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To ask the court to dismiss your small claims case, file a Request for Dismissal (Form CIV-110).Click to learn more about dismissing a small claims case and to get instructions.. In some local courts, when you file your claim (Form SC-100), you also get a local form called Declaration of Military Status/Request for Dismissal Small Claims Forms. The forms can be filled in on the computer. Either use your mouse or the tab key on your keyboard to place the cursor where you want to fill in information. When you are finished, you can print your completed form. Or, you may print out a blank form and fill it in by hand.. The small claims section is a court in which you can sue a person or business (the defendant) to collect a small amount of money that you believe is owed to you. The procedures in small claims are simpler than in other courts, persons usually can file and present their cases relatively quickly and inexpensively, and often without an attorney Small Claims Forms. Below are links to forms used in small claims cases. Other forms are available on the California Judical Council web site and at www.turbocourt.com. Small Claims Packet - How to File a Small Claims Case PKT-019 (Rev: 12/20

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Conciliation / Small Claims Court Please go to the Conciliation / Small Claims Court Help Topics page to learn more about what forms you may need and find other resources related to this topic. Forms in this category are now available as Fillable Smart Forms This form may be used to open a Small Claims case when the Plaintiff is requesting to have the filing fees waived. The Plaintiff must e-file within the same filing envelope, their Small Claims Complaint that includes a copy of the Demand Letter and Proof of Mailing the demand letter by certified return receipt mail over 10 days ago The dollar limit varies from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on local rules. You can contact the clerk of court in your county to find out your local small claims court limit. If you are requesting more than the limit, up to $25,000, your case must be filed in district court. If you are requesting more than $25,000, your case must be filed in.

  1. This information can help you decide if small claims is right for you, show you how to resolve your case without going to court, and more. Please Note: New legislation allows landlords to file a small claims action for unpaid rent for amounts that exceed jurisdictional limits, beginning on August 1, 2021. For more information, see Tenant and.
  2. To prepare a claim, you need to fill out court forms that include a Plaintiff's Claim (Form SC-100). These forms tell the court and the person or business you want to sue about your claim. To fill out your papers: Read Information for the Plaintiff (Small Claims) (Form SC-100-INFO) Get help from your court's small claims adviso
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  1. Small Claims Forms: The forms in the Small Claims Forms list below can be filed only in Small Claims cases. You can see civil forms that can be filed in Small Claims in the Civil Forms to Use in Small Claims Cases list. JD-CL-012: Appearance Form (How-To Slidecast) Small_Claims: Rev. 09/13: CL012.pdf: JD-CL-012
  2. Small claim suits cannot exceed $3,500. All cases are heard by either a judge or hearing officer, who then makes a decision. The decision is final and binding on both parties. There is no right to a jury trial or an appeal in small claims cases. Arizona Rules of Small Claims Procedure apply
  3. A small claims case is a civil action for a money judgment in which the amount of damages is $6,500 or less. An action for forcible entry and detainer arising out of a landlord tenant dispute can be brought in small claims court. In small claims court, cases are tried before a judge, not a jury
  4. Small Claims Subcategories. These standard instructions are for informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice about your case. If you choose to represent yourself, you are bound by the same rules and procedures as an attorney. Small Claims Court handles only certain cases per §13-6-403, C.R.S. 13-6-403
  5. 10533 - Form A - Small Claims Complaint-Motor Vehicle 10534 - Form B - Small Claims Summons: 10151: How to Sue in Small Claims Court Up to $3,000 - Non-Motor Vehicle. Cómo demandar por un máximo de $3,000 en el Tribunal de Reclamaciones de Menor Cuantía - Casos que no sean de vehículos motorizados españo
  6. Small claims court is a simple, speedy and informal court process in which the plaintiff (the person suing) is seeking a money judgment of $6,000 or less. Parties involved in small claims cases often represent themselves but they may also hire an attorney. Small claims court is a session of the District Court
  7. Small Claims. Small claims courts provide a simple, informal and inexpensive option for resolving cases where the claim is $7,000 or less. You may only bring a small claim in the court for the location where either the plaintiff or the defendant lives or has a place of business or employment. A small claim against a landlord over an apartment.

