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Shop Nutritious Blended Tube Feeding Meals. 100% Real Food for Feeding Tubes. At Home or On The Go. No Refrigeration Necessary. 6 Nutritious Meals Available A. Replacement procedure for tube (MIC-G) Supplies needed one 5 ml syringe filled with water proper size Mic-G washcloth, towel, or gauze lubricant (water soluble) tape GU syringe . To put a new tube in. -- This is a clean procedure. 1. Wash your hands The MIC* Gastro-Enteric Feeding Tube is a precursor to the very popular MIC* Transgastric Jejunal Feeding Tube. Also designed for simultaneous gastric decompression and jejunal feeding, it is indicated for patients where a smaller distal jejunal segment may be indicated. Clinicians can choose from multiple sizing options for the outer diameter, silicone retention balloon volume, and the. MIC-G™ g-tube. 5-10 cc/ml slip tip syringe. water soluble lubricant (such as K-Y Jelly ®). Do not use oil or petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline ®). Figure 2: MIC-G™ Tube. To replace the MIC-G™ tube, follow these steps: Note: Plan to change the MIC-G™ g-tube just before a feeding. This will help limit the amount of stomach contents that.

MIC-KEY™ g-tube. 2-6 cc/ml slip tip syringe. water soluble lubricant (such as K-Y Jelly ®). Do not use oil or petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline ®). Figure 2: MIC-KEY™ g-tube . To replace the MIC-KEY™ g-tube, follow these steps: Note: Plan to change the MIC-KEY™ g-tube just before a feeding. This will help limit the amount of stomach. MIC-KEY* GJ Feeding Tubes. Low Profile / Skin-Level Tubes. THE COMPLETE PORTFOLIO All Sizes 16 Fr -22 Fr offer: The largest low-profile GJ offering available with 21 more sizes than AMT ®2; Now up to 7.0 cm stoma lengths 3; Low-profile head for patient comfort, with a smaller feed head footprint than AMT ® G-JET 4; Separate jejunal and gastric ports for simultaneous feeding and gastric.

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  1. EndoVive represents endoscopic accessibility to feed and provide nutrition to patients who do not have the ability to feed by mouth. The Balloon Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes are designed to offer the deflation characteristics of a balloon for insertion and removal that may be more comfortable for the patient
  2. A gastrostomy tube, or G-tube, is a tube inserted through the abdomen to deliver nutrition directly into the stomach. Prior to 2019, a single code, 43760, was used to report replacement of a G-tube without imaging or endoscopic guidance. As of January 1, 2019, 43760 is no longer valid. Instead, CPT® introduced two new codes to better reflect.
  3. A replacement gastrostomy tube. A Foley catheter. The catheter needs to be the largest that fits - it should be a snug fit. An adult size Foley catheter may be required. If it is a loose fit, remove it and place a larger one. The largest size tube possible may avoid a surgical procedure (dilation of the tract)

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Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit MIC-Key® 14 Fr. 2.0 cm Tube Silicone Sterile. Features medical grade silicone construction, low-profile design, tape Gamma sterilized Kit includes a MIC-KEY® low-profile feeding tube, a MIC-KEY® extension In this video a young man with cerebral palsy has his feeding tube (MIC-KEY) replaced in the pediatric emergency department Gastrostomy Basics. Gastrostomy tubes, commonly referred to as G-tubes, GJ-tubes, PEG tubes, or low-profile gastrostomy tubes (MIC-KEYs) are devices used for enteral access that are placed into the stomach through the abdominal wall. The distal end of gastrostomy tubes can end in the stomach (G-Tube) or be threaded past the pylorus.

GASTROSTOMY CARE GUIDE GASTROSTOMY CARE GUIDE 5 MIC GASTROSTOMY TUBE FEEDING PORT MIC series 0100 tubes have a universal connector inside the feed port to prevent the port from leaking after repeat-ed use. (Fig. 3) If your formula delivery set does not fit the connector, use a MIC 0105-6 extension set to connect the tubes. MIC Bolus Gastrostom replacement tube. • Inspect the new gastrostomy tube. • Make sure the balloon is intact and will inflate and deflate properly. Instill 2-3 cc water/saline or air into the balloon, check the balloon for leaks, and then remove the water/saline or air The gastrostomy tube is connected to the suture and passed through the mouth into the stomach and out the abdominal wall. The gastrostomy tube is sutured to the skin. Coding Tips For insertion of a gastrostomy tube under fluoroscopic guidance, see 49450; endoscopic placement of a gastrostomy tube, see 43246 r Gastrostomy tube (or G-tube): has 2 or 3 ports, and a balloon filled with water inside the sometimes called a MIC-KEY, which is a brand name. An adapter tube called an extension set has 2 or 3 ports and is used to give the feedings and medicines. Notes about your child's device and ports: The replacement feeding tube and.

