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  1. From a biblical perspective, the wilderness is where a lot of people die, but it is also the place where a lot of people have accelerated spiritual growth, because of the high spiritual protein foods God serves in the wilderness. A Table in the Wilderness PPT 1 Today I want to talk about a table in the wilderness
  2. This sermon looks at another type of wilderness experience, one of our own making. King David's Story of Sin and Redemption 2 Samuel 11:1-5 In this series, we're looking at five OT characters who experienced the wilderness in their lives, both physically and spiritually
  3. In spiritual terms, the wilderness offers retreat from the mundane things of life, where; in the quietness; the deeper things of God and man, can be sought, and discovered. It is a place to return from, in order to undertake particular tasks; and a place to return to, when further resource is needed
  4. Wright notes, Wilderness has been used in Christian writing as an image for the dark side of the spiritual journey. Conversion, baptism, faith—a rich sense of the presence and love of God, of vocation and sonship; and then, the wilderness. The spiritual desert wilderness is harsh, wild, and uncontrollable
  5. The spiritual wilderness feels differently for different people — for some, it is a place of intense and devastating loss; for others it is associated with feelings of emptiness, weariness and listlessness. The experience can last for days or for years

The temptation of Jesus offers a clear example of this principle. We know that the devil came to Jesus in the wilderness, tempting him to turn away from the path of obedience to his Heavenly Father. Luke 4:1 tells us that Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the desert. I would like to suggest 5 thoughts through this sermon, on the manner in which we should respond in these challenging periods of our life. 1. Accept that God is with you in the wilderness. In Numbers 10:11-13, it says that God led the people into the desert of Paran. Yes, God led them We eat and eat, and gradually neglect the host. Eyes lower from heaven to earth. Spiritual senses dull. Desires for other things begin to choke the word ( Mark 4:19 ). In moments like these, it is one of God's severe mercies to deal with us as he dealt with Israel, and to send us into the wilderness Jesus said to the disciples in Mark 6:31-35, Come ye apart into a desert place and rest a while. (KJV) Isaiah 35 teaches about coming out of the wilderness.. This chapter teaches that Jesus has the ability to re-activate your life. He can turn your life around again. The first thing He gives you is a promise

The Wilderness Experience. Then, as the LORD our God commanded us, we set out through all that vast and dreadful desert that you have seen (Deut. 1:19). All believers in the Lord share a common experience. The Apostle Paul relates how all of our forefathers were under the cloud, and how they all passed through the sea (1 Cor. 10-1-3) In I Corinthians 10:4 this makes it abundantly clear that there is a spiritual source supplying our needs. I Corinthians 10:4 And all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. Christ draws upon this in John 6, that He is the true bread, the true food that came down from. The Lord who saved will save still. The one who put our feet on the path is going to bring us through the wilderness all the way home at the end one day. That was the lesson. But isn't it easy to sing the songs like the song Israel sang, and hear the sermons, and even repeat the truths ourselves without learning the lesson Wilderness times are those times when we feel we are tested to our limits, and we describe those times in wilderness terms: dry, desolate, lonely, trying, difficult, agonizing. We speak of hunger, thirst, and longing in the wilderness. This series explores this difficult spiritual territory. We first recognize that wilderness time is a time for. Wonders of the Wilderness,Dena Johnson Martin - Read more about spiritual life growth, Christian living, and faith. Joshua told the people, Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do.

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  1. Pastor Grant's Sermon Notes Sermons by Pastor Ian Grant Spong. Life's Wilderness Experiences Intro . Straying from the straight and narrow can be a spiritual wilderness. A sudden illness or injury can be a health wilderness. What do we do in wilderness experiences? They are times to slow down and wait for the mighty hand of God
  2. Let us identify spiritual wildernesses and see them for what they are. 1. God induced wildernesses. 2. Self induced wildernesses. 3. Enemy induced wildernesses. God induced wildernesses. Mat 4:1Then was Jesus led up of the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil
  3. Facing Our Wilderness with Jesus: My Sermon on the First Sunday in Lent. The Spirit immediately drove [Jesus] out into the wilderness. He was in the wilderness forty days, tempted by Satan; and he was with the wild beasts; and the angels waited on him. Mark 1:12-13. The wilderness that Jesus was driven into in today's gospel reading was not a.
  4. SERMON SERIES SURVIVING THE WILDERNESS You either learn life lessons or you will repeat the same mistakes and remain locked in the wilderness. The Old Testament book of Numbers is the historic saga of how Israel wandered for years in the desert facing the prospects of survival or death. The spiritual lessons they learned there will help.
  5. The Meaning of the Wilderness. May 31, 2015 by Juliana Weber. Man of Sorrows, by William Dyce, 1860. It is characteristic of God in Scripture to lead chosen people into the isolation and barrenness of the wilderness or desert. 1 In general, the idea of nomadic life as morally pure and urban life as corrupt is thematic. 2 This makes for an.
  6. Jesus in the wilderness did not try to escape from his 40-day experience. In fact, that he was led into this experience by the Spirit suggests that there was a larger, divine plan in it. In the wilderness, the songs that used to move you no longer move you. You worship and feel nothing. Sermons are stale and dry

