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7. Sores inside nose after sinus surgery or rhinoplasty. Sores after rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and sinus surgery are common due to the healing process of the wound. Formation of sores, scabs, and crusts in the nose is a after a nose job or plastic surgery on the nose. The use of nasal splints in septoplasty and rhinoplasty cause swelling and. It is common for people who have had a rhinoplasty to have a line (Of Cartilage) underneath their nose when they smile? Occasionally a piece of cartilage is placed in the middle of the nose to support the tip. If this is placed a little bit too low, it can act as a barrier and when you smile a crease can form underneath it

Unneeded turbinate outfracture and sub mucous resection. 4 months post. I had a rhinoplasty to remove a hump on my nose, my nose was also a bit crooked due to prior fracture. When I went in for my consultation the doctor inquired about my breathing, breathing on my left was choked due to a valve collapse since my nose was deviating to my right • If you had rhinoplasty, you may have some bruising and swelling around the eyes. (Some patients get black eyes.) • Your nose may feel stuffy and uncomfortable until the swelling goes down. This could take up to two weeks after surgery. • You will have a runny nose. This is drainage from the surgery. It will be bloody at first, but wil

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  1. The white stuff that comes out of your pores when you squeeze your nose is mostly made up of sebum (oil that your skin produces) and dead skin cells. Learn more about this substance and how to.
  2. ed her nose and the surgeon who performed a nose surgery left a gauze inside and bacteria startes growing on it and begun to form stuff in it
  3. After a rhinoplasty, the nose is bandaged and a flexible external nose splint is placed over the bandage to hug the nose securely. An additional bandage may be placed over the splint and wrapped..
  4. In this case there were white crusts and pustules at 4 days after filler injection (B) and the deterioration was apparent when compared to the initial appearance on the first day of injection (A). There was black crust at 6 days after injection and the long-term follow-up photo demonstrates that the lesion made a good recovery without any.
  5. If you've recently had a rhinoplasty surgery the inside of your nose is very raw and cut-up looking so it would be hard to detect white film in addition to everything else. After a rhinoplasty most people have slight infection that the body fights off. If the bacteria remain there as carriers, however, the yeast infection and smell will result
  6. On the first day of the recovery itself, rinse the nose with saline mist spray and then apply a dab of either vaseline or prescribed antibiotic ointment (polytopic or bacitracin) inside the nose 4-6 times a day. For pain relief, take antibiotics and pain medicine as prescribed by the doctor
  7. While your nose is still healing, you're best served by setting those glasses aside for a bit. #5 - Bumping, Hitting, Or Touching Your Nose At All. After rhinoplasty surgery, you're going to be curious about what your new nose feels like, but it's not a good idea to touch it, push on it, or poke it

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Skin Discoloration after Rhinoplasty. I have had 4 rhinoplasty's over a period of 25 years. After the last two, my entire nose has become VERY discolored with tiny vessels. The top 2/3 of my nose have red looking vessels and the bottom 1/3 have blue and red vessels (somtimes the blue color can go away). The last surgeon said the skin on my nose. Unfortunately, the nasal tip is an area where many rhinoplasty patients see problems after their surgery and is a common reason for seeking revision rhinoplasty. Getting a beautiful nasal tip from rhinoplasty is absolutely possible with the right surgeon, but it's also always possible that complications can occur, however rarely

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  1. Swelling may occur around your outer nose. It should resolve over the next 1 to 2 weeks. Expect your nose to be blocked during the first week after surgery. This is caused by blood, mucus, and swelling inside the nose
  2. The Use of Local Steroids After Nose Aesthetic Surgery Steroid Injection After Rhinoplasty Nasal cortisone injection should be considered as an important tool for any rhinoplasty or revision surgery that undergoes rhinoplasty surgery. In the next patient, in the patient who underwent 3rd (tertiary) revision nose surgery, and after the operation.
  3. A nose may appear crooked as the swelling resolves in an uneven fashion, but improve with time. (Robert Mounsey, MD, Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon) Hard bumps 6 weeks after Rhinoplasty are likely swelling. It is almost impossible for you to tell if hard bumps are bone or cartilage after rhinoplasty
  4. After a few final checks, Dr. Kolker took more pictures, then marked up my nose. He said people generally puff up under anesthesia, and things can get distorted, so this, in his words, helps keep.

