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Get Effective Self-Defense Skills In Days, Not Years - at Home. Come See How Cane Fu is a new form of self-defense specifically designed for senior citizens. It is a more aggressive style of self-defense than Tai Chi for seniors, which is less direct and combative. This martial art makes perfect sense for senior citizens as the cane is not only a physical walking aid, but it is an unassuming self-defense weapon. For protection, the officer and gentleman rarely carried his sword, but instead a cane , but surprisingly, no ordinary cane of solid wood. Is Krav Maga good for seniors? Krav Maga is a system of self-defense, and it's designed to save lives

Cane Masters Cane Fu Manual. Over 150 pages of exercises, stretching, and self-defense techniques specifically designed for Senior Citizens or those with physical limitations. Plus, included are an additional 24 simple yet effective maneuvers, 12 seated and 12 standing, that will add even more to your repertoire Short vid about self defense with a cane for the elderly. Viewer requested video. More videos to come. THIS IS SHOWN IN SLOWER FORM SO YOU CAN PRACTICE! Che.. Cane defense for seniors teaches how to block punches and take down attackers using a tool they have on them at all times—a cane. You can find weaponized self-defense walking canes with sharpened points for cutting and tearing, but the best self-defense cane is a simple, high-quality walking stick Cane Masters offers handcrafted custom American hardwood canes and self-defense systems using the cane for martial artists, seniors, and the disabled. We are available 24/7 via Text Messaging! Call us on (800) 422-226 Cane self-defense program for senior citizens now at the Sunshine Center. December 14, 2019. Author TWC; 2685. ST. PETERSBURG — Many seniors feel they are easy targets for crime, especially if their mobility relies on the assistance of a walking device such as a cane or walking stick. Many say they have a fear of becoming a victim of theft or.

The 7 Best Tactical Combat Canes For Self Defense For Sale In 2020 [Reviews] 1. Arc Angel Stun Cane - Best Self-Defense Cane For Most People (Seniors & Beginners, Electric) 2. Ka-Bar TDI Self Defense Cane - Best Metal Self-Defense Combat Cane. 3 1. Cane/walking stick. If you use a cane or a walking stick, you actually have a powerful self-defense weapon readily available in your hand. When approached by an attacker, you can use the cane or walking stick to make blows, strikes, and thrusts at the attacker. You must hit the attacker where it will hurt most Swinging a cane at an assailant can also be very effective; in fact, there is an entire discipline devoted to cane self-defense for seniors. Pepper spray causes extremely painful burning of the eyes and nose and will temporarily blind your attacker. Some pepper sprays also contain UV dyes that will mark the attacker even if he or she tries to. Here are a few forms of martial arts self-defense for older adults: Aikido: turns your opponent's attacks against them. Cane-fu: just like it sounds, uses a can for basic self-defense techniques. Judo: involves using pins, holds, and locks to unbalance movement. Jiu-Jitsu: uses the principles of leverage, angles, pressure, timing, and the. Best Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons For Seniors. A Stun Cane; Pepper spray; A Personal Alarm; A Taser; The Stun Cane (get it on Amazon) The reason I really love the stun cane is that it's inconspicuous. No one will think twice about a senior citizen walking around with a cane. You won't have any problems getting it through security at an.

Get the best walking canes for self defense here: https://bit.ly/360peHW Get your resistance bands here: https://amzn.to/37LMxoe Get a lightweight rat.. Cane Fu is one of the newest uses for the cane, an active program of self-defense, rehabilitation, and exercise for seniors. Young men, hear an old man to whom old men hearkened when he was young.. It's the first martial art ever for the elderly, making it a groundbreaker. This fighting technique, using canes as a defense weapon, gives. A program that I developed for self-defense for seniors dubbed Cane Fu by the Wall Street Journal during their interviewfor the article Everybody was Cane Fu Fighting by Jennifer Levitz has a daily Internet search of over4,000,000 hits.Theauthor was researching self-defense for seniors when she came upon my program listed in the Sinclair College Lifelong Learning brochure In this video we go over cane self defense techniques for seniors. I also show you how to practice deep breathing, vivid visualization meditation and healing.. The self defense technique has several accredited locations and trainers and has been endorsed by other martial-arts organizations. Seniors are able to view the cane as a form of defense and abuse prevention rather than a crutch. Cane-Fu can also serve as a part of an older adults fitness routine. source: canemasters.co

