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  1. LMDh was announced on the eve of last year's Daytona 24 Hours IMSA series-opener as a category for both the North American series and the WEC
  2. In other words, WEC needed LMDh entries more than IMSA needed Hypercars. It was also anticipated that the IMSA would allow LMDh cars a year or two of Hypercar-free competition before even.
  3. Related Topics featured IMSA FIA WEC LMDh LMH. John Dagys. John Dagys is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sportscar365. Dagys spent eight years as a motorsports correspondent for FOXSports.com.

LMDh was announced on the eve of last year's Daytona 24 Hours IMSA series-opener as a category for both the North American series and the WEC.. But it was left open whether the LMH machinery that. LMDh was announced on the eve of last year's Daytona 24 Hours IMSA series-opener as a category for both the North American series and the WEC. But it was left open whether the LMH machinery that has come on stream in the WEC this season would be allowed to race against LMDh prototypes at the front of the field in IMSA

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The restrictions on LMDh prototypes are the same in IMSA as they are in the WEC. The minimum weight is 1,030 kg and the drive train may not deliver more than 500 kW of power. The wheelbase is set at 3,150 mm, and maximum width and length at 2000 mm and 5100 mm respectively. Under the hood, a spec hybrid unit is set to be used together with a. The LMDh factory race programme will be based at Penske's headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, but it has yet to be revealed from where it will mastermind the WEC campaign. Porsche also. Porsche also plans to have LMDh customer cars in both the WEC and IMSA in 2023. As of 2023, Porsche will compete in the major endurance racing series. Our intention is to support and shape the. A busy day at Le Mans saw the promised release of final details of the technical regulations for the LMDh prototypes, set to form the core of the future top class for IMSA, and to sit alongside the 2021 LMH cars as a combined top class in the FIA WEC. That combined class is set [ In 2023, cars adhering to LMDh specifications will be able to race the same car in both IMSA and the WEC, which means that IMSA LMDh cars will be able to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. The cars.

In the FIA WEC the class will be known as 'Hypercar', the class name encompassing both the LMDh cars and the Le Mans Hypercars introduced from the 2021 season - cars built to both sets of regulations will be subject to a single balance of performance process. Chassis In what will be a transitional 2021 WEC season, Alpine will enter with a grandfathered LMP1 car before potentially building their own LMDh in 2022 or 2023. The Rebellion R13 Gibson, which raced for part of last season, will be run by the Signatech team, which has taken LMP2 class honours at Le Mans in three of the last four seasons Porsche confirms IMSA, WEC LMDh programs. By Marshall Pruett December 15, 2020 3:01 PM. Porsche will reconvene its endurance racing battle with sister brand Audi in 2023 when the new LMDh prototype formula makes its debut. While far from a surprise, the confirmation of Porsche's return to top-tier prototype competition in LMDh lends another.

Fillon: WEC doesn't want to postpone LMDh There are no plans to delay the introduction of the LMDh rules in the WEC, according to the president of the Automobile Club de l'Ouest, Pierre Fillon. We do not want to postpone the arrival of LMDh, said Fillon, who also suggested that there could be LMDh cars on the WEC grid as early as the middle. McLaren Racing boss Zak Brown has described the LMDh rules that will be used in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship from 2022 onwards as 'very. Porsche LMDh prototype set for Le Mans, WEC, IMSA in 2023. By: Gary Watkins. Dec 15, 2020, 11:01 PM. Porsche will return to the Le Mans 24 Hours with an LMDh prototype in 2023 as part of a dual assault on the FIA World Endurance Championship and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship

Technical Details Confirmed for LMH, LMDh Convergence

  1. The next major step in the introduction of LMDh prototypes to the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans was taken today on the eve of this weekend's 88th running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  2. Thanks to FIA WEC and IMSA officials. This will create a great show for the fans around the world. We are very looking forward to step in prototype racing again. In addition to approving new regulations for LMH and LMDh, the Council also confirmed that existing LMP2 technical regulations will remain in place until the end of 2023
  3. Porsche Motorsport and Team Penske have agreed to collaborate closely in fielding a new LMDh vehicle, commencing in 2023. The successful US team will work together with the experts from Weissach to run factory entries in the FIA WEC World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the North American IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship (IWSC)