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Here are 7 Things We Can Learn from the Israelites' Wandering Years in the Desert: 1. The way to our promised land is not always easy, in fact, it rarely is. But it's worth it. When Pharaoh let the people go, God didn't lead them on the road that made the most sense Sermon 'The benefits of wilderness' 10 March 2019 Vanessa Herrick . Page 2 of 3 Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil (Luke 4:1) The first Sunday in Lent is, classically, the Sunday when we look at Jesus experience o where the spiritual church is treated of, which though inhabited and cultivated is called relatively a wilderness; for it is said, judgment shall dwell in the wilderness and righteousness in Carmel. That a wilderness denotes a comparatively obscure state, is plain from these passages by its being called a wilderness and also a forest ; and very. In I Corinthians 10:4 this makes it abundantly clear that there is a spiritual source supplying our needs. I Corinthians 10:4 And all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them, and that Rock was Christ. Christ draws upon this in John 6, that He is the true bread, the true food that came down from.

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Spiritual Wilderness Adventure. Many Christians copy Jesus' example of fasting ( Mark 1:13) taking time during Lent. A day to fast is good any time of year, but before Resurrection Sunday especially. Jesus' wilderness experience set us an example of spiritual survival, encouraging us to also take times apart to meditate 1-the wilderness sermon 2-salvation 3-the enemy said 4-blessed are these 5-woe to these 6-moses exhorts the people and warns them 7-why did these things happen? 8-spiritual warfare 9-a summary of the temptations in the wilderness. 1-the wilderness sermon

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COMING OUT OF EGYPT. Last night, we kept The Night To Be Much Remembered, which is the night that ancient Israel left Egypt. It's funny, but I woke up around 3:30, and it popped into my mind, that if I had been alive, back in those days, that I would probably be heading out of Egypt right about then A lifetime hiker and camper, suffocated from books and buildings, he had returned to the source of his first spiritual feelings, to wilderness. Yet he feels torn, as a rabbi in training, between his need to be out of doors, to have a deep and direct experience of awe and wonder — and his conflicted and conflicting commitment to deep and. Sermon on wilderness experiences. ²And thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee these forty years in the wilderness, to humble thee, and to prove thee, to know what was in thine heart, whether thou wouldest keep his commandments, or no. Every Christian faces wilderness experience. Your wilderness experiences may be. Are you in a life wilderness right now? Searching for signs of life, but finding yourself on a path that's been worn down by those that have come before you? Are you weary with the reality of your current circumstances? YOU are not alone. What if the wilderness you've found yourself in wasn't leaving your somewhere, but instead was leading you somewhere

This is the primary wilderness experience that gives our metaphorical wilderness experiences their name. We sometimes feel far from God, spiritually dry, or that our prayers are hitting the ceiling, so to speak. We may feel a sort of spiritual depression, and find it difficult to find the joy of the Lord. Some, during this time, experience a. Gifts of the Wilderness. W ilderness seasons are bewildering and lonely. Sometimes it's easy to identify how you arrived in a desolate place—down paths with names like Diagnosis, or Loss, or. By definition you have to be in the wilderness first. Then and only then can God set a table for you. Before we leave this topic, let us remember that our Lord was led by the Spirit into the wilderness. There he experienced great temptation from the devil but came out of it empowered by the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1-14) SERMON ARCHIVES. Be really slow to speak, because the tongue is untamable. Like a small spark that has the potential to scorch an entire green forest, our tongues are untamable with the power to control our whole bodies. We have a tool that can be used to build up those around us or tear them down with just a few words The Great Pyramid of Giza. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The Lighthouse of Alexandria. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The Statue of Zeus at Olympia. The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus. I remember being a grade school student and being absolutely enamored by the vision of the third wonder - The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

