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FinishLynx is the world's most popular and powerful digital photo-finish and sports timing software. When combined with an EtherLynx photo-finish camera, FinishLynx produces time-stamped results images (accurate to .001 or greater) for world-class fully automatic timing.The FinishLynx software also allows users to interface with an endless combination of cameras, scoreboards, and other 3rd. Hy-Tek FinishLynx Functions. ClockWork ® Sport track timing controls connect to your PC with a three meter hard-wired USB cord and have immediate compatibility with Hy-Tek and FinishLynx. No software or drivers are needed. These control panels are also fully customizable. Hy-Tek and FinishLynx functions are easily added, removed, or relocated.

Tutorial Videos for System Setup & Configuration. Here you will find a collection of support videos to help guide you through the FinishLynx timing system learning process. If you haven't already, please visit part 1 of our setup guide to ensure you have the proper Quick-Start Guides and software updates ready to go We are a HyTek Authorized Independent Timing Contractor and a FinishLynx timing company. We use FinishLynx to capture race results to the 1/1000th of a second. HyTek Meet Manager - industry-leading, highly configurable meet management software that keeps your meet data organized and secure 2. use an ethernet lan connection. The problem with this is usually file permissions. All computers must be on the same homegroup if there are various versions of Window like XP and 7. Rob is available to consult on these issues. Email him at rob@ our domain name (see the url). This entry was posted in FinishLynx FAT. Bookmark the permalink. ResulTV is a digital display and graphic generation program that produces live results from FinishLynx timing systems. The Windows-based software allows FinishLynx operators to produce scalable result graphics for output on any compatible graphic display or scoreboard. The ResulTV software can even produce high-quality dynamic images suitable for live broadcast television or internet video.

Make all checks to Half-Mile Timing, Inc. This is a big discount from having a specific training at your school for the two programs (usually over $1000 for both) We will be covering: Hy-Tek: template setup, data entry, seeding, and results for Hy-Tek. Finishlynx: setup, alignment tips, image quality, evaluation From Flash Timing, click the menu icon ( ) in the top left, and then click Configure Meet. Under Scoring Options, select your meet management software as Hy-Tek Meet Manager. Click the Select Scoring Folder button and navigate to the folder you selected for your meet files when you configured Run Meet Local Open Meet Manager and go to Run. Select Interfaces > Setup > Photo Finish. . Select FinishLnyx File Sharing and click OK. Select Interfaces > Photo Finish - FinishLynx File Sharing Mode > Update Start Lists. Select correct session, check Activate update of start lists option, and press OK. Note: Change Data Location can be set if needed

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Whether your event is a 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon, endurance run, triathlon, or track or cross country requiring HyTek or FinishLynx, we've got you covered. Tortoise & Hare Race Management provides timing and race management services throughout Wisconsin, The UP, Minnesota, The Dakotas, and Washington The FinishLynx Timing system can be set up in a number of configurations. The easiest configuration is the single-system setup where timing and evaluation is done on a single system. Another popular configuration is a two-computer environment. Here one system is used as the capture system - it is connected to the camera an

FinishLynx Tips and Tricks: recover from a missed start time. Posted on March 16, 2015 by Michiana Timing. Occasionally a start time is missed on the system. For a championship meet, the event should be recalled, but for many other events, a hand time could suffice. Hytek Certified Independent Timing Contractors RM Systems Chip Timers. FinishLynx - A World Leader in Photo-Finish Cameras & Fully Automatic Sports Timing Systems Customize Your Timing Package With Hy-Tek- Click Here to view products. Complete Your Timing Package With RPM's Timing Mounts and Accessories- Click Here. Request a Quote- Click Here. 0 / Previous Next. Pause Play Close. Brian has experience as a FinishLynx operator and as a Hytek operator. brian@michianatiming.com Others. We use about a dozen other people on a regular basis. Each brings different talents to the table, but they range from experts in multi-camera, multi-finish line FinishLynx set-ups to chip timing specialists Showing Live Qualifiers Using HyTek (hand timing or non-FinishLynx FAT system) In order to show live qualifiers when using HyTek, you must upload results heat-by-heat. You may use HyTek FTP uploads or a HyTek database connection in order to accomplish this Lucie Adams, Finish Line Maven Matt Bumgardner, FinishLynx Photo Finish Judge Bill Corbett, FinishLynx Operator Kathy Corbett, Timing Chip Logistics Ron Yuen, Engineer Tim Wilson, Engineer Craig Wilson, HyTek MM, RunScore, FinishLynx, IPICO chip timing