Le Mans Hypercars will be able to compete in IMSA as part

LMDh cars, using a standard Bosch hybrid system with bodywork and a powertrain designed by a manufacturer, will be eligible to compete in the WEC against the Le Mans Hypercars that will debut at. The ACO's WEC Hypercar category will be merged with IMSA's new DPi platforms, creating a new top class of endurance racing; LMDh. On the Friday of the 2020 Rolex 24 at Daytona, IMSA, the ACO and the FIA held a joint press conference where they announced the joining of their top classes, including both WEC Hypercar and the new DPi platforms An LMDh (Le Mans Daytona h) is the type of sports prototype race car that will be used as the top class of the FIA World Endurance Championship, alongside the Le Mans Hypercars, and will also serve as the top class of the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.The LMDh regulations were created jointly by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA), the Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO. Fearful of LMDh Prototypes, Aston Martin Puts the WEC Hypercar Program On Hold. Not that long ago, the Automobile Club de l'Ouest announced that the 2020-2021 FIA World Endurance Championship. Related Topics featured IMSA Audi FIA WEC LMDh. Daniel Lloyd. Daniel Lloyd is a UK-based reporter for Sportscar365, covering the FIA World Endurance Championship,.

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Le Mans Hypercar and LMDh platform. The Hypercar (LMH) platform is a prototype, derived from an existing, road legal hypercar (at least 20 units) or vice versa. Toyota, for instance, will market a hypercar, based on their LMH prototype. The LMDh platform should be common to many teams, and exclusively built by Dallara, Oreca, Multimatic or Ligier LMDh is a dagger to the heart for purists, but if it brings close racing, multiple manufacturers and competitive privateers, I can assure you that the vast majority of the 250,000 attending the only race that really matters in top class sportscar racing will not care one jot that beneath the meat, many of the animals share the same skeleton

Porsche, Penske unite to run new LMDh prototype in WEC, IMS

Team Penske, Porsche Joining Forces for IMSA, WEC, Le Mans

Porsche's LMDh prototype will compete in the FIA WEC and the IMSA and will tip the scales around 1000 kg with a power output of 670 bhp Speaking on the announcement, Oliver Blume, CEO at Porsche AG said, The new LMDh category allows us to fight for overall victories with a hybrid system at the Le Mans, Daytona and Sebring classics - without. The LMDh concept, and rules convergence between the FIA WEC and IMSA championships is unprecedented, and Multimatic's commitment to the new model is all-in. The collaboration has already proven to be seamless and the enthusiasm of the team is palpable in every meeting IMSA&WEC:LMDh規則の詳細発表。. ハイブリッドシステム供給メーカーも明らかに. ACOフランス西部自動車クラブ、およびアメリカでスポーツ.

LMDh Regulations Finalised , WEC To Adopt 'HyperCar' For

  1. Porsche confirms Multimatic as chassis supplier for LMDh prototype in FIA WEC, IMSA championships. In Cars, International News, Motorsports, Porsche / By Mick Chan / 21 May 2021 6:31 pm / 0 comments
  2. Finalized in 2020, the Le Mans Daytona h (LMDh) regulations will spawn cars eligible to race in both the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. Merging.
  3. LMDh was announced by IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) and ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest), which sanctions the 24 Hours of Le Mans, in early 2020, and in the WEC the class will.
  4. g up with Penske to run a two-pronged, transatlantic endurance entry in both IMSA and WEC, Porsche's LMDh is really co
  5. From 2023, the LMDh cars will make up a new top class in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the North American IMSA WeatherTech Sportscar Championship. LMDh stands for Le Mans Daytona Hybrid, resulting from the uniform regulations for the FIA WEC World Endurance Championship, with the 24h of Le Mans as the season highlight, as well.