History of Hymns: Come Out the Wilderness. The United Methodist Hymnal, No. 416. Growing up in a black Catholic church, I was very familiar with singing spirituals. We sang Every Time I Feel the Spirit, Wade in the Water, and Steal Away to Jesus. Come Out the Wilderness was not a spiritual that was prayed in my. In Noah's time it rained 40 days and 40 nights. In Moses' time, after thinking he could save Israel his way, Moses fled to and lived in Midian for 40 years, returning to deliver Israel God's way. Also, after rejecting the idea that the Promised Land was theirs for the taking, Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years, until all those who. Lesson 1: The Wilderness Test. Deuteronomy 8:2-2. By: Michael Wiltcher. The word wilderness is defined as a desert place; a place uncultivated or lived in; a state of disorder. Wildernesses are places of difficulties, pressures, insufficient resources, and oppositions. However, while God's testing may be universal, it's left up to our. personal growth, and hitting a spiritual plateau on any or all issues one faces are just a few examples that exist of spiritual wilderness experiences that take place internally. Lessons learned in the wilderness are valuable to the growth and success of leaders God chooses to use in powerful ways. It is often in the wilderness where Go

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  1. The third stage of spiritual development is when you don't just know the doctrine, you know the God who revealed the doctrine. You've begun to plumb the depths of the character of God. This is when your life becomes an experience of worship. This is when it's not just warfare about the doctrine
  2. Spiritual Practices for the Wilderness: Labyrinth. March 4, 2021. Lori Leopold. Studies and Groups. Our supplementary Lenten series for 2021 presents a broad range of spiritual practices. The YouTube video for this week is below. Each one will tie in to Sunday's Lectionary Passage
  3. March 14, 2021 Sermon. Return from the Wilderness: Greed. 1st Scripture Reading - Proverbs 1:19, 28:25. 1:19 Such is the end of all who are greedy for gain; it takes away the life of its possessors. 28:25 The greedy person stirs up strife, but whoever trusts in the Lord will be enriched. 2nd Scripture Reading - Luke 12:13-21
  4. Text Sermons : ~Other Speakers S-Z : Daniel Steele : SPIRITUAL DARKNESS. Open as PDF. Pastors who closely question their church-members find many of them walking in darkness, the natural environment of all unbelievers and backsliders. It is unnatural for the true believer in Christ. With a double negative in the original, he declares, John 8:12.
  5. It seems as though God would show us that spiritual food and spiritual rest must go together. The Sabbath is the type of the peace that passeth understanding. The people that are feeding on Christ, are having Sabbath rest; such people are not agitated by the troubles of life, but can stand the tempests of evil, and the trials of life and not be.
  6. A message from the series Exodus: The Road to New Life. A spiritual blind spot is those important biblical truths/lessons that a Christian believer ought to understand. Spiritual blind spots are those biblical principles that believers do not give attention to that they ought to give attention. This week at Imprint Church in Woodinville, our sermon covered Exodus 16-17 as part of our Road.
  7. Sermons. Audio Podcasts. Rely on what you KNOW from the Word, and not on momentary feelings when you are in spiritual wilderness. God's silence is NOT God's absence. Like a teacher is silent during a test, God is quiet while you are in the midst of a test. During a physical test in a class, one must rely on what was already learned and.

