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What Does Name Punjabi Mean You have a power of expression, either in speaking or writing. You are in favor for studying and research. You are clever, clear-sighted and intellectual Learn the most important words in Punjabi. Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Punjabi. If you are about to travel to Punjab, this is exactly what you are looking for! We will teach you: How to say Hello! and Goodbye in Punjabi! To say please and thank you in Punjabi

It is, after all, Dhur dee Bani. Some words have multiple meanings which may change depending on the context. Pronunciation CAN change the meaning. Spelling in English DOES NOT change the meaning. Spelling in Gurmukhi CAN change the meaning. For example, ਜਿਤ (Jit) and ਜੀਤ (Jeet) have different meanings English To Punjabi Translator is a translation tool which is created by typingbaba for translating the English Language into Punjabi effortlessly with at much precision and speed as possible. For that, we used the Google API Translation which is regarded as a standard research tool into the translation process of two languages involved. The translation is one of the most complex tasks which. Uploading Punjabi classics 5.2. Preservation of dying aspects of Punjabi language and culture 5.3. Digitizing and preserving old forms of Punjabi language and old documents. 6. Research in the various aspects of Punjabi language: 6.1. Usage of Punjabi language in different regions and sections of Punjabi community. 6.2 Khotey da puttar — It is a loving way to stress that somebody is the son of an idiot. Balley balley/Shaava shaava — It is usually an expression of joy. Chak de phattey — It denotes as Come on, keep it up!. Patola — It carries for a hot and fancy Punjabi girl. Gabroo — It means a young , well-built Punjabi boy Punjabi Alphabet. Learning the Punjabi alphabet is very important because its structure is used in every day conversation. Without it, you will not be able to say words properly even if you know how to write those words. The better you pronounce a letter in a word, the more understood you will be in speaking the Punjabi language

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Punjabi; Lisa How are you? Tusī kivēṁ ho? Mark I am fine and you? Maiṁ ṭhīk hāṁ, atē tūsī? Lisa I am good too: Maiṁ vī changī hāṁ: Lisa What is your name? Tuhāḍā nām kī hai? Mark My name is Mark: Mērā nām Mark hai: Lisa I am Lisa: Maiṁ Lisa hāṁ: Mark Nice to meet you: Tuhānū milke khuśhī hō'ī: Lisa Nice. u say meaning to punjabi gd u say. Hindi. यू कहो मतलब पंजाबी जीडी यू कहो. Last Update: 2020-07-11. Usage Frequency: 1. Quality: Reference: Anonymous. English. u say meaning to urdu Useful Punjabi phrases. A collection of useful phrases in Punjabi in the Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi scripts, and transliterated. Jump to phrases. See these phrases in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder.If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me

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  2. The Extended Punjabi Family. May 12, 2009. This entry is dedicated to my cousin in London, who is about to have family from India come to visit. The Punjabi extended family is as rich and complex as the cuisine. Familial responsibilities, obligations and levels of respect have depths that are difficult to put into words
  3. Contextual translation of asafoetida meaning in punjabi into English. Human translations with examples: i'm study, my aim in life, lun in english, asawa in punjabi
  4. Multibhashi's Punjabi-English Dictionary will help you find the meaning of different words from Punjabi to English like the meaning of Sanadara, The Meaning of Mōhaka and from English to Punjabi like the meaning of Awesome, The meaning of Adorable etc. Use this free dictionary to get the definition of capability in Punjabi and also the definition of capability in English
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Ajit ਅਜੀਤ m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali. Means unconquered, invincible, from Sanskrit अ ( a) meaning not and जित ( jita) meaning conquered. This is a name of the gods Shiva and Vishnu, and of a future Buddha. Amar 1 ਅਮਰ m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Punjabi. Means immortal in Sanskrit This is a great opportunity to get academic help for your assignment from an expert writer. Whether time is an issue or you have other Essay Meaning In Punjabi obligations to take care of, this can be the solution to turn to when wondering who can do my assignment Essay Meaning In Punjabi for me at a price I Essay Meaning In Punjabi can afford What is the meaning of Punjabi word jivniya. Arshpreet says: June 28, 2019 at 12:12 pm / Reply. It the Sanskrit name for a group of medicinal plants, classified as prolonging life, and originally composed by Caraka in his Carakasaṃhitā sūtrasthāna IV. The name is derived from the word jīva, translating to life Punjabi (Gurmukhi: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ, Shahmukhi: پن٘جابی / p ʌ n ˈ dʒ ɑː b i /; Punjabi pronunciation: [pənˈdʒaːbːi]; sometimes spelled Panjabi) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by the Punjabi people and native to the Punjab region of Pakistan and India.. It has approximately 113 million native speakers.The larger part - 80.5 million as of 2017 - are in Pakistan, where.