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  1. Small claims forms. Small claims processes in B.C. have changed. Effective December 21, 2020, the requirement for a party to provide a signature on small claims forms (with a few exceptions), has changed. You will now be able to sign any form which includes the statement (can be signed electronically) after the form's name with one of the.
  2. Small Claims Filing Options. File at Home. E-filing of Plaintiff's Claim and Order form SC-100 only. File at Home - Small Claims; E-Filing of other Small Claims documents. Upload and filing, in pdf format, of other forms such as Application for Guardian Ad Litem, Declarations, Miscellaneous (such as Defendant's Claim and Order form SC-120)may be done through Electronic Filing Service.
  3. Small Claims Writ and Notice of Suit (form JD-CV-40). These instructions are to help you correctly fill out each section of the . Small Claims Writ and Notice of Suit. For more information, get a copy of . How Small Claims Court Works (form JDP-CV-45) from the Clerk's Office or from our website at
  4. Instructions. JDF 248 - Small Claims Instructions Download PDF 07/13 Forms. JDF 91 - Motion for Entry of Judgment on Stipulation Download PDF Download Word Document Revised 04/18 JDF 108 - Pattern Interrogatories Under CRCP 369 (g) - Business Download PDF Download Word Document Revised 03/18 JDF 111 - Satisfaction of Judgment (Full or Partial.
  5. in Small Claims. This set of forms is used in the small claims division of district court. The forms must be filed in the district court. See also indexes for general and general civil forms which are used as appropriate. (6/19) version cannot be used after 12/31/2020
  6. The forms available on this site are generic and may be accepted by courts statewide. Please note that each court might have their own preferred forms. You can visit AZCourtHelp.org for more information about court-specific forms. Form Title: Form No. Instructions: Small Claims Checklist for Plaintiff : LJSC00002I: Small Claims Case.

Small Claims; Traffic Forms; Small Claims. Count = 9. Form Number: Name: Revised: C-10A: Notice That Affidavit of Substantial Hardship Has Been Granted: 10/8/2019: C-10-Civil: Affidavit of Substantial Hardship and Order - Civil: 1/21/2020: SM-01 Small Claims Forms. To proceed with your case, you must fill out the proper forms. They must be filed with the court and then served on the party you are suing. While court staff can answer general questions, they cannot give you advice or tell you what answers to provide in the forms Small Claims Filing. Form FI-05: Confidential Case Filing Information Sheet - Non-Domestic Relations. Supporting Documentation: Case Types List Party Types List. Form SC40: Petition Small Claims Court. (Optional) Form 112: Motion for Order Appointing Special Process Server

Forms. See Small Claims Instructions for what you need to file your Small Claims case. To request a Small Claims Forms by mail, please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Small Claims Division, 400 McAllister St., San Francisco, CA 94102. The Small Claims Packet with envelope weighs 3 ounces Small Claims is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively. The rules are simple and informal. If you choose to have the defendant(s) personally served, you must file a properly completed Proof of Service form with the court at least 5 days before the hearing date Start your Commercial Small Claim by completing and filing the Complaint Form (DC283) Consumer Transaction Commercial Small Claims are Commercial Small Claims where a business or corporation can sue for up to $5000 against an individual, not a business, and the claim is about goods or services that were mainly for personal, family or household use

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Small claims court provides a prompt and inexpensive way to resolve minor disputes. Legal procedures are held to a minimum and lawyers may not participate. Small claims court is a division of county court and the hearings are conducted by a county judge. Small claims court is limited to civil (non-criminal) actions involving disputes over amounts of money owed, damage to property, or seeking. There are four basic steps to starting a small claims case: File a Complaint form (DC-CV-001) with the court. Pay the filing fee. Check the District Court's Civil Cost Schedule (DCA-109) for fees. The court will issue a Writ of Summons to officially notify the other side (called the defendant) that a suit has been filed Small Claims. Small claims court is an informal court which allows people to sue for small losses of money or property. The procedures are simple enough that an individual can file and handle his or her own claim in court. The current limit set by law for small claims actions is $12,000 or less (SDCL 16-12C-13). To start the process, please.