This guide covers TOP-5 best self-defense canes and their different types, including models with a built-in taser, DNA catcher, and interchangeable parts as well as simple and reinforced options. You will learn how to use these self-defense tools and what things you should look for when buying a product. Read a FAQ section to learn whether these devices are really effective for seniors and. Carex Round Handle Wood Cane - Wooden Walking Cane With Rubber Tip - Fashionable, Traditional Style Walking Stick for Men and Women, 36 Inch Height, 1 Inch Diameter, Black. 1 Inch (Pack of 1) 4.6 out of 5 stars. 1,475. $12.31

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  1. Relying on a cane was once considered a sign of an aging body, but today some seniors are using canes as weapons of self defense through a fighting technique known as Cane Fu
  2. Fitness is important especially for senior citizens, but so is self-defense. One California gym-chain is helping seniors achieve both with one simple goal, t..
  3. Security SELFDEFENSE Umbrella City-Safe Self defense stick umbrella and sturdy walking stick umbrella German quality wood handle Heavy Duty, with Travel Bag | Walking Sticks, Canes for Seniors & Adults [Black] 1 Count (Pack of 1) 4.5 out of 5 stars 7,159. $24.99 $ 24. 99 ($24 cane walking stick have 10 Adjustable Heights - self standing.

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Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 1 Why this was written After 40 years of being a karateka, that is to say someone who practises Karate, not a type of parrot. (I am not an expert, there is no such thing, it is a constant process of learning) and like most who follow the martial arts, have added on odd bits of other disciplines such as Kung F Stephan shares some self defense advice for senior citizens, as well as ranting about overweight and out-of-shape self defense instructor What You'll Find Inside This Self Defense Online Course for Seniors. What you'll get is a self-defense online course for seniors with a complete video course that contains the basics and fundamentals to get you up and running with how to use your cane for personal protection that you will find relatively easy to do

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  1. To find the best canes for seniors, here is a list of 10 below. 1. HurryCane Freedom Edition Folding Cane. The self-proclaimed number one selling cane in the US. Folding design makes it easy to transport. Supports users up to 350 lbs. Height adjustable between 30.5 and 37.5 inches
  2. Self Defense Stun Cane. For seniors, we highly recommend the stun cane. Even if you do not need a cane, investing in one can make a significant difference. Our stun cane has a blinding flashlight, which distracts the view of your attacker before they get close to you. If the blinding light is not enough, activate the stun function, press the.
  3. um with the advantage of a steel core shaft within the base of the cane
  4. The latter are more like fashion accessories for light strolls or hidden self-defense tools for seniors. Grip, material and the tip are the three major aspects of a cane's usefulness but modern versions also boast numerous other features - such as foldable shaft, bending feet and a built-in flash light - that can create an even easier.
  5. Self Defence with a stick for Seniors 1 Why this was written After 40 years of being a karateka, that is to say someone who practises Karate, not a type of parrot. (I am not an expert, there is no such thing, it is a constant process of learning) and like most who follow the martial arts, have added on odd bits of other disciplines such as Kung F

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The Zapcane Stun Cane is one of the most reliable self defense tool seniors could have so they can defend themselves against human and animal attacks. It is equipped with life saving features such as the remarkable stun power which works effectively when the need to use it arises and the built-in LED flashlight that is very useful when you are out for a walk in dark or low-lighted areas Senior Gives Chris Cuomo Cane Fu Beatdown. -- I can break your neck. Are welcome to the latest in self defense for the elderly and came food and that's right. Cane fu -- It is a martial art. Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense - Tarpon Springs, FL - Tigers Way, a local martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection For generations, the cane has been made in various forms. But while a pretty carved cane may look stylish, if you are serious about using it for self-defense the traditional hook or curved handle is the way to go in contrast to the ball-end knob or the right-angle style grip of cane, both of which I own. The hook-style handle can be used for.