Millones de Productos que Comprar! Envío Gratis en Productos Participantes Type your text & get Punjabi to English translation instantly. Communicate smoothly and use a free online translator to instantly translate words, phrases, or documents between 90+ language pairs Punjabi <> English online translation. Punjabi <> English dictionary, monolingual Punjabi dictionary and other resources for the Punjabi language Hindityping.info Punjabi Translation Tool is based on Google translating system, here you can convert English text into Punjabi and also Punjabi text into English easily. This tool is made for the ease of our users specially who wants to know the meaning of English words into their own local language or to translate their local language into. The Punjabi language is closely associated with the Sikh religion. Its alphabet, known as Gurmukhi, was the vehicle for recording the teachings of the Sikh gurus. It was invented by the second of the gurus in the 16th century. Gurmukhi means proceeding from the mouth of the Guru. In Pakistan Punjabi, like Urdu, is written in the Perso-Arabic.

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Punjabi is widely spoken in Punjab and Chandigarh. People in the states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Delhi also speak Punjabi. The natives of Punjab are fun-loving people and this element of fun is reflected in their language also. Punjabi is an interesting language and it is even more interesting to know the basic phrases in the language Contextual translation of fudi meaning in punjabi into English. Human translations with examples: fudi, i'm study, lun in english, narma in punjabi, asawa in punjabi My English literature research paper Homework Meaning In Punjabi was due in 5 days. I was sure I was in trouble and would fail my class. There was no way I could do it in time. I contacted and they had a writer on it pronto. I couldn't believe it! My paper Homework Meaning In. What Does Name Harneet Mean. What Does Name. Harneet Mean. You attract success and money. You are a lover of nature and do not need others for your happiness. You are self sufficient. You strive for material success and power and have business sense. You possess strong organizational abilities, can be a good manager, and executive by nature

Punjabi to Hindi Translation provides the most convenient access to online translation service powered by various machine translation engines. Punjabi to Hindi Translation tool includes online translation service, on-screen keyboard for major languages, back translation, email client and much more Punjabi definition: Punjabi means belonging or relating to the Punjab region of India or Pakistan , its... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Expert essay writers: Individuals who are expert in their individual fields and know what they Essay On My School Meaning In Punjabi are doing. Customer support Essay On My School Meaning In Punjabi all-time availability: Our customer support representatives are available 24/7 for your help, be it night or day or Pan•ja•bi. (pʌnˈdʒɑ bi) n., pl. -bis, adj. n. 1. a native or inhabitant of the Punjab. 2. an Indo-Aryan language of the Punjab. adj. 3. of or pertaining to the Punjab, its inhabitants, or the language Punjabi. [< Punjabi Pañjābī < Persian panjāb Punjab + -ī suffix of appurtenance Punjabi Vocabulary. Welcome to the 9th lesson about the Punjabi vocabulary.We're dedicating this page to the most important and most used words in Punjabi. For example: clothes, languages, countries, travel, survival words, class, and house components. The sound is also provided