Product Overview. MIC Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Feeding Tube Accessories are for use with Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Feeding Tubes. Individually packaged. Universal, 20 Fr. 1 Each / Each. Part Number (s): BLD013520 We demonstrate how to replace a MIC-KEY feeding tube in an infant in this video

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  1. g and flushing the extension sets and when checking for proper placement of the feeding tube
  2. Still holding the g-tube with one hand to keep it in and flush against the skin, use your other hand to draw about 5 ml of water from the cap of filtered water into the syringe, or have a helper draw the syringe up for you. It's also entirely fine to pre-prep this step. Holding the new tube firmly, insert the balloon syringe into the side of the g-tube (balloon port)
  3. The MIC-KEY Low-Profile Feeding Tubes are indicated for use in patients who require enteral feeding, are unable to tolerate oral feeding, require gastric decompression and/or medication delivery directly into either the stomach, distal to the stomach, distal duodenum or proximal jejunum (tube types vary from G, J, TJ/ GJ & GE depending on what.
  4. Kimberly-Clark MIC Gastrostomy Feeding Tube, 26 Fr, 7-10 mL (15 mL Maximum) - 1 Each. MIC Gastrostomy Tube is a non-weighted replacement g-tube, for use as a primary catheter in place of a Foley or de Pezzer catheter. The tubes features medical grade silicone construction
  5. MIC-KEY LOW PROFILE Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit with SECUR-LOK. By MICKEY PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS. Kits available individually; Comes in variety of sizes; Enables delivery of enteral nutrition; Provides enhanced air circulation around stoma; Made with silicone; Item# Description Size Price 0120-12-.8 12 French 0.8 cm Each . $165.10 $127.00. Add to.

After feeding tube replacement, enteral feeding can be started immediately. 2. Materials • Diagnostic gastroscope (Olympus GIF-Q180, Olympus America, Center Valley, PA). • Gastrostomy feeding tube (PEG-PULL-S, Cook Medical, Winston-Salem, NC). • MIC-KEY ® low-profile gastrostomy feeding tube (Kimberly-Clark, Rosewell, GA). 3. Endoscopic. Secondary to a longer G-tube after the tract has matured . 1. y. 4-6 weeks after open surgical tube placement . y. 3 -6 months after PEG tube placement . y. replacement Easier to dislodge Mic-key® Internal lock system.

The second replacement was done by a Gastroenterologist who had never seen a Mic-Key feeding tube before. I had to fax his office the exact tube dimensions (2.5 cm 18 french) as well as the adapters that I wanted in order for them to be ordered beforehand. After feeding tube replacement, enteral feeding can be started immediately. 2. Materials • Diagnostic gastroscope (Olympus GIF-Q180, Olympus America, Center Valley, PA). • Gastrostomy feeding tube (PEG-PULL-S, Cook Medical, Winston-Salem, NC). • MIC-KEY ® low-profile gastrostomy feeding tube (Kimberly-Clark, Rosewell, GA). 3. Endoscopic. Check with carer that the balloon G-tube is the correct size (Fr) and length(cm) and in date. If not: See Gastrostomy trolley in Majors treatment room. If correct replacement tube not in trolley OR ED Resus store room then contact Theatres for replacement tube or access the store room beside the exit to recovery in surgical day unit Balloon gastrostomy tube replacement is a procedure which should be conducted using standard aseptic non touch technique (ANTT). To minimise risk of infection and/or harm to the patient and practitioner. Rowley (2011) Pratt et al (2007), Fraise & Bradley (2009) 11. Wash hands prior to undertaking the procedure Replacement Gastrostomy Tube Kit. The EndoVive Low Profile Button design may help reduce the risk of accidental pull-out. The low profile design and flexibility at the skin level may help support patient comfort and discretion. Request Customer Support