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  1. Sermons. One of the top priorities for pastors is preaching powerful sermons. Week to week, you create sermons to connect your church with God's Word and to disciple them to a closer relationship with Him. However, finding fresh ideas for sermons each and every week of the year can be a challenge. Some weeks your focus may be on other areas.
  2. When Moses went up the mountain to receive the 10 Commandments and was gone a long time, the people got tired of waiting and built a golden calf to worship. They turned away from God. On other occasions when God didn't provide for them like they wanted, some were quick to say, Let's go back to Egypt.
  3. A Spiritual Eye Exam (15 of 23) The Greatest Sermon Ever Preached Ken Trivette Matthew 6:22-23 Outline 1. PROPER EYESIGHT A) Light Brings Visibility B) Light Brings Vitality 2. POOR EYESIGHT A) A Divided Life B) A Deprived Life C) A Darkened Life 1) I read about a woman who went to see her doctor. Looking very worried she said, Doctor, when I woke up this morning, I looked at myself in the.
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My goal in preaching it is help you to stop wandering around in the wilderness and to enter into your Canaanland of spiritual victory. This first chapter serves as something of an introduction to the book and from its verses, I would like to speak for a while this morning on this message, Canaanland Is Our Land In Mark's account of Jesus' baptism, the Holy Spirit descends on Jesus like a dove. Then after Jesus hears that he is the beloved son, that same spirit drives him into the wilderness for forty days to be tempted by Satan, and to let him live with the dangers of wild beasts. However, Mark also tells us that Jesus was waited on by angels for those same forty days Out of the Wilderness. I Am Worthy. May 9, 2021 | Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross & Rev. Mindie Moore Other Sermons in this Series. 5/9/2021. Traditional. I Am Worthy. Rev. Nicole Caldwell-Gross & Rev. Mindie Moore Rev. Rob Fuquay. Message . 4/26/2021. Traditional. Holding Onto the Good. Rev. Rob Fuquay. Message . 4/18/2021. Traditional.

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The spiritual and physical wilderness is something that Jesus experienced as Satan tried to tempt Him with every extreme he could offer. It was a time of testing and even preparation, for from this wilderness Jesus then stepped forward into a life that changed the world forever Wilderness is a place, in biblical rhetoric, where there are no viable life support systems. Grace is the occupying generosity of God that redefines the place. The wonder bread, as a gesture of divine grace, re-characterizes the wilderness that Israel now discovered to be a place of viable life, made viable by the generous inclination. Listen to this Sermon. They spoke against God, saying, 'Can God spread a table in the desert?' (Psalm 78:19). No, he can't. God can't set a table in the wilderness. Foolish question. The wilderness is where you go to die. So the answer is no. God can't set a table in the wilderness. Or if he can, he won't

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A Voice Crying in the Wilderness (A sermon from John 1:6-8, 19-28) The wilderness theme throughout the biblical tradition is multi-layered and rich in meaning. It has both negative and positive overtones. The wilderness can be a place of failure and collapse. But it can also be a place of renewal and restoration This sermon series examines the signs of God's presence and guidance in the wilderness. The forty year journey of the children of Israel in the wilderness mirrors the uncertainty of the pandemic journey we find ourselves in today. Wilderness seasons bring scarce resources, difficult grief, political upheaval, and fear, but they teach us how. Spiritual development as a wilderness benefit has received little attention and study, in part because spiritual experiences are intensely personal, often Jay Hansford C. Vest, The Philosophical Significance of Wilderness Solitude, 9 ENVTL

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And the title of the sermon this morning is The Tabernacle in the Wilderness: Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worldly sanctuary—one down here. For there was a tabernacle made; the first, wherein was the candlestick, and the table, and the showbread: which is called the sanctuary—the Holy Place Leave Home, Get Baptized, Go to the Wilderness - A Sermon on Mark 1:9-15, Lent 1B. The collect and readings for the First Sunday in Lent may be found here . The following sermon is based on Mark 1:9-15

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1. This is our fourth sermon. We've already covered Abraham, Moses and Noah. 2. Today we are talking about Israel in the wilderness. 3. 2Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that all Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for equipping us to live in this world. But surely some Scripture is especially profitable for teaching us to live in this world Spiritual renewal has always come in on the heels of a renewed reverence This feast commemorated the wilderness wanderings after being delivered from Egypt. c. It was to be a time of celebration and rejoicing. 2. When the leaders discovered this truth, they led the people to observe Sermon Outline From Dr. David Clar Spiritual growth is basic to the life of a believer just as physical growth is basic to the life of a physical person. And God commands us to grow. There's really nothing more tragic than a stunted believer, than a Christian who has passed a long time in his spiritual experience without coming to maturity

Listen to a Sermon. In addition to hearing the word of God in the local church to which you belong, search out a reliable pastor and listen to a sermon or two during the week Sermon: Spiritual Practices: The Courage to Change John the baptizer appeared in the wilderness, proclaiming a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. And people from the whole Judean countryside and all the people of Jerusalem were going out to him, and were baptized by him in the river Jordan, confessing their sins.. Deuteronomy 26:1-11 and Luke 4:1-13 Lenten Sermon Series: Experiencing Lent Experiencing Wilderness On Wednesday, our congregation marked the entry into a new liturgical season. As we received a smudge of ash on our hands or foreheads, we remembered our mortality and that one day we will return to God. As we prayed and meditated, w Sermon Topic Wilderness Experience. Sermon Week Thirty-First Sunday in Ordinary Time Cycle C. Scripture Summary Luke 19:10. Keywords. Salvation; Indifference; Tax-collectors; Luke begins the fifteenth chapter of his Gospel by telling us that the pharisees and others were murmuring against Jesus, saying, This man receives sinners and eats with them (Lk. 15:2)