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FinishLynx Photofinish Timing Cameras. For schools and clubs that use the HyTek Meet Manager system for their results, GC Racing's FinishLynx camera system integrates easily with the HyTek system creating a fully electronic timing, scoring, and meet management system Crescent City Timing Corp. is a full service event & race. management company providing customized timing solutions for Cross Country, Track & Field, and road racing events. Founded in 2007, Crescent City Timing applies. the latest in sports timing technology to all levels of competition

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  1. FinishLynx Training Many schools buy a FinishLynx System and then store it long enough that they don't know where it is stored on their campus. Others use it for a few meets or a few years and then slowly forget the tips and tricks
  2. g (FAT). Operating our FinishLynx FAT camera we are able to electronically capture the starting gun and then generate an accurate time for each athlete at the finish using the patented time sequenced FinishLynx photo at up to 1000 frames per second
  3. g News. 2021 PVAMU Relays March 26-27 Featuring World Class Athletes Follow the results live at AthleticLIVE. MEET MANAGEMENT. JW Ti

First Call Timing was founded in June 2010 by three track enthusiasts. With a mission of providing quality track and field experiences to competitors, coaches, and spectators, we are focused on making our services available to under-served audiences/organizations Question. What equipment do I need to operate my track system? Environment. Product Family: Control System, Timing Product: Standard Video, Track Timing and Control System Components: OmniSport 2000, All Sport 5000, FinishLynx, Hy-Tek Meet Manager, FlashTiming Control System: Show Control System Answer/Steps To make sure your system is ready for track season, first make sure you have each. Jira Timing Services provides Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) and results for any College, Varsity, Junior High, USATF, or AAU level track and field meet. We use the latest timing technology on the market supported by FinishLynx and Hy-Tek's Meet Manager systems to provide fast, accurate live results. The Jira timing crew have over 40 years of.

FinishLynx FinishLynx creates result text files with the extension .lif.In the CC/RR Module, click Times and then click Read Times and you will be able to select any .lif file. The results will be imported into both the Times module and the Ranks module. If splits are in the result file, they will be imported, but only if there are competitor numbers included in the file Meet database management using Hy-Tek Meet Manager or MeetPro including entry import, performance lists, seeding, meet program copy, integration with FinishLynx timing capture, scoring, and all results reports including printed copy and online posting. Cross Country Open Meet Manager and go to Run Select Interfaces > Setup > Photo Finish Select FinishLnyx Serial Interface and click OK Select Interfaces > Photo Finish - FinishLynx Serial Mode > Open/Close Serial Port In Photo Finish (0-16): field enter correct Port Number and click OK Note: See Open the Correct Port (Timing Console Interface) to select correct Port Numbe Servant Spirit Timing Services uses Finishlynx Digital Timing Cameras and Software to produce Fully Automatic Results of Track Meets. Cross Country Timing/Scoring SSTS uses IPICO reusable shoe lace timing chips, combined with FinishLynx Digital Cameras, Micrograph Displays, and Hytek Software to administer, time, and score Cross Country Meets

Ken started out timing Westminster Academy home track meets in 2001 using the newly purchased Finishlynx Etherlynx 2000 color camera system, integrated with Hytek Meet Management software. Visiting schools soon began to inquire about his services for their home track meets, and business began to bloom Timers and Meet Directors. Provide a superior results experience and live mobile scoreboards to your meets. Works with HyTek, Meetpro, FinishLynx, EagleEye, Flash Timing, AthleticFIELD, and FieldLynx Overview. Upgrade Today: Track & Field Meet Manager 6.0 Meet Manager for Track & Field (TFMM) can run any track meet in the world and run it well. Powering meets across 100 different countries, our track software's user-friendly features are intuitive and flexible, built to save the valuable time of organizers like you

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  1. g and meet management available for track and field/cross country meets
  2. g The Generic Network File Sharing Interface is designed to exchange data through a file sharing interface with IST, Take Your Mark, ALGE Timy, SST Ti
  3. g Staff. John Dixon-Founder, FinishLynx Operator, HyTek, MeetPro, RaceTab, Race Director . Employed by DyeStat and Ad
  4. g and Meet Manager Personnel . Dan Passen - President, Head Timer/Finishlynx/Hy-Tek Operator. Phi Ly - Vice President, Finishlynx Timer, Scoreboard Designer, & Software Wizard . Cade Spearman - Senior Finishlynx Timer/Hy-Tek Operator, Scoreboards Pam Passen - Hy-Tek Operator. Ben Vail V- Senior Finishlynx Timer. Tabitha McCostlin - Finishlynx Timer/Hy-Tek Operato
  5. g by using one running clock. All eight separate finish buttons can be connected to the Sprint 8. Eight separate finish buttons record finishes and the timer's large memory stores it all. The eight finish buttons can be assigned to a lane or an individual as needed. The Sprint 8 has a built in printer that.
  6. g. Lynx System Developers is the maker of FinishLynx digital photo finish technology and produces fully automatic ti
  7. g for events of all types and sizes throughout the US. We have a wealth of experience in ti

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  1. g solution for your track meets. The website is undergoing some updates, the cart and on-line payment are unavailable at this time, please call 1-877-437-3885 to place your order
  2. g's Everything provides support for all local High Schools, Colleges, & Clubs throughout the greater Bay Area and Northern California. Ti
  3. g company and can provide both chip and tear-tag ti
  4. This how to video gives visual instruction on how to connect the control room equipment for Track Systems which use a Daktronics Message Center Display. Con..