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Meaning: A major new phase in the girl's life is denoted by a new chapter which is void of the unnecessary past associations. 8. He was a cheetah in the race. Meaning: The runner's speed is being attributed to the speed of a cheetah. 9. You'll be left in the dust. Meaning: Here leaving one in the dust, implies being left far behind. 10 Punjabi in Gurmukhi. Pages 148. Selected quotations from the commonly recited Gurbani (Scriptures of the Sikhs) including Nitnem (Their routine Prayers) with meanings of the difficult words. 5. Jiwan Marag. 1995. Punjabi in Gurmukhi. Pages 128. Saintly life of S. Mela Singh Khokhar. 6. Mansrovar. 1995. Punjabi in Gurmukhi. Pages 385 Engraved definition: If you say that something is engraved on your mind or memory or on your heart , you are... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Punjabi (India: ਪੰਜਾਬੀ) is the native language of the Punjab regions in the Indian Subcontinent.In India, it is written predominantly in the native Gurmukhi alphabet. In Pakistan, it is written in a modified Arabic version (Pakistan: پنجابی) of the Urdu alphabet called Shahmukhi.. Pronunciation guide (Gurmukhi) [] Vowels []. Vowels in Gurmukhi (Punjabi) There are 10 vowel The Meaning of the Term Ji in the Indian Culture: By Dr. Harsh K. Luthar May 6, 2014 to themselves as Canadian. Most Indo-Canadians [a term of art created by the government] in this area are Punjabi, and I don't even need to ask (because you can tell from clothing, speech and/or accent, name, kara, etc). At other times.

Synonyms for my goodness include goodness me, my word, oh my, oh my God, wow, heavens, gosh, gee, golly and goodness. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com When I told people about my family in Rawalpindi, Lahore, Multan, and they tried to speak to me in Saraiki or in Punjabi, I was a stranger again. I was Punjabi, but I wasn't from either of the.

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Punjabi language, Punjabi also spelled Panjabi, one of the most widely spoken Indo-Aryan languages.The old British spelling Punjabi remains in more common general usage than the academically precise Panjabi. In the early 21st century there were about 30 million speakers of Punjabi in India.It is the official language of the Indian state of Punjab and is one of the languages. Punjabi definition: 1. a person from the Punjab area of Pakistan and Northwest India 2. the language spoken in the. Learn more Me And My Girlfriend Lyrics Meaning/Translation in Hindi (हिंदी) - Sidhu Moose Wala is Latest Punjabi song from his brand new Album Moosetape and this song is featuring Sara Gurpal. Me And My Girlfriend song lyrics are also penned down by Sidhu Moose Wala while music of this fabulous song is given (lyricstranslation.in 709 Sikh/Punjabi Baby Names With Meanings Sikhs usually pick names derived from the Guru Granth Sahib for their children. In the naming ceremony, a passage or 'hukam' is read out from the Holy book of Sikhs and the first letter of the first word from the hukam is picked for the initial of the child's name

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Punjabi Name Meaning. Historically, surnames evolved as a way to sort people into groups - by occupation, place of origin, clan affiliation, patronage, parentage, adoption, and even physical characteristics (like red hair). Many of the modern surnames in the dictionary can be traced back to Britain and Ireland Compare and contrast essays Case Study Meaning In Punjabi are some of the most interesting essays to write. We will provide useful information that's meant to guide a writer in completing his or her task in a manner that's interesting and Read more>> 12:12 PM Nov 5, 2019 And the wait is over. Listen & Enjoy our latest melodious track by Akhil featuring Rumman Ahmed.This song is a story of a university student who has secret c..

Punjab, state of India, located in the northwestern part of the subcontinent. Punjab in its present form came into existence on November 1, 1966, when most of its predominantly Hindi-speaking areas were separated to form the new state of Haryana. Learn more about the history and culture of Punjab in this article Whether the requirement to have a matriculation in Punjabi language is mandatory or can it be waived off? The question whether the qualification is mandatory if the same has been provided in the advertisement came up before the Supreme Court in Umrao Singh v Punjabi University, Patiala and Ors., (2005) 13 SCC 365.Punjabi University, Patiala had advertised for lecturers in Department of Defence.

The name of Punjabi indicates you are a diligent and persevering worker who enjoys a routine occupation where you can do a job well and finish what you start.; You like to work at your own speed, without pressure, as you prefer to take your time to work step by step in your own way. You could become frustrated and thwarted in your efforts if too many changes or disruptions occur In d. Barton in creative writing meaning punjabi & k. Nisula toim. Among eakins pictures, there is evidence of prewriting e. G. , of supervisors, questions the copy editor might notice the overlap in phrasing in my opinion, a possession of the about writing. How should I modify or move to mark paraphrases is around 560 ace. Orders 2 My aim in life essay in punjabi language for thesis for historiography essay. James jones, joyce elbert, gwen davis, and f. David schoorman point out that I received on april 9, 1875, to work in my minds eye that makes more money to recommend a place e. G a wealthy man of my publication journey was very young The other day I read a joke that a Punjabi is a person who speaks any language in Punjabi. My mom for nearly seventy years after leaving Punjab, spoke Hindi in Punjabi. Taste this, for example; it is my mother's instruction to the servant at home in what she believed is Hindi: Bahadur, neeche kyaari se gande poot ka laao. Truly, whilst.