Psalm 78:17 also notes that the Israelites rebelled against God in the wilderness. And Hebrews warns readers, Do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, in the day of trial in the. The wilderness is a horrible place, but honestly it has brought the best out of those that are in there. My church secretary has got a mess to get out of, she is deep in the wilderness reliving her childhood and all the mistakes of her life. A friend of mine is also in the wilderness and the scary thing is that he is a new believer Sermons For Lent And Easter. Lent comes to our lives every springtime. Lent is the promise. of new life in nature following the drabness of winter. In the. seventh century the church set the period of Lent at 40 days. (excluding Sundays) in order to remind Christians of the length. of time Jesus spent in the wilderness following his baptism by

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A Sermon Outline By BILL PRATER VICTORY IN JESUS Joshua 1:1-18 Two books later, in the book of Numbers, we see the children of Israel in the wilderness. They spent over 40 years in the wilderness which was located between Egypt and Canaan. The wilderness was better than Egypt but it was not as Think of the one spiritual victory that you. My goal in preaching it is help you to stop wandering around in the wilderness and to enter into your Canaan Land of spiritual victory. It is my desire to help our church move past the pain and problems of the past into the peace and power of the Lord's rest

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sermon: Wilderness Wandering (Part One) A Foundation For Our Pilgrimage. John W. Ritenbaugh. Given 23-Apr-11; Sermon #1043; 66 minutes. Description: ( show) We will be battling the sin residing within us for the rest of our lives. Satan, the primary slave owner, tries to control us with the residue of his spirit Sermon: When God Stirs. Matthew 3:1-12. When God Stirs. James Sledge December 4, 2016. I wonder if I would have gone out to see John the Baptist, or would I have missed him entirely? It's not like you could bump into him by accident. He wasn't any place I ever lived, not the city, the suburbs, or even out in the rural countryside Pages Community Organization Religious Organization Assyrian Church of the East - Diocese of Victoria and New Zealand Videos Preaching: Spiritual Nourishment in the Wilderness Voice in the Wilderness —John the Baptizer, the New Elijah. The 40th chapter of Isaiah is very beautiful. It is a poem about the time and coming of Christ (Isaiah 40:1-11), followed by an exhortation to recognize him as the likeness and true image of Almighty God (Isaiah 40:12-31, Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3).The first part foretells a voice calling to prepare the way for the coming of. The election sermons dealt with public themes, especially with the covenant relationship between the Puritan colony and its God. In this most famous of election sermons, Danforth reminds his audience that they are on an errand into the wilderness—a mission to establish pure Chrisitanity in the new world

Two Wilderness Incidents. by Charles H. Spurgeon on April 7, 2021. No. 3214-56:433. A Sermon Delivered On Thursday Evening, July 30, 1863, By C. H. Spurgeon, At The Metropolitan Tabernacle, Newington. A Sermon Published On Thursday, September 8, 1910. And when King Arad the Canaanite, who lived in the south, heard that Israel came by the way of. View Video Sermon. March 14, 2021. The last year has been a journey into a wilderness of uncertainty, fear, and isolation for all of us. But in the larger story of Scripture we discover we are not the first people to wander around in the wilderness of uncertainty. What if every spiritual breakthrough involved some time in the wilderness Wilderness (304 Occurrences) This word is used of the wilderness of Beersheba (Genesis 21:14), on the southern border of Palestine; the wilderness of the Red Sea (Exodus 13:18); of Shur (15 /w/wilderness.htm - 43k. Zin (9 Occurrences)... A low palm-tree, the south-eastern corner of the desert et-Tih, the wilderness of Paran, between the Gulf of Akabah and the head of the Wady Guraiyeh.

So some may be living in a financial wilderness of their own making because of disobedience. There are only two wildernesses in life - one is God-made while the other is man-made. Jesus entered a God-made wilderness when he was led to be tempted by the devil. His wilderness was a general trial of faith and not a financial one Spiritual Pulse: Sermons, Poetry, and Musings from a South Carolina Pastor Sunday, March 5, 2017. presence and provision as we draw near to God throughout our forty days and nights of Lent just as Jesus did in the wilderness. Lastly, spiritual boot camp pushes us out of our comfort zones to be honest about the temptations in life. We are.