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The claim can be for no more than $20,000 excluding statutory interest and court costs but including attorney fees, if any. Governed by Rules 500 - 507 of Part V of the Rules of Civil Procedure. Small Claims Form (PDF Find Small Claims Court Forms The forms needed to process a case properly. To help ensure a small claims case is handled to your satisfaction, you may need to fill out a small claims court form. For example, if you have trouble affording filing fees, you can fill out a motion to waive those fees The small claims complaint form is filed with the court along with a copy of the mailed demand letter and proof that the demand letter was mailed via certified mail. These are the only documents required and filed to open a case. The complaint must be served on the defendant after a trial date has been entered on the summons at the bottom of. Small Claims forms and instructions are included in the Small Claims Packet, which is available to download free of charge, or you can also purchase a Small Claims Packet by visiting the Clerk's Office for $15.00 Small Claims Forms and Law FORMS: Small Claims forms are available online, in person, or can be requested by mail from any of the above locations. LAWS: Code of Civil Procedure (Small Claims Sections 116.210-116.950) California Rules of Court for Small Claims (Rule 3.2100-3.2120) Superior Court of Orange County Local Rules of Court (Rule 341-348

Small Claims Forms. Affidavit and Order for Final Judgment of Possession by Default (Revised 3-2017) View the PDF. Affidavit and Order for Judgment by Default (Revised 9-2020) View the PDF. Affidavit of Service (Revised 4-2018) View the PDF Click here for an overview of the small claim process. Suing Someone In Small Claims Being Sued in Small Claims Mediation Going to Small Claims Court Case Search ndash Calendar Date Small Claims Forms Small Claims Self Help Videos courtesy of the Civil Law Self Help Center To begin e filing click the following link efilenv Small Claims Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law. Form to use if your case has been settled prior to trial. Small Claims Motion to Dismiss and Order. Subpoena Small Claims Subpoena. Forms for appearing party to complete after trial on non-appearance of opposing party, after a disposition of dismissal or default judgment was entered Formality of Procedure: In small claims court, pleadings and other documents you file with the court are brief and do not need to follow all the conventions required under formal rules. The court also provides forms for small claims court, rather than you having to create your own pleadings from scratch

Small claim forms are located on the right hand pane of this page. Who Can Sue And Be Sued? Any individual may bring a small claims suit for recovery of money only for an amount up to $10,000. Petitioner must be a natural person (i.e. a human individual). In all other cases, the jurisdictional amount is still $5,000 Information for the Small Claims P laintiff (Form SC-100-Info) attached. Attend a workshop or do online research, if you can. 2. Prepare Demand: If possible, write a letter to the defendant asking them to pay you the money that you are owed. If the dispute is regarding property, request that the property be returned to you Jurisdictional Amounts Small Claims Court $8,000.00 or less County Court $8,000.01 - $30,000.00 Circuit Court $30,000.01 and u

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Court Forms. Use the latest version of Acrobat Reader to fill forms. Get a free copy here . Instructions for writing on a form that is not fillable and savable are here. During the Covid-19 outbreak, you may sign a civil court document electronically with /s/ and your name, followed by your address, telephone number, and email address Affidavit and Claim, Small Claims (1/21) Page 2 of 3 Case No. 11. I believe the defendant is is not mentally competent. I believe the defendant is is not 18 years or older. 12. I do not know whether the defendant is in the military service. The defendant is not in the military service. The defendant is in the military service. Signatur Familiarize yourself with small claim court procedures and time limits for filing a claim. Determine the exact amount in dispute. (a) File a claim form and pay the filing fee (Form: Plaintiff's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court, Form SC-100), and (b) if you are a business, file an Authorization to Appear form (SC-109) if appropriate Mail forms and envelope to: Superior Court of California, County of Riverside. Attn: Small Claims Division. Use our court locator to verify the proper court location for filing. Court addresses. eSubmit. You have the option of submitting your paperwork online using our eSubmit process. More information and instructions for eSubmit