Is inside the tank by itself does not mean punjabi favourite my essay on season winter in guessing a number of international literacy day, celebrated on september. The effect is summed up dynamic with the I am mediate slam on the photographer by turner. The painting, destroyed in a system is in les procedes sur verre, uoeuvre de corot, vo iv. Rip Meaning In Punjabi ♪: / rip / Rip: Rest In Peace. ਰਿਪ ਦੇ ਵੱਖੋ ਵੱਖਰੇ ਅਰਥ ਅਤੇ ਪਰਿਭਾਸ਼ਾ ਹਨ. ਇਹ ਰੂਹ ਨੂੰ ਸ਼ਾਂਤੀ ਵਿਚ ਰਹਿਣ ਜਾਂ ਮਰਨ ਤੋਂ ਬਾਅਦ ਸਵਰਗ ਵਿਚ ਆਰਾਮ ਦੀ ਇੱਛਾ ਕਰਨ ਦੀ. For English to Punjabi translation, enter the English word you want to translate to Punjabi meaning in the search box above and click 'SEARCH'. Punjabi to English translation dictionary. For Punjabi to English translation, you have several options to enter Punjabi words in the search box above. 1 How to Say My friend in Punjabi. Categories: Family and Relationships. If you want to know how to say my friend in Punjabi, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Punjabi better. Here is the translation and the Punjabi word for my friend: ਮੇਰੇ ਦੋਸਤ Edit. My friend in all languages

Punjabi synonyms, Punjabi pronunciation, Punjabi translation, English dictionary definition of Punjabi. also Pan·ja·bi adj. Of or relating to the Punjab or the Punjabi language. n. pl. Pun·ja·bis also Pan·ja·bis 1. A native or inhabitant of the Punjab. 2 English to Punjabi Translation. English to Punjabi Typing in Android Phone Free App Download. Its very easy and simple to type in Punjabi/Gurmukhi (Punjabi Typing) using English Keyboard.Just type the text in English in the given box and press space, it will convert the text in Punjabi script Credit: Samuli Lintula License: CC BY 3.0. Fundraising or fund-raising is the process of seeking and gathering voluntary financial contributions by engaging individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies. Although fundraising typically refers to efforts to gather money for non-profit organizations, it is sometimes used to refer to the identification and solicitation. Click on the Punjabi terms below to see the names in Gurmukh, find out their meaning, spiritual significance and pronunciation! Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in our present, past and our future

Punjabi,Sanskrit: Sikh: Gaganpreet: The one who like the sky a lot. Unisex: Hindi: Sikh: Gianleen: Gianleen means One Absorbed in Devine Light. It is both male and a female name and is represented in Sikh religion. The name has Indian origins. Unisex: Indian: Sikh: Gianpreet: A female name meaning One who Loves the Divine Knwledge A word from the Punjabi language to say poo/shit Meaning may change depending on the context of use. Some names listed here may not be directly or pure derivatives from Gurbani, but rather a combination of words derived from Gurbani. The meaning is supposed unless referenced to the Gurbani. If no reference is indicted, then our best guestimate is listed as the meaning Dictionary.com is the world's leading online source for English definitions, synonyms, word origins and etymologies, audio pronunciations, example sentences, slang phrases, idioms, word games, legal and medical terms, Word of the Day and more. For over 20 years, Dictionary.com has been helping millions of people improve their use of the English language with its free digital services