The debris of dead bacteria and the white blood cells remain stuck in the nose and hence bad smell. The infection can be relieved if the inflammation is reduced as the sinuses are then drained. The sinus infection can be seen and diagnosed by the help of medical history, clinical examination, x-ray of the paranasal sinuses or CT-scan What are the various options for filling in a dent after rhinoplasty? Answer: There are a variety of causes of indentations after rhinoplasty surgery. Once the cause is identified, an appropriate treatment plan can be carried out. Typically, the most common cause of the dent is an absence of underlying supporting tissue, namely cartilage and/or. A Nose Cast After Rhinoplasty. May 18, 2020 Written by: Michael Menachof Categories: Rhinoplasty. Dr. Menachof, MD, FACS has performed thousands of facial plastic surgery procedures in over 20 years of experience. He has been recognized as a Fellow by multiple academies, named one of America's Top Facial Plastic Surgeons continually since 2003 and is featured in multiple national publications A:The blanching of the tip skin after rhinoplasty when smiling is very uncommon but I have seen it before. Since the tip of the nose is the most stretched out portion of the nose, when it is lengthened (I assume cartilage tip grafting was done) excess pressure is created on the tip skin when one smiles causing a temporary loss of circulation Q: Four years ago I had a rhinoplasty for a tip deformity. After the surgery my nose looked extremely nice and I was receiving excellent comments. However, about one year later a dimple appeared on the tip of my nose. I asked my plastic surgeon about it and he referred me to a dermatologist. I have spent a year [

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  1. I can tell you that after rhinoplasty, you see 85 percent of results in a month, but it takes a full year to see full results. While this is really important information, there's also a ton of.
  2. Recurring spot has now gone but after last time it left a bump in nostril. 3. Bump has grown in size, nose enlarging, puffy on left outer side 4. Bump/ nose has now enlarged on right side, outer nostril. 5. Small white marks in bottom front of both nostrils
  3. imize the risk for complications and to help your body heal more quickly after the surgery is over. While you don't have to make major changes to your diet before or after rhinoplasty, being cautious and avoiding certain foods or making sure that you get enough of certain.
  4. Septorhinoplasty is surgery to fix both your nose (also called rhinoplasty) and your nasal septum (also called septoplasty). The nasal septum is the narrow wall of tissue that separates your nostrils (hole opening of the nose). You may need a septorhinoplasty if you have a deviated septum. With a deviated septum, the septum wall inside your.
  5. Sticky, rubbery mucus can develop from environmental and lifestyle factors. Viral, bacterial, or fungal infections in your sinuses can also trigger it. Here's how to treat and prevent it

Supportive pillows, mini ice packs, and straws were just a couple of things that made my life a lot easier after my septoplasty. Here are 19 items you should have handy before your deviated septum. Before and After Rhinoplasty for Wide Noses. Before choosing a surgeon to perform the rhinoplasty on your wide nose, make sure to do your research and ensure that the surgeon has experience performing nose jobs on wide noses. An easy way to do this is looking through before and after photos, which can typically be done on the surgeon's. After rhinoplasty, your healing nose will have enough to deal with on its own, so keep those sniffles at bay. Avoid anyone who make be sick with a cold or flu virus leading up to and shortly after your surgery. Nasal congestion can cause the nose and nasal passages to swell and become even more uncomfortable. Avoid potential allergens as well. Help! I Bumped My Nose After Rhinoplasty. November 3, 2014 Corey S. Maas MD TM Blog Rhinoplasty. YouTube. Another question came up on rhinoplasty, which just happened over the holidays. Somebody had their nose done. They had a little time to recover, and of course during the holiday festivities there was a lot of activity, and the nose was.

Various nose surgeries that are done to correct abnormalities to the nose, such as deviated septum, can cause nasal scarring. Other surgical procedures done to the nose that can cause nasal scarring include: Rhinoplasty; Septoplasty; Before deciding to undergo a nose surgery for cosmetic purposes, you should weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of the surgery lump on nose after rhinoplasty . By biddie1576159348 | 2 posts, last post over a year ago. Angelica Giron, MD answered this What To Expect From Rhinoplasty . Read more. New Reply Follow New Topic. biddie1576159348 over a year ago. Hello everyone! I had last week to reduce the size of my nose and reshape it.. Supratip Swelling After Rhinoplasty Fullness or a bulbous appearance, specifically, of the nasal tip following the rhinoplasty surgery is a complication that can be very disappointing. Fullness over the nose tip is termed supratip fullness and can cause the tip of your nose to look like it is drooping, much like a parrot's beak 5. Little white crusts up nose after rhinoplasty surgery. Deviated septum surgery, septoplasty and rhinoplasty can leave you with painful nasal sores and scabbing. Little white sores in the nose are commonly associated nasal septoplasty or surgery to correct a deviated septum From the get-go, immediately after your rhinoplasty, in the recovery room, ice application is of great help in preventing or at least reducing swelling and black and blue. We recommend as much icing as possible in the first 48 hours. The early-on care of your nose after rhinoplasty is the key to a faster rhinoplasty recovery time