motorsport.com - The 2021 WEC regulations introduces two new types of car, the Le Mans Hypercar, or LMH and the Le Mans Daytona h, or LMDh. In this video, we break Short for Le Mans Daytona hybrid, LMDh is a new category that will become the top prototype class for both the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the WEC. The cars will race alongside the. Welcome to endurance racing, welcome to our world. Season 9 marks the start of a fresh new era for the FIA World Endurance Championship, with the arrival of the all-new Hypercar category. Six rounds across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, will make up the 2021 calendar

The LMDh concept and rules convergence between the FIA WEC and IMSA championships is unprecedented, and Multimatic's commitment to the new model is all in. The collaboration has already proven to be seamless and the enthusiasm of the team is palpable in every meeting. I am equally delighted with the recent Porsche Penske Motorsport. Porsche Motorsport announced approval to begin developing an LMDh prototype to race in the 24-hour events at Daytona and Le Mans starting in 2023 Darüber hinaus werden ab 2022 auch die LMDh in der WEC antreten dürfen. Bei den LMDh handelt es sich um die Nachfolger der aktuellen DPi (Daytona Prototype international). Hier haben Acura, Audi. The class, called Le Mans Daytona h (LMDh), takes inspiration from IMSA's upcoming DPi 2.0 prototype rules as well as ACO's LMP2 cars and Hypercar class. Its formation means manufacturers can. Porsche has announced its partnership with Multimatic to compete in the new hybrid racing class. The prototypes built for racing by the companies will be used in the 2023 FIA World Endurance Championship WEC and the North American IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. The chassis designed by Multimatic will be the basis for the development of Porsche's LMDh prototype

Bei den LMDh wird im WindShear-Kanal in den USA gemessen und homologiert. LMH, die in der IMSA starten sollen, müssen dafür auch im WindShear angeschaut werden. LMDh, die in der WEC fahren. Aunque las 24 Horas de Daytona no forman parte del WEC, el reglamento LMDh al que se quiere acoger BMW permite correr con el mismo coche tanto en IMSA como en Le Mans.Inmediatamente pilotos. One of the reasons why we decided in favor of LMDh was the vehicle's usability in both the IMSA and the WEC, the M CEO said. For BMW M, the U.S. is one of the largest and most important.

Para igualar las prestaciones de los LM Hypercar del WEC (que, teóricamente, desde 2021 sustituirán a los actuales LMP1) y los LMDh 'americanos', se establecerá un Balance of Performance. LMDh is a sort of semi-manufacturer program. Finally uniting the top class of IMSA and WEC, it's set to be the pinnacle of endurance racing, with Porsche, Audi, and Acura all confirmed for the.

Porsche Motorsport are collaborating with the successful Penske outfit for a joint double-car LMDh line-up in the 2023 IMSA and WEC seasons. Porsche are already announced intentions to return to top-tier sportscar racing and the LMDh program from 2023 and join the Hypercar era that has begun in the WEC already.. The LMDh, loosely-based off an LMP2, with have a 680 hp specification hybrid. 由於規劃上的不同,WEC會搶先在2022年啟動LMDh級,IMSA則是在2023年,目前身為IMSA頂級賽的DPi級目前共有Acura、Cadillac與Mazda等3家車廠參賽(LMP2級則是只有Renault集團旗下的Alpine),依據IMSA的評估,2023年可能會有至少9家車廠投入LMDh級賽事(但會不會橫跨歐洲參賽是未知數) Program prototipe LMDh bakal berbasis di markas Penske di Mooresville, Carolina Utara. Namun, belum diketahui di mana lokasi proyek untuk persiapan WEC. Ini adalah hari yang membanggakan bagi kami dan seluruh organisasi Penske 【WEC】Hypercar再添一員 BMW宣布以LMDh模式加入2023年賽場. 在決定退出電動方程式(Formula E)後,BMW將其資源轉移至LMDh賽車,藉此重回耐久賽頂級賽場