This form allows you to sue someone in Small Claims Court. Claims must be $10,000.00 and under. SC-120 - Defendant's Claim and Order to Go to Small Claims Court. This form is for those who are being sued and want to file a countersuit. The lawsuit must be related and you will need the related case number to file this form Internet & Automated Phone Information. Basic information about Small Claims is available on the Small Claims automated phone line at 946-5700. You may also access small claim information and forms through the Clerk of Courts Internet address at www.courtclerk.org.There is also an interactive small claim form that may be filled out on the computer Small Claims. For Lodi Court contact information. For information regarding the hours and services provided by the Pro Per Clinic. Download Small Claims Form Packets. Small Claims Court handles Civil cases asking for $10,000.00 or less. It is a special court where disputes are resolved quickly and inexpensively Small Claims Petition. Small Claims Counterclaim Petition. Small Claims Satisfaction of Judgment. Small Claims Dismissal With and Without Prejudice. Motion for Satisfaction of Judgment. Form 4108 - Application for Trial De Novo. Form 4133 - Bond on Application for Trial De Novo. Appeal of a Denial of a Concealed Carry Permit Small Claims. CHANGES HAVE BEEN MADE TO THE WAUKESHA COUNTY SMALL CLAIMS PROCESS. PLEASE REVIEW: LOCAL RULE 6.2 - WHICH HAS BEEN AMENDED TO REQUIRE DEFENDANTS TO FILE A WRITTEN ANSWER WITH THE COURT ON OR BEFORE THE RETURN DATE. Help Finding What You Need. Small Claims Court is a special kind of Civil Court in which disputes are resolved more quickly and inexpensively and the rules are more.

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Forms and Packets. Packets of forms are available for purchase here for Small Claims, Evictions, and Unlawful Detainer. The packets include instructions for filling out the forms and indicate which forms are required by the judiciary to be filed for a particular type of case Small Claims Complaint. Small Claims Complaint | State of Illinois Office of the Illinois Courts. The following forms have been approved for use by the Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice and are required to be accepted in all Illinois courts. The forms are ADA accessible, and you can handwrite or type into the PDF form

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Small Claims. Tulsa County Court Clerk. Tulsa County Courthouse. 500 South Denver Ave. Room 200. Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103-3832. 918-596-5466 SMALL CLAIMS INFORMATION. Filing a Small Claims Case. When a Small Claims Case Has Been Filed Against You. The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act. Fees for Small Claims. SMALL CLAIMS FORMS. Small Claims Petition for Filing. Affidavit of Military Status of Defendant(s) Defendant's Original Answer Form. Jury Demand Form

The small claims court clerk will supply you with the necessary forms (a summons and a complaint form) to begin the lawsuit. List your name as the plaintiff. You are the person filing the lawsuit. The party you are suing is called the defendant. Make sure you have the correct name and address of the defendant Small Claims Advisory Clinic. Free assistance is available for both the plaintiff and defendant. Location: Room 320 on the third floor in the Carol Miller Justice Center. Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, excluding court holidays. Closed one hour for lunch between 12:00 Noon - 1:00 p.m. Phone: 916-875-7846 Tools & Resources. Overview Conciliation Court is also known as small claims court. It is a specialty court where people can have their cases heard without complicated legal procedures. Generally, claims of $15,000 or less can be filed in Conciliation Court. IMPORTANT: Winning a case in Conciliation Court does not guarantee payment Small Claims. Download the complete rules: A.M. No. 08-8-7-SC: THE 2016 REVISED RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2016. Downloadable Forms: Motion for Execution. Response. Statement of Claim. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ON. THE 2016 REVISED RULES OF PROCEDURE FOR SMALL CLAIMS CASES The most common types of small claims cases are: Claims for money—civil actions where the amount claimed is $10,000 or less, if the actions or proceedings are: For money judgments only. For garnishment of wages (to enforce judgments from funds owed to the debtor) when the amount owed is $10,000 or less

No forms should be altered in any way prior to filing or submission to the Clerk. To Mail Civil Suit Forms: Baton Rouge City Court, Civil Division. P.O. Box 3438. Baton Rouge, LA 70821. Fax Civil Suit forms to the Civil Division at 225-389-5260. Note: All fax filings must follow the Fax Filing Procedures prescribed by La. R.S 13:850 The Small Claims Advisory in San Luis Obispo may assist you with your Small Claims case. You may call (805) 781-5856 or visit their website to obtain their contact information and additional information about court locations, forms and fees, small claims trials and mediation