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  1. Steven J White MD Double Board Certified (Plastic Surgery & ENT) USA Plastic Surgery 8230 Walnut Hill Ln Suite 814 , Building 3 , Dallas, TX 7523
  2. The above chart demonstrates the typical amount of swelling after a primary rhinoplasty. In the beginning, the nose may actually swell up to more than the size of the original nose. This is temporary swelling and will dissipate quickly. After the first week, patients take off their casts most patients will have moderate swelling
  3. Rhinoplasty Swelling Timeline, With Photos. 1 week: At one week, your splint will be removed. Expect your nose to look too fat and too up!. If you are having your profile changed significantly, expect to be able to see much of the improvement at the bridge at this point - especially if a large hump was removed
  4. To do this (Cleaning the nose after rhinoplasty), a dedicated tool or an empty syringe and a solution prescribed by the doctor will be used after removal of the needle and patient inserts it from one of the nostrils and injects the solution. Complications after Rhinoplasty
  5. Dr. Ali Sajjadian is a Triple Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Newport Beach, CA. Dr. Sajjadian specializes in facial, nose, body, and breast surgery in the Los Angeles area. Dr. Sajjadian specializes in procedures such as breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and tummy tucks along with non-invasive procedures such as botox, dermal fillers and laser treatments

Sutured into place in open rhinoplasty or placed into a precise pocket in closed rhinoplasty. Cosmetically spreader grafts can be used to: Help straighten a crooked nose. Open a pinched middle vault and fix an hour glass shaped nose. Help de-rotate an over rotated nose when used as a D.A.R.T There are several ways a patient can take care of his or her nose after a rhinoplasty surgery, and these include: Use cold compresses on the eyes and cheeks for the first three days following surgery; after the first three days, use a warm compress on facial areas where persistent bruising is present Most rhinoplasty patients with a bulbous nasal tip describe their nose as being too wide or too big. Others describe the nose as being poorly defined without shape. To gain a thorough understanding of what the ideal nasal tip shape should be, refer to our rhinoplasty tutorial section on nasal analysis Nose Rhinoplasty; PHOTO GALLERIES. Rhinoplasty Procedure Pictures. Results Photos Face (76) Facelift (25) Brow Lift (13) Eyelid Surgery (17) White. Height: Undisclosed Weight: Undisclosed Gallery: 8001. View Photos Rhinoplasty. Age: 18 - 29 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Hispanic. Height: Undisclose

Although rhinoplasty can provide you with a new and aesthetically pleasing nose, some patients may experience a loss of taste or smell after their surgery. This may sound scary, but there is no need to worry, as it is only temporary. It is actually incredibly rare for rhinoplasty to permanently affect your ability to taste or smell The time it takes for rhinoplasty stitches to dissolve varies. In most instances, nose stitches dissolve within about one to two weeks of rhinoplasty surgery. Meanwhile, in other cases, it may take several weeks or months before a patient's rhinoplasty stitches fully disappear After removing both i could only wait about 4 hours before putting my finger in my nose ever so slightly. Without touching my nose i could and still can feel tons of hard (dried blood?) . I was told i could use q-tips to clean this stuff out. After doing some serious cleaning i still couldn't get most of it out

The tip of the nose sometimes feels numb after a rhinoplasty, but this eventually subsides. If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us. You can reach us 24 hours a day, and we are here to help you. We hope this helps you and reassures you during your recovery During a rhinoplasty procedure, the surgeon, wherever possible, uses the existing nasal cartilage during reshaping. In many cases, however, there's either not enough tissue, or the tissue isn't strong enough. This may happen because of inherent characteristics of the patient or because the nose has been previously operated on Thick Skin and Rhinoplasty. Some people have thick skin and are concerned as to how that will affect their rhinoplasty. To assuage some of your anxiety, it is your thick skin that protects you somewhat from having an overly-operated look. A tiny nose is not likely to happen and the truth is that in order to give you tip definition [catch. Dryness in your nose passage or cavity may be brought about by extremely dry or hot weather, Sjogren's syndrome leading to a dehydrated nasal orifice. Scabs that form from a dry nose then there occurs a massive erosion of the mucous membrane lining the septum of the nose and keeping it hydrated as well. They are normally small and few in number

