Mysteries Did the ancients fly? Did they have unexplainable knowledge of the solar system Crime Mysteries Some of the strangest and most bizarre crime mysteries Historical Mysteries Read about strange and unexplained events through the ages Modern Mysteries Mysteries and unexplained events are happening even today Reddit users discussed the creepiest unsolved mysteries that haunt them to this day. I asked some users if I could share their comments with Creepy Catalog readers — thanks to all who participated! The Hinterkaifeck Murders. Wikimedia Commons I love reading about unsolved mysteries, especially weird/creepy ones, and the Hinterkaifeck murders.

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Ever since 2013 the mystery of room 322 has popped up quite a few times to make quite a stir online. In today's episode of reddit mysteries we are going to t.. Sometimes a search for answers only leads to more questions. These 4 true, surreal mysteries are full of twists and turns, and they all remain unsolved. Try. 16. /r/Skinwalkers. In Native American legend a skin-walker is a most foul creature, a witch. By committing a cultural taboo, usually killing a member of their own family, a witch can become a.

Netflix drops 'Unsolved Mysteries' evidence on Reddit to help internet sleuths solve cases. Netflix's recent revival of the beloved Unsolved Mysterie s series is a hit, with the show appearing on. Unsolved Mysteries was part of the first generation of true crime TV, a contemporary of shows like America's Most Wanted, hosted by John Walsh, who'd become a national celebrity and victims' rights advocate after the horrific murder of his 6-year-old son.It was through shows like Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries that viewers were first turned into proto-online vigilantes, encouraged to. Check out https://www.huntakiller.com/lazymasquerade to see if you have what it takes to be a detective. Use promo code LAZY for 20% off your first box!Vol.. Unsolved Mysteries has put an archive of evidence and unused interview clips onto a Google Drive they shared on Reddit—and true crime fans have already made some significant discoveries Alonzo Brooks' Unsolved Mysteries Death Has Reddit Users Theorizing Hard Netflix's reboot of the series has brought increased attention to his 2004 disappearance—and the FBI has recently.

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  1. Reddit is full of mysteries, many iconic and well known, but there are also many that don't get much attention beyond the original post. In this video, we'll..
  2. There are answers out there... Somewhere...Lazy's Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lazymasqueradeBecome a Channel Member: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7..
  3. eddit, considered the front page of the internet is filled with various subreddits and threads that provide entertainment and even education to it's users...

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  1. One of Unsolved Mysteries' most perplexing cases this season has reddit sleuths digging into a crime that happened over 20 years ago, with no leads in sight. In Volume 2, Episode 2 of Netflix.
  2. Unsolved Mysteries, however, is looking for viewers of the show to help identify the woman by releasing a series of crime scene photos from the case onto Reddit, where there is a thriving.
  3. reddit unsolved mysteries Image: Netflix Netflix is full of true crime documentaries but perhaps one of the most exciting in recent years is the reboot of the classic anthology, Unsolved Mysteries
  4. In 2014, a Reddit user called u/shadybusiness15 took to the site hoping that their own mystery could be solved by Reddit. The case quickly became one of the most legendary scary mysteries of the Internet. According to the post, the user, a young student, had a scary moment when an extension cord in their room violently blew a fuse
  5. Reddit's theories about Lena Chapin's episode of Unsolved Mysteries may have led to the discovery of new evidence and clues that could help solve her mysterious 2006 disappearance. According to.
  6. Unsolved Mysteries is available to stream now on Netflix. Tell us you love Punkee without telling us you love Punkee. Sign up to our newsletter, and follow us on Instagram and Twitter. It'll mean the world. in this story A Death in Oslo Death Row Fugitive Lady in the Lake Netflix Reddit theories Unsolved Mysteries Washington Insider Murder
  7. Unsolved Mysteries episode titled Missing Witness has sparked multiple wild fan theories on Reddit. Netflix also shared new never-before-seen footage and evidence on Reddit to help amateur.

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  1. 7 Reddit Theories About Rey Rivera's Cryptic Note From. Unsolved Mysteries. It included Freemason-related wording and a list of celebrities he wanted to make five years younger. The first.
  2. Unsolved Mysteries co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that one of the cold cases he really wanted to explore was the mysterious death of Alonzo Brooks
  3. Recently, Reddit user inevitableloudmouth asked people to share the strangest unsolved mysteries they knew, and the responses didn't disappoint - here are the most bizarre ones. 1. The.
  4. Reddit 1. Unsolved Mysteries - The Disappearance of Asha Degree. Wikipedia. February 14, 2000, was a windy, rainy day in Shelby, North Carolina. Early that morning, before the rest of the family was awake, 9-year-old Ash Degree packed some items into her backpack and left the house. Between 3:45 AM 4:15 AM, several motorists saw her walking.