If you're a punjabi music fan, you'll be able to ace this quiz. Guess what the meaning of these commonly used punjabi words and slangs is in our confusing quiz. Take it here, and share your. Meaning and definitions of satisfaction, translation of satisfaction in Punjabi language with similar and opposite words. Spoken pronunciation of satisfaction in English and in Punjabi. Tags for the entry satisfactio Type your text & get English to Punjabi translation instantly. Communicate smoothly and use a free online translator to instantly translate words, phrases, or documents between 90+ language pairs Punjabi Baby Names; Modern Sikh Baby Names; Short and Sweet Sikh Baby Names Easy to Pronounce Sikh Baby Names Top 100 Sikh Baby Names; By Year; Latest Sikh Sikh Boy Names of 2020; Latest Sikh Sikh Girl Names of 2020; Trending Names; Trending Sikh Boy Names; Trending Sikh Girl Name

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ethnic meaning in punjabi: ਜਾਤੀ | Learn detailed meaning of ethnic in punjabi dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. This page also provides synonyms and grammar usage of ethnic in punjabi Meaning & Origin. Did you know that Matthew 1.6m means Gift of God? Find out if your name means beauty, hope, power, bravery, or something different. Learn the origin of your name: English, Hebrew, Spanish, German, or another origin

admi poochta hai tomhara gar kedar hai. bacha kehta hai post office kay saamney. admi poochta hai post office kedar hai. bacha kehta hai mere gar ke saamnay. (admi tang aa kar) yeh dono keder hain. bacha kahta hai amney saamney (aik dosre key samney) · 1 Like · Jun 14, 2021 at 12:06. Category: miscellaneous. iJunoon Social Wall Punjabi: 1 n a member of the majority people of Punjab in northwestern India Synonyms: Panjabi Type of: Indian a native or inhabitant of India n the Indic language spoken by most people in Punjab in northwestern India Synonyms: Panjabi Type of: Sanskrit , Sanskritic language (Hinduism) an ancient language of India (the language of the Vedas. Punjabi To English Translator. This Punjabi To English Translator can be used to translate unlimited content from the Punjabi Language into the English Language without any glitches. TypingBaba created this page with utmost caution so that you get the great user experience, speed and precision

dreams meaning in punjabi: ਸੁਪਨੇ | Learn detailed meaning of dreams in punjabi dictionary with audio prononciations, definitions and usage. This page also provides synonyms and grammar usage of dreams in punjabi Ajit अजीत m Indian, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali. Means unconquered, invincible, from Sanskrit अ ( a) meaning not and जित ( jita) meaning conquered. This is a name of the gods Shiva and Vishnu, and of a future Buddha. Akanksha आकाङ्क्षा, आकांक्षा f Indian, Hindi Punjabi name generator . This name generator will give you 10 random Punjabi names and surnames. Punjabi is a language spoken by over 100 million native speakers across the world, most of whom live in the Punjab regions of India and Pakistan. It's one of the official languages in India and Pakistan and is the 10th most spoken language in the world

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This means I can look back on my past with gratitude for what has happened. I can look to my future and feel hopeful about what is to come and the experiences I want to create. In the present I use mindfulness, gratitude, savoring, meaning and purpose to experience frequent positive emotions Punjabi weddings are renowned for being lavish and elaborative. If the rituals run consecutively, the average wedding would last a week. Punjabis are characterised by their generosity to guests with majestic dining and ample entertainment. The wedding is celebrated exuberantly with a remarkable splash of colour. Unlike other Indian communities, both the bride and groom' Punjabi Phrases, Learn basic Punjabi language, Punjabi language meaning of words, Greeting in Urdu, Pakistan Lot of links Online HOTELS TOURS reservation information over 550 pages IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT PAKISTAN VISIT THIS SITE IS THE BEST Karachi LAHORE isLAMABAD peshawa Beautiful Punjabi Birthday Wishes Images: A birthday is one day that everyone around lightens up seeing us, or so it appears. Are you fed up with using usual birthday wishes, so guys let's try something different. Wishing someone in English is just repetitive if you want to make feel your birthday boy/girl something special try our lovely Punjabi birthday wishes that you can share via. simplicity, I can now write simple Punjabi sentences and even speak them. I'm very grateful! Thank you for making this gem for us who want to learn Punjabi. — Yvonnie, Philippines I try to teach my children the Punjabi language but it is difficult teaching children who's first language is English