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Traumatic CSF leaks from the nose can result after head injury and fracture of the base of the skull or as a complication after some surgeries. Due to the damage of skull bone the CSF leaks through the nose. Symptoms. The most common symptom of CSF leak is drainage of clear and watery fluid through one or both sides of the nose Ethnic Rhinoplasty Denver. 20 year old Hispanic male with a past history of nasal trauma wanted to improve the look and function of his nose. He needed to improve the acne around his nose to increase the chance of a successful operation. Following Dr. Shah's direction, this patient was able to improve his acne and become a good candidate for. People get rhinoplasty to repair their nose after an injury, to correct breathing problems or a birth defect, or because they're unhappy with the appearance of their nose. Possible changes that.

Patient underwent rhinoplasty to refine her nose bridge, tip and a conservative nostril reduction and is shown 1 year after rhinoplasty. Our 30 year old Hispanic female patient underwent rhinoplasty surgery to reduce the appearance of her nasal bump, wide nostrils and correct her saddle nose tip. Dr. Rizk performed an ethnic rhinoplasty using. View rhinoplasty before and after photos. View patient 08

The white stuff in your nose pores is sebum , which is natural oil that the skin produces in the dermal layer. Sebaceous glands attached to the pores on the skin naturally secrete this white and oily substance. Sebum should not be mistaken for acne pus, whiteheads or blackheads This sets Dr. Rizk apart from other nose surgeons in New York and as such makes him one of the best rhinoplasty doctors in the area. Thin nasal skin is typically seen in patients of northern European ancestry. As with thick nasal skin, there are advantages and disadvantages of thin skin in rhinoplasty. Patients with thin skin tend to experience. Johanna, a 26-year-old Colombian woman in New York, decided against getting rhinoplasty after seeing four different doctors in New York and Colombia who insisted on giving her an entirely new nose. Rhinoplasty Procedure Pictures The policy of our office is to preserve patient confidentiality. During your consultation, you will be able to view pre-operative and post-operative photographs of patients who have given us permission to show their photographs in the office but do not want their pictures on the Internet

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Find out more about how to use Arnica before your rhinoplasty. Apply cool compresses 20 minutes on, 40 minutes off - BUT DO NOT USE ICE DIRECTLY ON THE NOSE OR SKIN: You can place a cool compress on your forehead and cheeks after surgery if that feels nice. Apply for 20 minutes or until it becomes uncomfortable, then take a 40 minute break Procedure Details. Dr. Khorsandi is one of a handful of plastic surgeons in Las Vegas that performs cosmetic rhinoplasty, and the only plastic surgeon in Nevada in the Rhinoplasty Society. His dedication to patient results stems from an understanding that the nose is one of the most important features on a person's face Rhinoplasty is typically performed under a local anesthetic with an intravenous sedation and takes one to three hours to complete. The procedure can either be closed, meaning all the incisions are made inside the nose, or open, meaning an incision is made under the nasal tip, between the nostrils, lifting the skin to gain a clear view of the nasal structure

A sebaceous filament is known as the white stuff coming out of your pores every time you squeeze it. This filament is made up of sebum and dead skin cells. This substance typically collects in pores around your nose and chin. That's because the pores here tend to be bigger, and the oil remains in the pore lining until you squeeze them Nasal tip swelling is just normal and common weeks or even months after getting a rhinoplasty. The degree of swelling in the nasal tip varies from each person and the swelling can also depend on the type of rhinoplasty performed (since there are 3 types of rhinoplasties), the thickness of the skin of the nose involved, and if the patient has undergone any nose surgeries in the past

I had my rhinoplasty in June 2009, over a year ago now. My nose was normal looking, but had a slight bump which I could see in profile (never liked it). The surgeon did nothing to my nasal tip. My nose looked great right after taking off the tape and splint (before the swelling settled in). Then 3 months post-op I started to notice hard bumps. Examination by Dr. Kridel showed a slightly over projected nose with a prominent dorsal hump and underrotated tip. She was thrilled with the results, and after just 3 months as seen in the post-op photos, her new nose looked smaller as desired, but still consistent with her ethnicity White mucus discharge can actually have no cause and be perfectly normal in some people. Dr. Oz points out that regular nose mucus can be white in color and can appear bubbly. Of course, it can also be a very common symptom of a cold, (normally caused by a virus) although yellow mucus in nose areas is also characteristic of colds. Typically.