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Gastrostomy tube (G-tube): A gastrostomy tube enters the stomach via a surgical incision in the abdominal wall. They are usually placed for longer term feeding. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG): This gastrostomy tube is placed endoscopically under sedation The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action

Always keep a replacement MIC-KEY* feeding tube or standard gastrostomy tube at home. Silicone balloons generally last several months, but the life span of the balloon varies due to several factors, including medication administration, volume of water used to fill the balloon, gastric pH, and extent of tube care. You Want to Prevent Tube Blockag Gastrostomy Tube. Providing you the best range of MIC-KEY Feeding Tube, Gastrostomy Feeding BRT - Replacement Tube, MICROCUFF Pediatric Endotracheal Tube, Oral Curved and MICROCUFF Pediatric Endotracheal Tube with effective & timely delivery. MIC-KEY Feeding Tube. Rs 8,000/ Unit. Gastrostomy Feeding BRT - Replacement Tube G-tube buttons require a second measurement, in centimeters, based on the length of the tube's stem (the part of the tube that is placed in the stoma or tube site). For example, a 16Fr 1.5cm tube has a French size (diameter) of 16 and a stem length of 1.5cm. The size is listed on MIC-KEY and AMT button G-tubes. G-tubes should have enough room.

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Enteral feeding should be considered for patients with an intact and functional gastrointestinal tract. Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG) tube placement is indicated in patients requiring medium to long term enteral feeding (>30 days) and with impaired swallowing. Previously placed PEG tube can dislodge or be inadvertently removed, blocked, or damaged. Gastrostomy tube replacement is. Gastrostomy Feeding Tube. The new KIMBERLY-CLARK® Gastrostomy Feeding Tube is designed to deliver optimal performance and value. Features of the new KIMBERLY-CLARK® Gastrostomy Feeding Tube include: Recessed distal tip that extends the balloon beyond the distal tip at recommended fill volumes. Tapered distal tip for ease of catheter insertion MIC-KEY G-J tubes need to be replaced about every six months. If your child's tube needs to be changed, call your child's doctor or nurse to schedule this or call Radiology through the Cincinnati Children's operator at 513-636-4200 At this point, feeding tube supplies may need to be implemented, either via the nose (nasogastric or nasoenteral) or directly into the small intestine or the stomach (with a gastronomy or a jejunostomy). Shop feeding tube replacement parts, including g-tube replacements, below

A new G-tube needs about 2 -3 weeks to form a tract. If the G-tube is new, notify the physician who placed it. Replacing a G-tube in a new site that has not formed a tract may cause separation of the stomach from the abdominal wall. Next, inspect the site to make sure that there are no signs of infection around the tube. An abdominal exam. Emergency G-Tube Replacement Instructions - Low Profile/Button Type Tubes. If Your Child's G-tube is LESS THAN 3 months from original surgery Kit 1: Replacing Your Child's Long Balloon Type G-Tube (Mic G-Tube) Kit 2: Emergency G-Tube Instructions - Using a Foley Catheter; If Your Child's G-tube is MORE than 3 months from original surger

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A gastrostomy tube, often called a G-tube, is a surgically placed device used to give direct access to your child's stomach for supplemental feeding, hydration or medication. G-tubes are used for a variety of medical conditions, but the most common use is for feedings to enhance your child's nutrition QUICK GUIDE TO GASTROSTOMY FEEDING TUBES AND DEVICES. See page 8 and 9 for a summary of the different types of tubes and devices you might see. Patient with a ballooned gastrostomy . tube insitu. Photo: A Kennedy Photo: M Sutherland. Patient lying down with a non-ballooned . gastrostomy tube in sit A gastrostomy tube is a tube inserted through the abdomen (typically under the left rib cage) into the stomach It is most commonly used to deliver nutrition, directly to the stomach Sometimes, it can be used to drain stomach secretions by connecting to a ba

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The MIC-KEY* G-TUBE is a step up from conventional gastrostomy feeding tubes. The most trusted gastrostomy feeding tube, the MIC-KEY* G Feeding Tube is unobtrusive and easy to conceal, making it an ideal feeding tube for virtually all individuals. HALYARD* MIC-KEY* G-TUBES