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  1. John Perkins, who authored Attack Proof and teaches self-defense classes, says for fairly fit seniors, he would encourage a cane more than any other method, but emphasizes jabs and strikes.
  2. DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM HAND CRAFTED COMBAT CANES. PLEASE CALL TO ORDER 361-463-0699. PRICES START AT $110. NIGHTHAWK SELF-DEFENSE. BO CANE XL. Each cane has gripper notches on shaft and sharpened hook. Canes measure 60 inches from hook to tip. CAN BE CUSTOM CUT TO ANY SIZE OR LEAVE IT AS BO CANE. $89.95
  3. g a growing part of business at one store in downtown Wilkes-Barre, especially a new product that's meant to protect older people. Outlet Army and Navy on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre is stocked with the typical clothing and winter boots, but owner Sheldon Block states the.
  4. Add to. Watch Full Length. Virginia Currents meets a Vietnam Vet who founded a Powatan based program called Cane Loyalty, that teaches seniors how to use a cane for self-defense. Aired: 03/26.
  5. Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense - Dunedin, FL - Tigers Way, a local martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection
  6. Seniors learn cane-fu self-defense Fitness is important especially for senior citizens, but so is self-defense. One California gym-chain is helping seniors achieve both with one simple goal, to.
  7. Cane self defense training will improve your overall strength, flexibility, mobility, and endurance. Cane self defense was recently featured in the AARP magazine for it's practical use as a self defense and also because self defense cane training improves so many physical and mental acuities for seniors looking for self defense and fitness

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  1. The Zap Self Defense Cane weighs 1.25 pounds and comes equipped with a built in Flashlight. It is an adjustable walking cane with a built in powerful LED light and a 1-million-volt shocker. The Zap Self Defense Cane can withhold a load of 250 lbs and can be adjusted in length, between 32″ to 36″.
  2. The beauty of the cane is that it is an inconspicuous, highly effective, and a deadly self defense tool. All areas of the cane can be utilized. The following are mere examples of how each section can be used. The Tip: The Tip can be used to poke and jab the attacker. Using the tip while holding the crook on
  3. Cane defense is also readily taught in Canada, where longtime martial artist Ted Truscott (through Defend Yourself 101) teaches senior citizens how to defend themselves with canes. His students practice warm-ups, footwork (such as side-stepping and the Filipino martial arts triangle step), swinging strikes, tip thrusting and bar smashes.

A new method of self-defense for seniors called, Cane-Fu is sweeping across Palm Beach County.Angela Rozier reports. TRACKING THE COVID-19 VACCINE Sign up for daily emails with local updates and. Self Defense for Seniors. Predators target who they see as weak and an easy mark we teach our older students ways to protect themselves and change some preconceived notions that criminals may have. Some of these classes include the use of a cane or other stability support devises. Corporate Workshop & Employee Safety Training Walking Sticks for Men/Women Wooden Walking Cane for Balance Rubber Tips Walking Sticks for Hiking Self Defense Canes and Walking Sticks Handmade Walking Sticks Made from Indonesian Agate Vine 39. 4.9 out of 5 stars. 19. $56.99. $56. . 99. 5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon

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  1. d to the groans that come with stretching, to hair that is gray or gone altogether. Ignore the cautiousness of.
  2. Seniors self-defense with a little cane scrutiny Share this: Though self-defense for seniors is a serious topic, Wilson — and the students — do share some laughs
  3. Self Defense Canes - SelfDefense Canes. Whether you are looking for. a Self Defense Cane, a Hapkido Cane, or the latest. Cane Fu Style Cane, We can custom build a cane for you. All of our canes are hand crafted of American hardwoods to your specifications and needs. Combat canes are made from steam bent rough cane blanks
  4. Cane self defense training for seniors, disabled persons, wounded warriors, and any person who wants fast and effective self defense techniques using an everyday walking cane or martial arts cane. Cane self defense is an effective and practical self defense option for the non martial artist too
  5. Walking Sticks and Staffs. Discover the perfect walking sticks and staffs at Cane Masters. Our team has over 20 years of experience with using self-defense canes, allowing us to be the leaders in our industry. Additionally, we are one of the few that manufacture canes explicitly for martial arts and self-defense. Whether you're in the market.
  6. Rare Opportunity Learn Directly From One of the True Pioneers and Developer of the American Cane Self Defense System. Senior Canemaster Joe Robaina will personally teach you what you need to know to offer the Cane Fu program for seniors at your facility. Be among the first to become certified and capitalize on this rapidly growing market.. Cane Fu is an exercise system and self defense method.
  7. ar on Cane-Fu, defending yourself with a simple walking cane, at the Gary Hernandez Martial Arts.