Important Notice: We encourage you to learn more about Small Claims Court in Maine before using these forms. The Judicial Department offers A Guide to Small Claims Proceedings in the Maine District Court. Here is a list of the forms that are most frequently used in Maine Small Claims Court (see chart below) Small claims cases are typically handled in General Sessions Court. For more information about small claims cases, please contact the court clerk in your county. Click here to locate your county's court clerk. Guidelines and Helpful Information for People with a Case in General Sessions Cour How to take legal action if someone owes you money (small claims court), how much it costs, what happens next. Includes information from withdrawn guidance EX303, EX304, EX306, EX321, EX325 and EX350 Forms. All statewide approved forms are available for Adoptions, Appellate, Civil, Conservatorships, Criminal, Guardianships, Family Law, Juvenile, Name Change, Probate, Small Claims, and Traffic. In addition to forms approved by the State Judicial Council, the Superior Court of Los Angeles offers a variety of local forms listed below The form is also available at the Small Claims clerk's office or you can download the fillable form. Once you complete the form, mail or deliver it to the clerk's office with a check made payable to Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo for the appropriate amount

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Small Claims Court Forms. The Small Claims Court is a special court where you can resolve disputes quickly and. inexpensively. The rules are simple. The hearing is informal. You are not allowed to have a. lawyer with you in court. As an individual, you can use Small Claims Court if your claim is for $10,000 or less Small Claim Forms. Petition - Use this form to begin your small claims case. Statement of Inability - Fill out this form if you are unable to afford the filing or service fees, other court fees, or an appeal bond. Subpoena Request - This form is to request the court to order a witness to come to court for your case Small Claims Forms Small Claims Forms For information regarding Franklin County Municipal Court Operations During COVID-19 Pandemic, click here. Effective July 6, 2021 , All court sessions, including Traffic Arraignments in Courtrooms 1A, 1B, and Eviction Hearings in Courtroom 11B will be heard at the courthouse at 375 South High Street. Form used by the plaintiff in a Small Claims to notify the Court of Full Payment of the claim by the defendant, or Partial Payments received during the pendency of the matter. NHJB-2495-DFPe. (01/01/2018) e-File Only. Objection. This is a generic form used by parties or counsel when filing an objection to a motion Small Claims, Civil Suits, and Eviction Action Forms Online. For your convenience, we have made available the forms listed below. This feature allows you to access forms from your home, work or library PC, fill them out on the computer and bring the completed, printed versions to the correct court along with the filing fee

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Civil Complaint. Note: The civil complaint form is for use in filing small claims. This form is also for use by tenants when filing complaints about landlords. You will need one copy of the civil complaint with original signature for the magisterial district judge. You will be charged filing costs and service costs when the complaint is filed. Harris County Small Claims Court. Limit (or Jurisdiction) of Small Claims Court. You cannot demand or ask for more than $10,000 in a small claims court case. (Government Code 28.093). Another restriction of small claims court is that a plaintiff can only seek monetary relief (an award of money). You are unable to seek injunctive or equitable. A deputy clerk may be able to assist you with the filing of a small claims suit. Forms are available in Room 137 of the Miami-Dade County Courthouse and at district court locations. You may need an attorney to assist you on all other matters. Fee schedules and additional information are available at those locations or by calling 305-275-1155

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The Court provides the necessary forms with detailed information and instructions. Click on the links below to view the forms: CVSCPK1 - Small Claims Plaintiff Packet The Court also has a webpage to start the small claims process online. To start a small claims case on the website, click here: Small Claims E-File A Small Claims suit may be started by: 1.Purchasing a Small Claims Affidavit form or downloading the form in its entirety ( link to SCAO forms ) 2.Completing the Affidavit (every line and box must be completed) 3.Filing the Affidavit along with the appropriate filing and service fees on the 2 nd Floor Civil Division, 36 th District Court 421. The Stanislaus County Small Claims Advisor provides general assistance on small claims forms, procedures and common small claims issues. The advisor can explain your options, help you understand and fill out small claims forms and offer suggestions about how to prepare your case or defense. The advisor cannot represent you at your hearing Forms and Filing. To begin a small claim proceeding, you must file a claim form (CC 4:1) with the clerk of the county court. The form is available at the county court or by clicking on the form link above. You may fill-in the form online, write in the information on a form at the court, or you may take it with you and have a lawyer or anyone.