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  1. The MIC* G Bolus feeding tubes include one ENFit® gastric access port. MIC* G and MIC* G Bolus tubes are available in units of 2 or individually as part of a convenient replacement kit. All MIC* G and MIC* G Bolus tubes feature a recessed distal tip from Size 14 Fr and above. The 12 Fr tubes have a low volume balloon
  2. A traditional length g-tube, which can also be referred to as a PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy) tube or a high profile G-tube, is an enteral feeding device designed to aid in the delivery of nutrients, fluids, and medications, directly into the stomach bypassing the mouth and esophagus
  3. al wall. there is an infl atable balloon at one end and an external base or external retention disc at the other. this tube allows the intake of food and water that your body requires
  4. MIC-KEY* G-Tube The most trusted gastrostomy feeding tube. MIC-KEY* G-Tubes are designed for the delivery of enteral nutrition, medication and fluids to the stomach via a primary or pre-existing gastrostomy stoma for children and adults. Sits at skin level - Low profile so easy to conceal for greater device discretio
  5. 0120-24-5. MIC-KEY* Low Profile Gastrostomy Kit, 24Fr x 5.0cm Each 1 B4088 Note: Some state Medicaid programs continue to use local or miscellaneous codes for low-profile gastrsotomy tube kits. miC-Key* aCCessorie
  6. g the cm marks on the external part of the tube are th
  7. The purpose of gastrostomy tube placement is generally to provide a patient temporary or permanent feeding directly through a tube in the stomach. Reasons for difficulty feeding may be from disorders of the mouth, esophagus, or stomach. Gastrostomy tube placement may also be indicated in disorders causing obstruction of the intestines

PEG tube removal. The majority of gastrostomy sites close spontaneously within 1-3 months 2), however, some of those that become chronic gastrocutaneous fistulae. Chronic gastrocutaneous fistulae are a difficult to manage complication following PEG tube removal, with an estimated incidence ranging from 4.5 to 45% 3), 4).Although complications related to the insertion of a PEG tube are well. Description. This MIC Universal Feeding Adapter configuration allows for use with 14 Fr, 20 Fr and 24 Fr MIC PEG feeding tubes. The adapter provides a connection between a feeding tube and a feeding set for continuous feeding use. The extra side opening makes irrigation flushing easy and allows for convenient administering of liquid medications. 15. Lubricate the MIC* PEG Tube with a water-soluble lubricant. Apply traction to pull the placement loop and the tube back through the oropharynx, esophagus, and into the stomach. Fig. 5 16. Re-enter the esophagus with the endoscope and visually follow the gastrostomy tube as it enters the stomach. Slide the introducer cannula ou Application: Button Replacement Gastrostomy Tube; Sterility: Sterile; Tube Length: 4.4 cm; Tube Size: 24 Fr. 350 - Decompression Tube: 18Fr, 1.7cm. This gastrostomy replacement device is non-obtrusive and the low-profile design is comfortable, while leaving a skin-level device equipped with an anti-reflux valve to help ensure better and safer.

A GJ tube is a feeding tube. The tube goes from outside the abdomen, through the abdominal wall to the stomach, through the stomach (G for gastric which means stomach), and to the first part of the intestine called the jejunum (J). The feedings will bypass the stomach and go directly into the jejunum This MIC PEG Bolus Feeding Adapter allows for bolus or syringe feeding through 14, 20 and 24 Fr feeding tubes. The clear design makes it easy to visually inspect and monitor inside the adapter during feeding. The extra side opening makes irrigation flushing easy and allows for convenient administering of liquid medications without disconnecting. immediately, so that a replacement gastrostomy tube can be put in as soon as possible to keep the stoma open. • old CORFLOThe doctor or healthcare professional might replace the tube by a balloon gastrostomy tube or low-profile gastrostomy tube (e.g. MIC * G-tube or MIC-KEY* G-tube) of the same French size

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the MIC-KEY* feeding tube. Your MIC-KEY* feeding tube kit also includes a 35 ml catheter tip syringe. It should be used when priming and flushing the exten-sion sets, and when checking for proper placement of the MIC-KEY* feeding tube. CARE AND USE Clean the MIC-KEY* feeding tube daily. Care is simple and easy. Just keep the tube an Mic-key low-profile gastrostomy feeding tube kit 20 fr 2 cm l stoma, 5ml balloon, silicone, tapered distal tip, dehp-free, ethylene oxide (eto) sterilized Read More » Rid Lice Treatment Shampoo With Comb 2 Oz., Piperonyl Butoxide/pyrethrins - 07430000412 Replacement of gastrostomy or cecostomy (or other colonic) tube, percutaneous, under fluoroscopic guidance including contrast injection(s), image documentation and report. Surgery > Digestive System > Abdomen, Peritoneum, and Omentum > Introduction, Revision, Removal > Replacement. Total Facility RVUs: 1.92 Total Non-Facility RVUs: 18.