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Cane-Fu teaches seniors self-defense. ZEPHYRHILLS, Fla. — Pay no mind to the groans that come with stretching, to hair that is gray or gone altogether. Ignore the cautiousness of their steps and. The Best Self-Defense Systems for Seniors With the improvements to healthcare and technology, it seems we have more prolonged and healthier lives than ever before. This means since we're living longer, there are even more elderly residents with each passing year

Cane Fighting: The Authoritative Guide to Using the Cane or Walking Stick for Self-Defense - Kindle edition by Franco, Sammy. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Cane Fighting: The Authoritative Guide to Using the Cane or Walking Stick for Self-Defense Cane Fighting: The Authoritative Guide to Using the Cane or Walking Stick for Self-Defense. By Sammy Franco. Contemporary Fighting Arts, 2016. 242 pages. ISBN: 978-1941845301. More emphasis on using a thicker and longer walking stick, like a Japanese Jo, rather than an inconspicuous cane. The Cane for Self Defense. Demonstration by Gordon Oster Jane V. McKenna teaches self-defense to women, seniors and, students. She has trained in street fighting, has a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do Karate, and has run 15 marathons. In college, she successfully fought off a serial rapist. Having avoided great harm, she works to help others keep safe and build confidence Sep 6, 2016 - Explore Spirit Warrior's board Tai Chi, Cane on Pinterest. See more ideas about cane, self defense, tai chi

Cane Defense. Some seniors consider their canes crutches, but others call it their self-defense. A lot of people don't realize that you can stop many attacks just by knowing how to swing a cane, TZD instructor Buck says. Extreme Cane is a technique of self-defense taught by the founder of Tai Zhang Dao Tigers Way specializes in teaching self-defense for use in real-world situations, including a cane, if attacked. The cane can offer the victim a two-foot extension to his or her reach, said Tony Billota, lead instructor at Tigers Way. The cane may be especially handy for a senior. A caregiver may realize a loved one is afraid to go out alone DANVILLE — An elderly person wielding a cane may not be as vulnerable as criminals suspect, thanks to Cane-Do, a self-defense class for seniors. The classes include a 30-minute lecture and warm-up, followed by an hour of training in which seniors use exercise bands and their own canes to learn how to hold, twirl, strike, poke, jab and block

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Stun Cane Provides Self-Defense For Seniors WILKES-BARRE — Weapons for self-defense are becoming a growing part of business at one store in downtown Wilkes-Barre. There is a new product that's. CANE-DO. WHAT: Self-defense class for seniors, offered by the Danville Recreation Services Department. WHEN: 3:30 to 5 p.m. Mondays through July 27 and from Aug. 3 through Aug. 31. $15 per session. Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense - Clearwater, FL - Tigers Way, a local martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection

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Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense - Largo, FL - Tigers Way, a local martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection Senior's Cane Is Best Self-Defense - Bradenton, FL - Tigers Way, a martial arts school, teaches people to use a traditional walking cane for self-defense and self-protection

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The self-defense website DontBeAVictim.org tells seniors to use whatever you have as a weapon. If you use a cane, make sure to have a solid one that not only supports you as you walk, but makes a suitable weapon for fighting off a criminal should the need aris Cane-fu teaches senior citizens self defense moves with crutches. Share: Share; It's part of a martial arts class called extreme cane defense or cane-fu. The instructor, Buck Buckmaster. The self defense cane is a perfect choice for seniors! Cane Fu, American Cane Self Defense, Cane Masters, and others, have all taught many older students how to defend themselves with a walking cane while improving health and wellness and longevity. Cane Self Defense is a great way to increase confidence and wellbeing at the same time

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Walking Sticks and Canes - Best Self Defense Weapon for Hiding in Plain Sight Walking sticks and canes are also impact weapons. However, they are a lot more of a utility tool or fashion accessory, so people won't bat an eye if they see you walking down the street with one It's part of a martial arts class called extreme cane defense or cane-fu. The instructor, Buck Buckmaster, teaches his students how to use their cane to defend themselves. Many seniors in the.

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Obviously, the cheapest canes you can buy are totally unsuitable for self defense. The second place I turned to for my cane needs was WalkingCanes.com. There was an unfortunate glitch in my purchase, where one of the products I ordered was out of stock and the shipment from the factory was not of the same type Best Self Defense Tips for Senior. Carry yourself confidently-don't be a target. Always be alert and always be prepared-people who are distracted make for easy targets. The bad guys use surprise and deception as part of their game plan. Don't go alone-whenever you are out always try and have someone with you

A self-defense cane can give you the best of both! Although it is true that the main functionality of walking canes is to improve your mobility by offering additional balance and support, it is widely known that they can also double as tools for self-defense Everybody Is 'Cane Fu' Fighting At Senior Centers, So Watch Out Older people interested in honing their self-defense skills, meanwhile, are delighted to find that something they already own. Cane-Fu teaches seniors self-defense By MATT SEDENSKY/Associated Press Writer; Mar 23, 2009 Perhaps the greatest benefit of cane self-defense, he says, is that a cane can be brought anywhere. Cane-Fu: Walking stick used to teach seniors self-defense. Pay no mind to the groans that come with stretching, to hair that is gray or gone altogether. Ignore the cautiousness of their steps and. Introduction to Defensive Cane. One of the earliest reviews we did here at The Martialist was of the Canemasters self-defense cane and accompanying video program (which, at the time, was a VHS tape). My interest in cane fighting techniques stems from an accident many years ago in which, while sparring outside on a flat riverbed made of broken.