white stringy mucus in nose A 3-year-old male asked: 4yo has green mucus in nose (both sides)every morning. its been months & its never clear- theres always mucus. should i be concerned Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons worldwide. It is among the top 5 common aesthetic procedures in the United States. The complications rate in rhinoplasty is 8-15%, and a majority of these complications are not life-threatening. One of the rare complications reported is skin necrosis

I have done it my whole life. But now that I'm 65, I have to be careful because pushing too hard results in bruses and makes my nose look black and blue. I dont know if it is good or bad but fuck that shit. I need to unclog my pores. People tell m.. A perforated septum occurs when there is a small hole or tear in the bone separating your nose into two sides. When air travels through the hole from one nostril to the other, the airflow creates a whistle sound. While it is possible for a perforated septum to heal on its own, several options are available to treat or repair the septum Reasons for getting a rhinoplasty (or any plastic surgery) are extremely personal and different for everybody. I am SO glad I gone mine and had the best surgeon ever, she wrote, calling out her. See real before & after photos of this liposuction & rhinoplasty case performed by Dr. Manish Shah. Manish H. Shah MD, FACS Fellowship Trained Rhinoplasty Specialist Nose Rhinoplasty; PHOTO GALLERIES. Rhinoplasty Procedure Pictures. Results Photos Face (32) White. Height: 5' 0 - 5' 5. Rhinoplasty: Bump on Bridge after Cosmetic Surgery. Bumps on the bridge of the nose after rhinoplasty are not uncommon. Early bumps and irregularities, which may last several months, are usually due to swelling of the nasal tissues (skin, muscle, and periosteum). Bumps that persist beyond a year may represent scar tissue or additional bone and.

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thank you everyone for all your love and support even after it's been almost a year since i got my rhinoplasty done. i'm honestly not affected by those who dislike the outcome of it and i really do not care for what others think. i personally love my new nose (even though it's not really new anymore) and that's all that matters BY LISA WILLIAMS At the age of 16, Chloe was already dreaming of a rhinoplasty because she was tired of feeling ugly after years of dealing with unkind comments about her flat and broad Asian nose. Now 25, she has decided it is time to explore procedures that will enhance the appearance of her nose. Read more: Beauty Diary of Chloe's Nose Job After years of unhappiness and contemplation. After the rhinoplasty surgery it's usually necessary to have a splint on your nose for protection. This is removed generally in 7 days after the operation, but if that's ok with you, from medical point of view, you may go out with the splint about 2-3 days after the surgery Scabs can form in the nose for various reasons: Scabs can form after an injury to your nose (even if it's just from picking too much!) or when you are recovering from any kind of nasal surgery. Your doctor might pack your nose with absorbent material to reduce bleeding and give your nose a chance to heal Bulbous nose rhinoplasty is usually performed to enhance the look of the nose among such peoples. But as Deirdre Leake, a plastic surgeon in Florida, California says, nose tip rhinoplasty is one of the most difficult surgeries technically speaking. It is also harder to anticipate the final results for a nose tip rhinoplasty after altering the.

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Nose shiny rhinoplasty. Thread starter herecticx; Start date Sep 13, 2015; Forums. Body - Mind - Wellness. Asian Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Procedures. H. herecticx Member. Jan 20, 2014 45 0. Sep 13, 2015 #1 does anybody notice their nose being shiny after rhino? Is this permanent effect? K. K Couture Member White Spots On Nose After Rhinoplasty Morley Stephen Mr a east lift surgery which can be combined with east augmentation if desired can restore the easts' youthful contour. a 1997 study in The New England Journal of Saline-filled east implants and new east surgical Breast Surgery;. It's not snot. It's leaking brain fluid. That's what Greg Phillpotts learned after suffering from a runny nose for 5 years, as described by Josh Chapin for ABC 11 Eyewitness News.Here's a Tweet. This is normal with the retinoid therapy, and the skin is able to improve significantly after this period. Pores on Nose with White Stuff. It is also likely that you may not be aware that the whiteheads are a form of acne. Whiteheads are commonly seen in areas like the face, especially on the nose and also on the chin

