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The Jukskei River flowing through Morninghill has become contaminated due to sewage resulting from a blockage in the river and leaving residents upset. Morninghill resident Gwen Doran said she noticed the deterioration of the river since last year May. Plz mark me as brainliest Jukskei River were mainly above 0.5 mg/l and nitrate concentrations were above 3 mg/l (Table 1.1). In 1996, the average turbidity in the Jukskei River upstream of Alexandra Township was fivefold higher than that measured downstream of the township (Campbell 1996). High nutrient concentrations in the Jukskei River have been blamed for th Jukskei river in Alexandra Catchment and river management in Gauteng Challenges created by the Department of Water and Annexures of questionnaires and interviews conducted should be included. Research/Grade 12 10 GDE/2020 STEP NINE Submissio to Jukskei river. 5 . Figure. 4: Dumped waste in the Jukskei river include pl astics; paper; disposal baby napkins; dead bodies of animals and tins 6 . Figure. 5: Dumping site and wood storage on roofs 7 . Figure. 6: City park bringing awareness of water pollution and an entertainment . area alongside the Jukskei river.

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NB: Choose the river/stream closest to your school as an area of study AND conduct your research by following the steps outlined below: Step 1: Formulate the hypothesis: Human activities impact negatively on the quality of water and the flow pattern in the section of the Vaal River passing the town of Parys the river will revert to a more youthful stage with all the characteristics of a young river. Rejuvenated River: A Rejuvenated River is a course of flowing water with a gradient that is raised by the earth's movement. An example of a river that was old then rejuvenated into one with 6 L. Immoor 2006 Geoteach.co officials and questionnaires handed to 40 of Jika Joe informal settlement residents who were selected using random sampling. The study was conducted on Jika Joe informal settlement in Pietermaritzburg, which is associated with a number of environmental challenges. Themes were used which focusse

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2. Pollution profile of the upper Jukskei River. Three tests were used to profile the Jukskei River, two measuring pollution and one the health of the river. VisualTracker is a structured observation of the condition of the water, recording colour, opacity, smell, foaming and overall appearance as a single index numbe We have nowhere else to go, say Alex residents living on Jukskei River banks. Residents say while they know they face danger on a daily basis, living on the banks of the river is the only option. Effects Of Water Pollution In The Jukskei River. The aim of this research project is to research the sources and concentrations of water pollution, such as nitrates, phosphates, pH level, e-coli and surfactants, in the Jukskei River. Water will be tested particularly in the area of the river in and around Alexandra Township, Johannesburg Overloading in informal settlements, hostels and along the banks of the Jukskei river make living conditions stressful, unhealthy and dangerous. The unplanned nature and the overpopulated ground usage, has forced some settlers to build informal housing below the flood line of the Jukskei River and in some instances on unsafe slopes. According. Along the path, lies human excrement and dumped food. Pollution along the banks of the Jukskei river in Alexandra. (Ntwaagae Seleka) Here, people share their living quarters with massive rats. The rodents show no fear of the residents as they scavenge among the food that has been thrown out. Those rats are part of us, although they make us sick

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  1. The survey was conducted in old Alexandra - part of the township on the western side of the Jukskei River - as well as a section called K206, which is described as a new development
  2. Water for the Future is an NGO working to rehabilitate the Jukskei river through green technology, art and community participation. Johannesburg, South Africa (31 March 2021) - Starting at its source, exciting efforts to clean up the Jukskei River in downtown Johannesburg are gathering momentum - assisted by a range of organisations, including SRK Consulting
  3. Methods of Data Collection- Primary and Secondary Data . There are two types of data Primary Data and Secondary Data → 1.Primary Data → Raw data or primary data is a term for data collected at source. This type of information is obtained directly from first hand sources by means of surveys, observations and experimentation and not subjected to any processing or manipulation and also called.
  4. The Jukskei cleanup has three main thrusts, says Nay. The first is to prevent flooding of the river, the second is to improve water quality, and the third is to improve the aesthetic aspects of.
  5. > Jukskei River Click on the map to display elevation . Jukskei River, Sandton, City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality, Gauteng, 1610, RSA ( -26.14761 28.13036

2.Clean up rivers. If you live near a river that has a lot of trash in it, you should get more involved in your community and clean the water. Organize trash-collection from water sources. If you see garbage on the banks of rivers, pick it up and encourage other people from your community to do the same Courtesy #DStv403. JOHANNESBURG - Two Johannesburg women will have to explain to the police how two other women drowned during a traditional ritual in the Jukskei River on Saturday morning. Police. The pipes connect to a main drainage system that empties into the Jukskei River (Owusu-Asante, 2009). The current setup's major problem is the merging of sewage and grey-water drainage systems. Consequently, backlogs are created within the sewage systems and by the time they are emptied into the river, the amount of pollution build up is. The township of Alexandra (Alex) was established in 1912 and is close to the center of Johannesburg. It covers an area of over 800 ha (including east bank) and its infrastructure was designed for a population of about 70,000. Current population estimates vary widely and have been put at figures ranging from 180,000 to 750,000 The river water is used for domestic purposes, agriculture, industrial usage. But interestingly this river water is the prime source of water pollution. Due to the flux of industrial waste, the rise in automobiles oil usage, and growth in population, the rivers are subjected to a great deal of pollution

The Jukskei River burst its banks in Alexandra, and left at least 130 people homeless. Two people have died and one child from the area is still missing. #Floods Residents from Alexandra recover.

WITNESS: Cleaning up the iconic but highly polluted

WITNESS: Cleaning up the iconic but highly polluted

We have nowhere else to go, say Alex residents living on

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