The name SMART is an acronym for Superior Management and Advanced Race Technology.. With multiple race timing systems at our disposal, we provide the technology needed to capture, analyze and report on the finish of athletes competing in developmental, qualifying and championship events - middle and high schools, collegiate, park and recreation, invitationals, and USATF and AAU events Hytek's Meet Manager. To publish results for a particular event in Hytek's Meet Manager, access the Run menu, and open the event you'd like to publish. Once the event is open, press the F12 key. The blue status bar in the middle of the screen will display Sending Event Result to Web. When the upload finishes, the message will disappear FinishLynx Timing System: We use the latest FinishLynx Pro camera for the best in high-speed, high-resolution, photo-finish timing. It is the gold standard for high precision results. The FinishLynx camera is accurate to .001 of a second so is extremely useful for sprints and track meets. ACTIVE/HY-TEK: We use Active/Hy-Tek Meet Manager.

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  1. g of events and results display for a every level of competition. Our client base includes colleges\universities (i.e
  2. g is a company dedicated to providing the most accurate results possible for your event. We take care of making sure all data recording is taken care of so that sports event coordinators worry about their athletes, and athletes worry about nothing but their performance
  3. g equipment (FINISHLYNX system), IPICO Trasponder ti

IPICO chip timing with reusable shoe tags or disposable bib tags (Elite and Lite systems) Integration of IPICO chip timing and FinishLynx with RunScore software or HyTek Meet Manager Lap counting or split times using FinishLynx laptime feature Real-time Live Cross Country Scoreboard that reports results moments after the image is marked We are an approved and certified Hy-Tek Authorized Independent Timing Contractor (ITC) for Track & Field and use Hy-Tek's Meet Manager 6.0 as our meet management program to interface with our FinishLynx timing software. We can even interface with your meet management program such as Apple Raceberry JaM, Sydex, LynxPad or MeetPro to interface. Using HyTek Meet Management software we can also provide online results. In addition, we can assist in the planning and organization of your event. If you already have a timing system, we can help you setup your equipment; FinishLynx, ResultTV, Hytek, RaceTab, as well as configure your meet management software and provide advise on how you can. Royal Results is a Hy-Tek certified Independent Timing Contractor which uses Hy-Tek's Meet Manager and FinishLynx® photo finish timing system for complete automatic results processing. The meet management software provides all heats and flights using predetermined seeding formulas and prints out heat and flight sheets for judges to use for. Eagle Eye Timing (5) Customized Competitor Numbers (3) Multi-Lane Timers (3) Hytek (2) Raceclock Displays (2) Starting Devices (2) Stands (2) Custom Record Boards and Accessories (1) FinishLynx Systems (1) Lap Counters (1) FieldLynx Software (1) Facilities & Track Fixtures (45) Throwing Cages (10) Vault Boxes (7) In-Ground Equipment (6) Toe.

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The Timing Crew, LCC is owned and operated by OHSAA licensed officials, with extensive experience in both Hy-Tek scoring and FinishLynx FAT, as well as other aspects of meet management. Several area schools own and operate their own FinishLynx and Hy-Tek equipment, and may be available for your meet as well on a more limited basis Timing Services - 2 independent FinishLynx timing systems plus running time display for your event. Support for multiple finishlines (up to 4). EXPERIENCED personnel to perform Hy-Tek Meet Manager duties. In addition, DTG now offers the IPICO chip system for cross country and road race timing

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Eagle Eye Pro Timing 3000. $ 1,450.00 - $ 17,392.75. Dual Vision Timing System with Line scan and High Speed Video. Options. Choose an option Standard Pro 3000 Silver Pro 3000 Gold Pro 3000 Platinum Pro 3000 Add Computer. Clear. Eagle Eye Pro Timing 3000 quantity. Add to wishlist. Add to cart It was also during this time that Terry & Erik discovered FinishLynx®. Many of the VYC clubs had begun using a FAT timing device which used video cameras to capture time. This was a great improvement from the watch or Chronomix methods but it created other issues such as lots of video tape, VCR's, edit stations, and the manual process of. The staff has been timing events since 1986. They started with the old Accutrack system and followed technology and the progression of timing systems up to the current FinishLynx timing system accompanied by HyTek Meet Manager; as well as ChronoTrack and RunScore