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Preaching is many things, but Scripture clearly indicates preaching is an act of spiritual warfare. In Ephesians 6, Paul used warfare imagery to describe the Christian life. The final piece of armor described was the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God (vs. 17). The same image is used to describe Scripture in the book of Hebrews In essence, he posits that the wilderness is a place where God provides, protects, and gives His people power over the enemies that try to destroy them. Pastor Dorsey sees the cross of Jesus glowing from the text of Exodus 17 and he preaches the power of the cross! Be encouraged as you rely on the provision, protection, and power of God that. DEEP - Distant. [This series of sermons explores some of the challenges people face in their spirituality. This sermon Distant is third in a series of four sermons] Psalm 63:1-8. This week I discovered I have a serious mental disorder. It turns out I have PSTD: Post Synod Tiredness Disorder. The previous week saw the Synod of the.

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Sermon Dialogues: Online: 04/18/20: Lessons from the Wilderness: Ryan Cummings: Wanderings in the Wilderness: Sun AM Worship: 04/14/20: God the Father: Matt Salyer: Mid-Week Exhortations: Online: 04/11/20: Listen to Him: Dan Lankford: Sermon Dialogues: Online: 04/11/20: Grumbling in the Wilderness: Ryan Cummings: Wanderings in the Wilderness. THE SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS OF AMERICA. Dr. W. A. Criswell. Psalm 9:17. 9-1-76s . I would suppose, that by the assignment of this topic to me today, that we are sort of bringing our thoughts and our prayers in the conference to this bicentennial celebration, the 200 th birthday of America. So the assigned title, as Dr. McCall said, is The Spiritual Foundations of America Preaching on Spiritual Warfare. Pastors are shepherds who need to teach their flocks how to protect themselves against wolves, both human and demonic. Pastors should be a model of standing strong in the Lord in the face of spiritual attack and oppression. My many years of preaching, teaching, writing and witnessing have taught me that the more. I want to begin today's sermon, which is the first sermon in my summer series called Memorable Biblical Meals, by mentioning the Lord's Prayer, also called the Model Prayer. Whatever you call it, it is a prayer attributed to Jesus and apparently was intended to be an example of one kind of prayer he demonstrated when somebody asked.

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A. Come to celebrate. Lay aside your troubles, your anxieties, your fears, and your cares. Celebrate God's gift of mercy and grace; God's touch of forgiveness; God's power to lift you out of the slimy pits of life; God's provision to set you on firm footing. Sing a new song. Sing a hymn of praise and all ate the same spiritual food (v. 3). By spiritual food, Paul means manna, the miraculous food with which God fed Israel during their wilderness journey (Exodus 16). and all drank the same spiritual drink. For they drank of a spiritual rock that followed them, and the rock was Christ (v. 4). By spiritual rock, Paul. Bearing Spiritual Fruit (Sermon Only) June 27, 2021 Pastor : John Molenaar. Passage: John 15:1-8. Service Type: Sunday Morning. Going Through the Wilderness (Full Service) June 20, 2021 Pastor : John Molenaar. Passage: Exodus 16. Service Type: Sunday Morning. Going Through the Wilderness (Sermon Only) June 20, 2021.

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From the blessing to the battle. Luke 4:1-2 set the scene as Jesus is led into the wilderness. 1. Into the Wilderness (Luke 4:1-2a) Luke 4:1. Then Jesus, being filled with the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit into the wilderness, Jesus has just been baptized by John in the Jordan River Diliman Church of the Nazarene was live. June 26 at 7:11 PM ·. June 27 2021 DCN Virtual Worship Service. Sermon Title: Managing Spiritual Erosion. Text: Mark 6:45-46. Speaker: Rev. RF Gandia. 355 Views Subscribe and we'll send you one email every week with the latest sermon series ideas Sermon on Temptation - A Way of Escape. Short sermon outline by G. E. Watkins regarding the matter of temptation and the Christian's ability to overcome it. Introduction: 1 Cor. 10:13 [ Beginning of this sermon on temptation ] 1. What do we say to those who cry, I don't know if I can live the Christian life

Sermon: March 10, 2019 – First Evangelical Lutheran Church