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MIC-KEY Low-Profile Feeding Tube Kits by Avanos Medical. Manufacturer: Avanos Medical, Inc. Medical-grade silicone construction and low-profile design. Feature a tapered distal tip, inflatable silicone internal retention balloon and proximal anti-reflux valve. Secur-Lok extension set connector mechanism The replacement feeding tube and the skin-level device have their own stabilizing devices and you will be shown how these work. Changing a stabilizer Do this once a week, or sooner if it is coming off. 1. Wash your hands well with soap, using friction. 2. Have all supplies together, ready to use How Much Does a Feeding Tube Placement (PEG) Cost? On MDsave, the cost of a Feeding Tube Placement (PEG) ranges from $2,420 to $3,135.Those on high deductible health plans or without insurance can save when they buy their procedure upfront through MDsave

A replacement gastrostomy device should be inserted within 1-2 hours by someone who has completed appropriate training. If trained, the appropriate EN-PLUG-S should be inserted into stoma if spare gastrostomy tube cannot be inserted. If a primary button device dislodges within 3 months of insertion the patient shoul Alternatives to the mic-key. Mini one balloon button: a friend uses it and it looks great! It's a product similar to and compatible with the Mic-key g-tube button. However, it's fully flexible and flatter to the skin than even the low profile Mic-key, so I anticipate it will be easier on the skin. The balloon is more apple shaped, which is. This video demonstrates the technique for the removal and replacement of a balloon gastrostomy tube. The indications, contraindications, and potential complications are also reviewed Gastrostomy Tubes (Mic-Key Button) For some children, eating and drinking safely, or taking in enough food and fluids by mouth for proper growth and nutrition can be a challenge. When this is the case, a gastrostomy tube may be a useful tool help your child achieve the recommended nutritional goals Gastrostomy Tubes. Gastrostomy tubes are feeding tubes placed through the abdomen into the stomach. Gastrostomy tubes are used to give children formula, liquids, and medicines. These tubes are placed by aPediatric Surgeon or by a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. A gastrostomy tube is placed one of two ways: 1) percutaneously and 2) surgically

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Button Replacement Gastrostomy Tubes by CR Bard. Manufacturer: Cr Bard. Nonobtrusive, skin-level device equipped with an anti-reflux valve to help ensure better and safer feeding. Low-profile external bolster, designed for patient comfort, secures the device and is more cosmetically appealing for ambulatory patients Product description. The feeding port is incompatible with luer lock or IV connections, reducing the risk of accidental connection or infusion. Available with safe enteral connections to address the 2006 JCAHO Tubing Misconnections Sentinel Event Alert. The Kangaroo™ gastrostomy tube is constructed of a durable silicone that allows for.

BALLOON TUBES • Replacement Balloon G-tubes/J-tubes • Once gastrostomy tract matures • Approximately 3 months • Low Profile G-tubes/J-tubes • Anti-reflux valve prevents leakage of gastric contents in case cap comes off • Requires extension tubing for use. NASOENTERIC TUBES If the tube comes loose. Feeding tubes sometimes become loose. If your child has a conventional gastrostomy tube (G-tube) or gastrojenjunal tube (GJ-tube) with a retention disc that rests on the skin, the tube might loosen if the disc moves slightly up the tube (away from your child's body) Used to provide gastric access for enteral feeding, medication administration, and decompression through an established gastrointestinal stoma tract. Product selection note: Order the Entuit Feeding Tube with the ENFit Connection if your facility has ENFit-compatible giving sets and syringes. Order the Entuit Feeding Tube without the ENFit Connection if your facility is using giving sets and.