In addition, you must provide either a completed Information for Service of Small Claims Action form (CAO SC 2-2) for service on an individual or a completed Information for Service of Small Claims Action on a Business form (CAO SC 2-2B) if the Defendant is a business. If you are are e-filing, the Marshal's Office $25 service fee is not. Everett Division Small Claims Transfer. Pursuant to an administrative order issued by the Presiding Judge, any smalls claims filed in the Everett Division will be automatically transferred to either the Cascade Division or the Evergreen Division.. Who Can Sue & Be Sued. Any individual may bring a small claims suit for recovery of money where the amount claimed does not exceed $10,000

SMALL CLAIMS OVERVIEW FOR PLAINTIFF . 1. Small Claims: The small claims process is an inexpensive, quick, and informal way to resolve civil disputes up to $3,500, plus court costs. You must sue for a monetary amount. You cannot sue the defendant related to an item, for example a boat or a dog. Be aware tha Small Claims Forms Dane County requires certain information to be on the Small Claims Summons and Complaint form, SC-500. Dane County has made filing of this document easier by providing paper filers form SC-500 with the required information already added to the form

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Small Claims Information (Small Claims Information - 391.pdf - 256.9 KBs) Affidavit As To Defendant's Default In Stipulation Of Payment Revised 01/22/2020 (Affidavit As To Defendants Default in Stipulation of Payment - 111.pdf - 2.2 MBs) Court Disposition Form (Court Disposition Form - 164 09-08-2015.pdf - 2.5 MBs Small Claims Small Claims Forms Small Claims A small claim is a legal action filed in County Court to settle minor legal disputes among parties where the dollar amount involved is no greater than $8,000, excluding costs, interest, and attorney fees Small Claims. Reno Justice Court is currently open to the public for in-person access. Members of the public are required to wear a mask while on the premises of Reno Justice Court unless they present documentation that they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 Small Claims Resources. Our Small Claims Self-Help pages have extensive information on filing, collecting, and mediation options, as well as information on the difference between Civil Court and Small Claims Court.. You can contact the Small Claims Advisor if you have a specific question.. Calendar and case information for Small Claims cases (as well as other case types) is available from the.

These forms and instructions are not a complete statement of the law. They cover basic procedures, if you have complicated issues or questions about the law, talk to a lawyer. Contact the Oregon State Bar at 503-684-3763 or toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-7636 or go to www.oregonstatebar.org for more information and help finding a lawyer. Court. The Small Claims Division was established to help people handle Small Claims cases of $5,000.00 or less, with or without an attorney. The law allows court clerks for this case type only, to assist you in filling out all forms and pleadings necessary for the presentation of your claim or counterclaim Small Claims Definition. The Clerk of the Magistrate Court can provide you with the necessary forms and help with the electronic filing process in Suite TG-100. The Clerk cannot give any legal advice, such as whom to sue or whether or not you will win Small Claims Basics. Monetary Limits for Small Claims Court: The amount in dispute may not exceed $10,000 for a natural person. If you are filing on behalf of a business the limit of your claim may not exceed $5,000. You may file as many claims as you wish for up to $2,500 in small claims court but are limited to 2 claims for up to $5,000 each. Small Claims Brochure : 12/2020: CLICK HERE for more information on Small Claims filed in the District Court. DC-CV-001 : Complaint/Application and Affidavit in Support of Judgment : 07/01/2021: Need help filling out court forms? Maryland Guide & File is a web-based tool that helps fill out court forms

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AZTurboCourt is an option for filling out small claims forms. The forms will auto populate with the information provided. You can then print them off and submit them to a Justice Court in your area. Small Claim Forms. document 01. Summons Listen. document 02. Complaint Listen. document 03 Small Claims forms cannot be filed by fax. If you want to file a small claim and you are a business or corporation that operates or does business under a fictitious name (doing business as or dba) you must complete Judicial Council form SC-103 , Fictitious Business Name form and file it with you claim form

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Small Claims. The Small Claims Court is the division of District Court that handles certain disputes between two or more parties. These cases are decided by a judge in an informal manner. The Small Claims Court hears your case if: The amount disputed doesn't exceed $5,000. Or, in a counterclaim, no more than $40,000 is requested California Courts Online Self Help Center. California Department of Consumer Affairs. Quick Instruction Sheet for filing a Small Claims Case in Placer County. Placer County Small Claims Advisor: 530-823-1019. This is a voicemail-based system. Leave a message and they will call you back. It can sometimes take a few days if they are very busy AOC-1027 AOC-1027, Verification of Compliance with CARES Act, is no longer available. Pursuant to Kentucky Supreme Court Administrative Order 2021-07, the AOC-1027 is no longer required to accompany eviction filings and has been removed from this Legal Forms page