I saw this one on the TV show Unsolved Mysteries. There was a group of five guys who went out in their small whaling boat in Hawaii to fish in 1979. There was a storm, and they never came back. Ten years later, their boat was found on the shore of a small island in the Marshall Islands with a shallow grave that someone made There's some creepy shit in the world. The junior detectives over at Reddit were asked to cough up some of the freakiest unsolved mysteries, and these will absolutely keep you up at night.. 1. The disappearance of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos Two men (unrelated, who didn't know each other) disappeared from Naples, Florida three months apart under the exact same circumstances We moved away a few years ago, but I don't think the case was ever solved. It's definitely the best unexplained mystery that I've personally come across. — vault-of-secrets. 19. The East Area Rapist / Original Night Stalker I'd say the East Area Rapist/ Original Night Stalker's identity is one of the craziest mysteries to me Settle in, this is a long one. These scariest unsolved mysteries are based on the opinions of the people over on r/unresolvedmysteries who know enough about unsolved cases at large to be experts on the creepiest ones. If you're looking for a lengthy thread of bite-sized true scary stories, we've got one of those too 3.Lake City Quiet Pills. Like many of the most interesting unsolved internet mysteries, the story of Lake City Quiet Pills begins on Reddit. In 2009, a Reddit post was made reporting that a fellow user going by the name u/ReligionOfPeace had passed away

The mysterious murder case of Patrice Endres was featured on an episode of 'Unsolved Mysteries,' but a bunch of Reddit users have some theories about the case Jul 8, 2020. Unsolved Mysteries French episode titled House of Terrors has sparked multiple fan theories on Reddit. Viewers have shared why they think Count Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès may have. Culture Unsolved Mysteries Netflix True Crime Reddit. Unsolved Mysteries has been on Netflix for around a week now, meaning that its viewers have had a chance to read up on the details behind the. Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' is about Rey Rivera's mysterious death. He left behind a note mentioning 'The Game,' and a Reddit fan has a theory why 9. The Lane Bryant murders — the shooter still remains unknown. It happened on a Saturday morning in the southern suburbs of Chicago. A person walked into the store, held people hostage for a.

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Netflix debuted its revival of the true crime series Unsolved Mysteries earlier this month, and in the second episode, titled 13 Minutes, viewers are introduced to Endres' case. In April. On July 7, one week after Netflix dropped the newest season of Unsolved Mysteries, the streaming platform gave Reddit's true crime enthusiasts and armchair investigators a major lead in the. Spirituality, Religion and Beliefs. Discussing faith, religion and spiritual beliefs. Please always respect the beliefs of other members - the bashing of specific religions, countries, races or belief systems is strictly disallowed. Several of the topics in this section cover some sensitive areas and it is important to respect the views of.

Originally Published: Oct. 19, 2020. As documented in the fifth episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2, JoAnn Romain disappeared after attending a prayer service on a cold night in January 2010. On 7th July, one week after Netflix dropped the newest season of Unsolved Mysteries, the streaming platform gave Reddit's true crime enthusiasts and armchair investigators a major lead in the.

The creepiest mysteries are the ones that happen in real life. We drove up to my friend's grandmother's house in the mountains of New Mexico for a skiing trip. On one of the first nights we were all just hanging around the house and my friends went upstairs to play a drinking game; I stayed downstairs to watch tv in the living room Today, the creators of Unsolved Mysteries, Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, sat down for a Reddit AMA to discuss their delightfully creepy show, which started as a series of specials and ran. Not every case highlighted over the years on Unsolved Mysteries remains unanswered. In fact, quite a few of the cases discussed in the series during Unsolved Mysteries' original run between 1987 and 1999 were solved, thanks to the cases airing on national television. RELATED: Unsolved Mysteries: 10 Classic Cases That Are Still Unsolved Robert Stack is the most famous host of Unsolved Mysteries. Related: Unsolved Mysteries Theory: Rey Rivera Was Acting Out The Game A popular Unsolved Mysteries theory involves statements that Xavier allegedly made before disappearing. On April 11, 2004, relatives received a letter in which Xavier claimed that he'd been working for the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, and that he and his family would have to enter the Witness Protection Program