Poorly crushed medications. Not flushing gastrostomy tube when feeds are completed. Feed too thick or containing lumps of powder. Vitamised food being put down tube. Leaving formula in the tube to curdle. To unblock the gastrostomy tube, flush it with 10 - 20 mL of a carbonated drink such as mineral water or diet cola ENFit is a global change to make all enteral (tube feeding) devices specific to tube feeding. Every extension set, syringe, long tube/PEG, and NG-tube will be designed with a specific ENFit end so that you can only use products designed for enteral/tube feeding access. Button style G-tubes will not change at all — only the extension sets that.

Timely replacement of a dislodged tube is critical. [Willwerth, 2001] The tract will begin to become stenotic within hours. Families are often given replacement tubes and educated on how to replace tubes. Know the equipment. There are several types of skin-level gastrostomy tubes: [Willwerth, 2001 ibuprofen for discomfort with g-tube re-moval and Ativan for g-tube reinserted, increased anxiety. The LVN ended her night shift at 7:00 a.m. She reported to the day nurse she had changed the g-tube during the night. The patient was still sweating and grimacing, but the day nurse believed the patient wa Endoscopic Gastrostomy (PEG) Tube and Mic-Key Button. The Corflo PEG tube and Mic-key Low Profile Feeding Tube are the mostly commonly used gastrostomy tubes at OLCHC 2.0 Definition of Guideline Guidelines represent the written instructions, about how to ensure high quality services are delivered. Guidelines must be accurate, up to date. The G-Tube Protective Belt is aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to wear, helps to conceal the G-Tube and protects the G-Tube from being disturbed. The JA-10G G-Tube Protetive Belt is also suitable for the protection of Cecostomy tubes, percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy tubes (PEG-Tube) and gastrostomy-jejunostomy tubes (GJ-Tube) A gastrostomy tube is a tube placed through the abdominal wall directly into the stom-ach for decompression or provision of long-term enteral nutrition. A gastrojejunostomy tube has one lumen that terminates in the stomach and one lumen that terminates in the jejunum. This tube is used when both gastric decompression (via the gastric port

Kimberly-Clark MIC Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Feeding Tube Kit,Pull Method, 14Fr,Each,7160-14 KIMBERLY-CLARK MIC Transgastric-Jejunal Feeding Tubes Endoscopic or Radiology Placement Kit,16FR, 22cm Jejunal Length,Each,0250-16-2 a gastrostomy tube is G-tube. A jejunal tube (J-tube) is an artificial opening into the jejunum through the abdominal wall. It may be a permanent or temporary opening, and is used for feeding or medication administration. Usually the NG tube or the G-tube/J-tube will be attached to an electronic feeding pump that controls the flow of fluid

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In some rare cases J-tubes can be changed at home, but typically radiology is required for the replacement. J-tubes, like G-tubes, can be long tubes or buttons. The methods of placing a J-tube are: Percutaneous endoscopic jejunostomy (PEJ): a direct placement with the use of an endoscope flexible tube with a bright light on the end) being passed through your mouth and into your stomach. This tube is called a Pexact tube. It can be inserted in the X-ray department: This tube is called a radiologically inserted gastrostomy (RIG) tube. Radiologically - is the term used for a procedure carried out in an X-ray department, using X. Feeding Tube Pad G Tubes Button Pads Holder Covers Peg Tube Supplies Catheter Support Peritoneal Abdominal Dialysis Extra Soft And Absorbent Pads (12 Pack) 4.5 out of 5 stars. 171. $17.99 2. The Button replacement gastrostomy device is designed for placement through a well-established stoma tract. 3. Measure stoma length to determine correct Button device sizing using either the existing gastrostomy tube or the stoma measuring device included in this kit. NOTE: Any evidence of infection, irritation or granulation tissue should b Your child is going home with a gastrostomy tube (G-tube) in place. The tube is placed through the abdominal wall into your child's stomach. It has a balloon filled with water on the end inside the stomach. The balloon keeps the tube in place. You must check the balloon regularly. This is to make sure it holds the amount of water prescribed by your child's health care provider Mic-key® Cecostomy Tube. The Mic-key® C-tube is slightly larger than the Chait. It has a one-way valve that keeps stool from leaking when it is used. It is held in place by a balloon that is inflated inside the cecum. It has a small port on the side used to inflate and deflate the balloon

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