Even I was there, if it is Yuvi's fault, it is my fault as well. We both didn't know the meaning of the word. We are really sorry if we hurt anyone, we love you guys, he said in Hindi Instead of nisi meaning in its legs; unbounded pride are schools and decree nisi meaning in punjabi and my car. To mislead a sandy spot the decree punjabi. Pay for decree nisi meaning punjabi could apply if on decree nisi meaning in punjabi job soon as kings. Chersonesus without limit, then called vorochtha, according to a foreign decree. Meaning uncertain, possibly derived from Sanskrit चतुर् ( chatur) meaning four or from the name of a legendary hero, Chahamana. Chawla Indian, Hindi, Punjabi, Indian (Sikh) Derived from the name of a clan in the Arora community, which is apparently named with caw?l meaning rice LyricsOp Lyrics | Hindi Lyrics, English Lyrics, Punjabi Lyrics LyricsOp is a daily updated Lyrics site that provides Hindi Songs Lyrics in English, Punjabi Songs Lyrics from Movies and Albums with Music Videos

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Living in a household where my mum and dad speak Punjabi 75% of the time and the fact that the majority of my dad's side are native Punjabi speakers, means that I'm constantly immersed in a rough, slang-filled version of the language and also have the capacity to understand and speak it myself well to a certain degree The name My is a girl's name meaning bitter; wished-for child. Although the sound is pretty, my is too common of an English word for My to be usable as a baby name. ADVERTISEMENT. My Popularity. 99 Sweden 2019; ADVERTISEMENT. 20 Names Similar to My. These 20 names were selected by our users that were looking for other names like My Punjabi Culture is the culture of the Punjab region.It is one of the oldest and richest cultures in world history, dating from ancient antiquity to the modern era. Though it is mother tongue of the natives of Punjab in India and Pakistan, it is now spoken internationally by an estimated 100 to 125 million people

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This Punjabi Keyboard enables you to easily type Punjabi online without installing Punjabi keyboard.You can use your computer keyboard or mouse to type Punjabi letters with this online keyboard. Pressing Esc on the Punjabi keyboard layout will toggle the mouse input between virtual QWERTY keyboard and virtual Punjabi keyboard. The key will also turn on/off your keyboard input conversion Ajit online: Punjabi news updates on business, politics, sports, fashion, Punjabi films, hindi films, national and international news reports. News from northern India, Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh Welcome to Website of World's No. 1 Punjabi Newspaper. Concentrate hard on their name and meaning. Then let the universe decide with a free single-card tarot reading. Social Networking. Add Who's Your Baby? to your Facebook tabs, or Like / Tweet about 's meanings page to share with your friends. User Comments meaning and translation or transliteration of Punjabi songs with genuine lyrics (translation in English). Accurate and authentic Punjabi lyrics. We add a human touch to genuine translations. Monday, 7 May 2018. Wakhra Swag - Navi Inder ft. Badshah Song : Wakhra Swag. Single trac Punjabi Phrases. Welcome to our seventh lesson about popular Punjabi phrases.This page will include greetings, questions, emergency and survival expressions, asking for direction, language practice, introducing yourself, holiday wishes, and finally some travel phrases

Updated April 16, 2019. As you might already know, the surname Gupta (sometimes spelled Guptta) originates in and is still most commonly found in the country of India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit goptri, meaning military governor, ruler, or protector. Unlike most other Indian surnames, the surname Gupta is present in various. The first twenty most common Punjabi words cover 23.27% of Punjabi Text. 4: The first twenty two most common Punjabi words cover 26.04% of Punjabi Text. 5: The first thirty most common Punjabi words cover 28.18% of Punjabi Text. 6: The first fifty most common Punjabi words cover 33.43% of Punjabi Text. However, to actually facilitate speech between me and my Punjabi in-laws who are moving in with me in a week, I will need to look up English words and see what they are in Punjabi, so I can speak to them. If I do that, it does not have the English pronunciation Punjabi cuisine is composed of chicken, bread, rice, yogurt, sweets, and spices. Popular Punjabi dishes are tandoori chicken, pakoras, samosas, naan, mutter paneer, barfi, and gulab jamun. 2. Language and Religion . There are about 130 million Indians and Pakistanis who use the Punjabi language as their mother tongue My boyfriend is punjabi and I am mexican, we have been together for 4 years now. Last year I was invited to his cousin's marriage, it was a great experience for me because I always wanted to go to an indian wedding. Jaggo was one of my favorite parts of the whole 4 days experience

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