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Terry Dunn Meurer, co-creator of the original Unsolved Mysteries and the new Netflix reboot, talks Rey Rivera and the puzzling note he left behind. PicklyPickledPuddin/Reddit. Rivera printed. One popular Reddit theory about the death of Rey Rivera references the note he left behind and the movie 'The Game.' 'Unsolved Mysteries'' co-creator weighs in Unsolved Mysteries explored the Washington insider's 2010 death. The first episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 centers on the murder of Jack Wheeler, a Washington insider and former aide to. Unsolved Mysteries opens with death of John Jack Wheeler. Theories of how and why Wheeler was killed have since surfaced on Reddit and other sites

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The Unsolved Mysteries episode makes it clear that the official ruling for Rivera's death is a suicide. However, a number of factors bring this ruling into question. a Reddit theory has. The Official Unsolved Mysteries. May 8, 2014 ·. Update: Nelson DeCloud has died behind bars. Do you remember this story? Twenty-one years ago this week, an Unsolved Mysteries segment aired and led to the arrest of a cult leader from Liberty. A month ago, that same man died while an inmate at Southeast Correctional Center in Charleston In 1987, host Robert Stack informed and frightened a generation as host of the series Unsolved Mysteries.Using both re-enactments with actors (including a pre-fame Matthew McConaughey) and. Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' brings in tips on brutal fugitive who killed 14-year-old girl in 1965. October 26, 2020 at 3:35 pm PDT By Crystal Bonvillian, Cox Media Group National Content. Reddit Asks: What's the Weirdest Unsolved Mystery? Every single day, people go missing or die and the who, what, where, and why of the situation is never completely answered in a way that satisfies police or the public. There are existing SubReddits called /r/UnsolvedMysteries and one known as /r/UnresolvedMysteries that specialize in sharing.

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23 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries. The world is full of mysteries. But as we push further into our technological age, that shroud is quickly growing thinner. Still, though, there are a few mysteries left -- and that is what's truly creepy. We asked our readers to comb the Internet for some frightening mysteries that, despite our best attempts. Creepy stories are always a hit, unless you are the star of one. There are hundreds of internet discussions about ghost sightings, weird sounds, unexplained incidents etc. And it's always those personal experiences that get the most interaction. See Also: 10 Creepy Things Bodies Can Do After Death. 10 Warning not

In 1988, nine-year-old Michael Henley Jr. went camping with his father and a family friend in New Mexico. Just twenty minutes after they arrived at the campsite, however, he disappeared. A year later, his case was originally featured on a 1989 season two episode of Unsolved Mysteries The Hessdalen Light is an unexplained light usually seen in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. In 2007, a group of teachers, students and scientists established a science camp in Norway to study the phenomenon. On a clear night, Bjorn G. Hauge managed to take this pic using an exposure time of 30 seconds. The analysis of the spectrum reveals the.

Much like Unsolved Mysteries, this long-running A&E docuseries explores cold cases (hence the name). It originally aired from 1999 to 2006, and Netflix revived the show for one season in 2017 unsolved mysteries xavier reddit's best theories Amid Reddit's many (many!) theories about the Dupont murders, there seems to be a consensus that Count Xavier is still alive and moving freely. In a savvy move, Netflix decided to embrace the Reddit community by uploading a Google Drive filled with new and existing evidence from each episode to the Unsolved Mysteries Reddit page. We. 1. The Ghost Blimp. Pilots Ernest Cody and Charles Adams. Photo Credit: Unsolved Mysteries Wiki. In the summer doldrums of 1942, the people of a small town outside of San Francisco saw something strange in the skies. A sagging, broken-looking blimp was falling out of the sky An Unsolved Mysteries fan revealed a convincing theory last week about the Rey Rivera letter and its link to the movie The Game—but the Netflix series' co-creator has cast doubt on the thesis

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One of Unsolved Mysteries' most perplexing cases this season has reddit sleuths digging into a crime that happened over 20 years ago, with no leads in sight. In Volume 2, Episode 2 of Netflix's true crime reboot, titled A Death in Oslo, we learn about the curious case of Jennifer Fairgate, or Jennifer Fergate, a young woman who was found dead in a five-star hotel in Oslo, Norway, in. Unsolved Mysteries leaves out a popular Stolen Kids theory concerning the Christopher Dansby and Shane Walker cases. The rejection of that line of thinking meant that a lead about potential suspects didn't make the final cut at all, after being branded not credible evidence to begin with. Stolen Kids released as part of Unsolved Mysteries. Pokémon has always been a treasure trove of mysteries, conspiracies, and fan theories. Hell, this isn't even the only Pokémon entry on this list. This one goes back the OG (and best) generation of Pokémon (Genwunner 4 lyfe). Diglett, and his oh so creative evolution Dugtrio (there are THREE Digletts now!) look like little brown sausages that stick out of the ground with cute little eyes. On the Unsolved Mysteries subreddit, the streaming giant posted this announcement: Hey guys, Netflix here! We've created a public drive with all the assembled evidence, case files, interviews.