Self-defense walking sticks—like the popular sword canes—feature ingenious designs that have been the subject of awe and envy of collectors for centuries. What walking cane or walking stick enthusiast hasn't seen one of these meticulously crafted pieces and wanted one for their collection? It's handy to have a self-defense walking cane right at hand to protect you in case of an unexpected. Recently I had a complete knee replacement and can no longer do much ground work and have been concentrating on defence with 3ft short staff and with a cane. I would like to become qualified in this discipline with the idea of teaching it to Senior Citizens for self defense. I am a very fit 75yrs old Regards . John l Aries-Tyle Senior Self-Defense: Is There a Black Belt in Your Future? In a dimly lit building in the Bronx, a barrel-chested, tattooed man in a black T-shirt creeps up behind a gray-haired man fumbling with.

Spread the loveReviews: Books & Videos In this area I will post reviews of the best print and video media that I have found on the topics of self defence for seniors and self defence in general. Periodically I will include reviews by qualified friends of mine and other trusted people, and I will include [ Self Defense Canes w/Training. Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products in this Category. The canes listed in this category include the Five To Survive reality based tactical training at a 50% discount. All wooden canes are 36 inches in length and made from hickory. If you need a size variation to this please call 800-289-8188 for a quotation In my spare time I teach Cane-Fu, the self-defense of seniors using their walking stick or umbrella for this purpose. My background with martial arts includes that I have experience with the WingChun, the Arnis and Escrima. Featured video. Embed a Youtube or Vimeo video Although just over 0.3 percent of university students are over 65, a clear indication that seniors Cane Fu - Effective Self Defense for Seniors by Derrick May 20, 202

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Cane self defense for seniors Cane FU. Cane Fu is the use of a cane for rehabilitation, exercise, and self defense. The cane is over 5,000 years old, and a tool that you can carry any where. Cane Fu is one of the newest uses for the cane, an active program. of exercise and self defense. Several martial arts have used canes as. weapons, specifically training to defend yourself

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2. There are self defense workshops for seniors now featuring cane use in self defense. To me it reveals that people are aware that the world is dangerous and some are preparing for the bad times and the predators out there. Night Owl has good suggestions for improvised weapons Our Self-Defense Classes called Counterstrike Self-DefenseTM training, are available for children, teens, women, and senior adults. If you would like more information about obtaining Counterstrike Self-DefenseTM training for yourself, your child, your school, business or civic organization, contact: counterstrike@workoutplace.org Cane Masters Custom Canes for Self Defense and Fitness : All About Palm Rests - Videos and Manuals Apparel and Accessories Training Systems Classes Cane Master Canes Sticks and Staffs Cane and Video Packages Basic Walking Canes Tactical Canes and Sticks custom canes, cane self defense systems, self defense canes, fighting canes, handcrafted canes, american hardwood canes

The cane self-defense skills that will be taught include strikes, jabs and blocks, founded on martial arts principles. Boca Raton Police teach Cane Fu to seniors A 21st Century form of self-defense with Bushido traditional Kendo and Jo Kata. Practice, be strong, be prepared with the Arc Angel Stun Katana. Let Arc Angel Stun technology help you achieve independence and security with a responsible self-defense tool

So at the request of a student I am going to bring forth a new eBook called Self Defense for Disabilities. Back in the early 2000's after the founding of my Dojo we began to teach people with disabilities, specifically the MS Society Cane Self Defense. We also taught the Seniors of both Windsor and London Ontario It's a self-defense initiative being taught to local residents by Boca Raton Police, who say it turns a cane from a sign of immobility into a tool of empowerment

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Senior Self Defense Workshop - Friday, June 11th Seniors 345pm-445pm - Friday, June 25th Seniors 345pm-445pm. Jr Warriors ( Youth Classes) - Friday, June 11th Kids age 7-12 5pm-545pm - Wednesday, June 16th Kids age 4-7 5pm-530pm. Women's Self Defense Classes Friday, June 25th Women's only 5-6p

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