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300 - 1788 West Broadway Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y1, Canada Email: info@8west.ca Phone Number: 604-733-166 Reality TV star plastic surgery before-and-after photos: Nose jobs, implants, tummy tucks, fillers and more rocking a slinky white frock. All those nose jobs and cheek implants and stuff. The larger nasal hairs that are visible in the nose are often coated with the nasal mucus. This also helps trapping dust and microbes from the incoming air. Dried Nasal Mucus. Nasal mucus is a semi-liquid discharge. It is thick (viscous) but still sufficiently fluid to spread out in the nasal cavity and drain into the back of the throat White Height: 5' 0 - 5' 5 This patient is only 1 month post-op after revision rhinoplasty. She had 2 other previous rhinoplasty procedures performed by another surgeon. She now loves her nose after Dr. Shah fixed it. More. Revision Rhinoplasty Denver. Close * All information subject to change. Images may contain models On the right, the same woman pictured one year after the surgery. Rhinoplasty (RIE-no-plas-tee) is surgery that changes the shape of the nose. The motivation for rhinoplasty may be to change the appearance of the nose, improve breathing or both. The upper portion of the structure of the nose is bone, and the lower portion is cartilage

Rhinoplasty What is a rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty Before and After The nose is one of the most defining characteristics of the face. Whether you would like to improve the appearance of your nose or you are having difficulty breathing, a rhinoplasty may be a suitable option. A rhinoplasty, or nasal reshaping, is a surgical procedure designed to create harmony between the nose and other facial. The ethnic rhinoplasty procedure differs by ethnicity, anatomy and aesthetic goals. For example, the African American nose may have thicker nasal skin, shorter nasal bones and a wide nose base with large, open nostrils. By contrast, an Asian nose tends to have a bulbous tip with a low, wide and flat nasal bridge The horrifying rise of coke nose, where lumps of flesh can fall from the face and damage starts after just ONE DAY'S excessive use Miranda Knox and Gemma Mullin 14:21, 8 Jul 201 Upturned Nose after Rhinoplasty Picture [ess_grid alias=UpturnedNoseRhinoplasty]The pictures besides are of upturned nose after rhinoplasty. They seem almost natural the surgeon must have done an excellent job. Cute Upturned Nose Picture. A nose that is upturned is not so unattractive after all. See how cute it

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Photo about Beautiful nude woman touching nose after rhinoplasty and looking at camera isolated on white. Image of naked, nude, correction - 19371891 After: 3 Months Post Op. Young patient initially expressed difficulty breathing, mostly on the left side and disliked the bump on the bridge of her nose. 3 months post op patient is extremely happy. Nose is in lovely symmetry. It is smaller and there is a natural slope and angle to the nose without any hump. More Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery used to alter the appearance of the nose, based on a patient's needs or desires for improved appearance. Septoplasty is a surgical procedure to rectify a deviated septum. In the following excerpt from Mastering Medical Esthetics, Steven Dayan, MD, offers a breakdown, based on his own professional experience, of what a patient should expect from undergoing.

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Erin J. Hill Pus that is caused by a sore inside the nose may require antibiotic ointment. The most common cause of pus in the nose is infection located somewhere within the nasal cavity. Often this is caused by a primary illness that eventually escalates into a sinus infection. At other times, a sore or pimple can lead to pus inside the nose which comes from the sore itself As one of the top providers of rhinoplasty surgery in NYC, Dr. Matthew White knows how to hone the fine details and nuances of a rhinoplasty.As one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures available, a nose job can address either cosmetic or functional nasal concerns, and it can be helpful for people of various ages and ethnicities This young woman had a primary rhinoplasty with a well-regarded facial plastic surgeon in Denver. They had a good relationship, but she was unhappy with the results that she got with his work. Her nostrils were to showy and her nasal tip looked like a ball. She consulted with Dr. Shah, a well-known specialist in revision rhinoplasty Open vs Closed Wide Nose Surgery. There are two main approaches to nose jobs for wide nose: an open or closed rhinoplasty. A closed rhinoplasty involves making incisions inside the nostril. An open rhinoplasty involves making an incision (or incisions) between the nostrils, under the nasal tip. Each approach has its own benefits Reduction Rhinoplasty. Reduction rhinoplasty does exactly what it says: it reduces the size of the nose. When patients opt for this type of surgery, they can choose to reduce the overall size of the nose or concentrate on specific areas that need to become smaller, like the tip, a hump or bump, and more