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The unexplained mystery of the blimp crew that vanished. During WW2, on August 16, 1942 one of the strangest unexplained mysteries of all time occurred when the two man crew of a US Navy submarine chaser blimp vanished in mid flight. The US Navy blimp L-8 took was set to take off from Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay early in the morning on a. Unsolved Mysteries: Jack Wheeler Reddit theory. As you'd expect, a number of theories are currently circulating, with audiences speculating what may have happened to Jack before his passing 10 Ancient Mysteries Researchers Still Can't Explain Marissa Laliberte Updated: Feb. 21, 2020 Stonehenge and Easter Island are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to unsolved mysteries About Unexplained Mysteries. Unexplained Mysteries examines history's most compelling puzzles. From suspicious deaths to scientific paradoxes to paranormal reports, if there are lingering questions, Unexplained Mysteries tells the story. Every Tuesday and Thursday, sort through the evidence—and occasionally—uncover the answers. listen on. SPOILERS for Episode 1 of Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries. Rey Rivera had his whole life ahead of him. A devoted son, a loving husband, an aspiring screenwriter; his dreams and his love lit up a room

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Unsolved Mysteries has been intriguing mystery-lovers for over thirty years, with the Netflix reboot proving to be just as popular as the original. A second batch of rebooted mysteries dropped earlier this week, quickly rising to the number two spot on Netflix's top ten lists.But have any of the previous mysteries been solved? To celebrate the release of Unsolved Mysteries volume two, we. Thanks to Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries reboot, true crime fans have a new batch of disappearances, deaths, and even a UFO sighting to discuss and contemplate.While Reddit theorists are still. Netflix's recent revival of the beloved Unsolved Mysteries series is a hit, with the show appearing on the site's Top 10 Most Watched list since premiering.While a lot has changed in the reboot itself, the biggest change is arguably how the show now exists in a world with Reddit sleuths Details: Lena Chapin is the daughter of Sandra Sandy Klemp (formerly McCullough, Chapin, and Petersen). In 1999, Sandy's third husband Gary McCullough disappeared. In 2003, Lena told Gary's brother Albert that Sandy had killed Gary and burned his body. She was forced to help dispose of his remains Unsolved Mysteries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. View Mobile Site FandomShop Newsletter Join Fan Lab.

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Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Email. Blair Adams' story first aired on Unsolved Mysteries on April 18, 1997. The events that transpired prior to the mysterious death of the British Columbia resident seemed to make no sense at all. He had suddenly exhibited an acute case of paranoia and thought someone was trying to kill him Unsolved Mysteries is back with its second volume of new cases for the year. The Netflix revival of the classic true crime series digs into mysterious events from the past in an effort to gain new. For the first half of its run on NBC, Unsolved Mysteries ranked in the top 20 shows on television. Ratings softened, and it was canceled, then revived by CBS, only to be canceled again The new reboot of 'Unsolved Mysteries' on Netflix does a deep dive into the cold case of Patrice Endres, a mom & hair salon owner who went missing in Georgia

Reddit Unsolved Mysteries Part-07 | Best of RedditReddit Unsolved Mysteries - Part-II | Reddit ScaryReddit Unsolved Mysteries | Best of Reddit Mysteries | AskCreepiest Unsolved Mysteries from Reddit (r/AskReddit

Details: In Jefferson County, Tennessee, on the evening of May 7, 1994, the Cawood family was the victim of a home invasion robbery. Dr. David Cawood awoke to find at least three masked men in his bedroom. The men struck David repeatedly, and he eventually lost consciousness. At 9:45PM, David's wife Jeannie and their son Trinity returned home 'Unsolved Mysteries' Fans Find Clues in New Clips Netflix Shared on Reddit; 5 'Unsolved Mysteries' Fan Theories That May Have Cracked the Case 'Unsolved Mysteries': All the Major Theories in the. Since Netflix released the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries in early July, viewers have turned into amateur sleuths - trawling the internet for any clues about the six (soon to be 12) mysterious cases Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries delves back into some of the world's most interesting and baffling cases which were never resolved. The series delves into The Berkshires UFO sightings from 1969. Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries returns with its second volume, opening the season with the case of John Jack Parsons Wheeler III, a Vietnam veteran and White House and Pentagon insider. Long before The Jinx and Making a Murderer burst onto the scene, Unsolved Mysteries was the undisputed king of true-crime television. Premiering in 1987, the series produced over 500 episodes.