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We paid $99 for the interface program through hytek and after each race all we do is press F3 and the times go into hytek from finishlynx. All we have to type in is the field events We have had a finishlynx timing system since 2009 and we use it at every home meet Get 15% off with code Triangle -. With over 10 years experience timing track meets across the United States and the world, Triangle Timing can provide fast and accurate results and meet management solutions with the use of: FinishLynx Photofinish Cameras. Hy-tek Meet Manager. Live Results To create a meet, go to the File menu and click New.. There you will see the four methods of file creation. Click New Meet to create an empty meet. After you click New Meet you will be prompted to enter the file name and location for this meet. The default location is a MeetPro directory located in your Documents folder

IPICO timing systems are used around the world at events ranging in size from less than 100 to many thousands, including the London Marathon, BolderBoulder 10k, Nike Women's Marathon, US Olympic Team Trials, and many more. The IPICO system in conjunction with Finishlynx timing software is the most accurate timing system in the world FieldLynx is a FinishLynx-compatible software application for the scoring and administration of field events in athletics (track & field). The FieldLynx software connects with your meet management software and allows operators to access athlete listings, score events, and instantly upload results to any computers or scoreboards on the. Track Scoreboards. In addition to producing reliable displays, Daktronics is the expert when it comes to interfacing and compatibility. Control the content on your display with the easy-to-use Daktronics OmniSport® 2000 push button timer, FinishLynx® photo-finish timing equipment, or Hy-Tek's® MEET MANAGER track results software Father Timing is a full-service track and field management company based out of Alexandria, VA. At Father Timing we utilize the latest technology from FinishLynx and Hy-Tek Sports. Father Timing, LLC was founded in 2012 with the goal to help area schools with track & field meet management, timing and results at an affordable price ClockWork ® Sport track timing controls connect to your PC with a three meter hard-wired USB cord and have immediate compatibility with Hy-Tek and FinishLynx. No software or drivers are needed. These control panels are also fully customizable. Hy-Tek and FinishLynx functions are easily added, removed, or relocated on the board with our free.

Supported Button Finish Timing Systems. The following is a complete list of cross country/ road race button finish timing systems compatible with Meet Manager. AccuChip Timing. Chronomix 737. ClassFive Timing Interface. DAG Chip Text File. Daktronics Omnisport 2000. FinishLynx File Sharing. IPICO Sports Chip Timing Product description. ClockWork Sport track timing controls connect to your PC with a three meter hard-wired USB cord and have immediate compatibility with Hy-Tek and FinishLynx. No software or drivers are needed. These control panels are also fully customizable The INTERFACE for Photo Finish Timing FinishLynx, Omega Hawk Eye, MacFinish, FlashTiming, Eagle Eye: $295.00: The INTERFACE for Button Finish Timing Check the Catalog or Sales Office for a list of supported devices: $99.00: Field Event INTERFACE (FieldLynx and Swiss TFP) $99.00: Alpha Scoreboard INTERFACE to display Names and Result

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  7. Networking computers for use with FinishLynx and HyTek Meet Manager can be challenging considering all the protections now built into the Windows operating system. Below is a list of adjustments that can be made in Windows 10 to make FinishLynx and RunScore/HyTek a little easier to use

Go to Set-Up > Timing Console Interface > Hy-Tek's Timing Console Interface > select Quantum-AQ. 6. When ready to start the meet, go to Run > Interfaces > Timer (QAQF) > Download Events to QAQF. 7. Locate the quantum.sch file (created and placed in the shared data location) 8 ClockWork Sport track timing controls connect to your PC with a three meter hard-wired USB cord and have immediate compatibility with Hy-Tek and FinishLynx. No software or drivers are needed. These control panels are also fully customizable If you use FinishLynx, TimerHub can send event results and cross country scores to your users while the results are read off the FinishLynx image. After results are compiled with HyTek Meet Manager or RunScore, TimerHub reads information from your website and reports the results in web and mobile formats to your users Since 2007, Red Cap Timing has used a multi-computer approach that integrates FinishLynx and HyTek Meet Manager seamlessly so we can capture results of running events rapidly, evaluate the results while other events are in progress, sort out changes in entries on the fly, enter field event results remotely, and summarize data efficiently 5 north timing Meet database management using Hy-Tek Meet Manager or MeetPro including entry import, performance lists, seeding, meet program copy, integration with FinishLynx timing capture, scoring, and all results reports including printed copy and online posting Fair-Play Works With FinishLynx Software. FinishLynx is the world's most popular and powerful digital photo finish and sports timing software. When combined with an EtherLynx photo-finish camera, FinishLynx produces time-stamped results images (accurate to .001 or greater) for world-class fully automatic timing