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  1. g up once again, as the German marque lays its LMDh cards on the table for the 2023 season. Porsche Penske Motorsport as the venture is to be known will be fielding cars both in IMSA and WEC in less than two years
  2. DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - The highly anticipated future of sports car racing took a major step forward Tuesday with the announcement that Porsche AG will develop an LMDh prototype that can compete in both the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) beginning in 2023. Porsche Motorsport becomes the first manufacturer to officially confirm its intent to.
  3. Porsche and Penske join forces for 2023 WEC return. Porsche has reformed what promises to be a formidable alliance with American motorsport powerhouse Penske for its vaunted return to top-flight.
  4. The hybrid LMDh rules make sense for both the Chevy and Cadillac brands, which are both beginning to branch out more into electrification. All LMDh cars will be based on an existing LMP2 chassis.
  5. ate the WEC over the past few years and allowing the Japanese marque to win Le Mans three years in a row.. So far confirmed as competitors to BMW in LMDh will be; Audi, Porsche and Acura (Honda's North American arm), while the Le Mans Hybrid (LMH.
  6. It is expected the new LMDh regulations would take effect in 2022. Editor's note: Gallery shows Aston Martin Valkyrie. LMDh WEC IMSA endurance racing. load press releas

Being able to fight for overall victories and championship titles with an Audi at the Le Mans 24 Hours, at the Daytona 24 Hours, in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and in the IMSA series is an attractive prospect for many teams. There is already a lot of interest in the new LMDh race car IMSA, ACO Announce Hypercar/LMDh Convergence Rules. July 9, 2021 by Phil Allaway. IMSA and the Automobile Club d'Ouest (ACO) jointly announced Friday (July 9) that they have reached a series of. · BMW M boss confirms 2023 Daytona entry · LMDh racers can compete in IMSA and WEC BMW to enter LMDh prototype racing. BMW took victory at Le Mans with the V12 LMR prototype in 1999 and has been. WEC. 4 mai. 2021 • 16:00. par. lm@endurance-info.com. Porsche Motorsport et Team Penske vont travailler en collaboration sur le programme LMDh qui entrera en action en 2023. L'entité, qui. As opposed to the Hypercar formula that officially debuted at Spa-Francorchamps in the WEC last month, the LMDh formula is designed around cost-containment while also allowing for electrification

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The LMDh concept and rules convergence between the FIA WEC and IMSA championships are unprecedented, and Multimatic's commitment to the new model is all-in. The collaboration has already proved to be seamless and the enthusiasm of the team is palpable in every meeting Le Mans and WEC Hypercar class skins for Studio 397's Cadillac DPi-V.R v1.00 contains: -LM24/WEC skins for: #7 Toyota Gazoo Racing #8 Toyota Gazoo Racing #36 Alpine Endurance Team #708 Glickenhaus Racing #709 Glickenhaus Racing PLUS a bonus two-car team -New UI icons (Thanks to redapg for..

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  1. The program will operate under the name Porsche Penske Motorsport and field two LMDh prototypes in both IMSA and WEC. The contract between Porsche and Penske is a multi-year agreement. We are delighted that we were able to get Team Penske to form this partnership, said Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG
  2. Audi to offer LMDh prototype to customer WEC and IMSA squads in 2023. Audi exited the World Endurance Championship at the end of the 2016 season, concluding its 17-year involvement in Le Mans prototype racing with a
  3. FIA WEC. July 1 at 6:45 AM ·. It all started back in 1971 when Roger Penske was looking for new challenges in the world of sportscar racing. Penske and Porsche will write a new motorsport chapter together from 2023 onwards as they combine to form a new LMDh powerhouse. fiawec.com
  4. Porsche confirms Multimatic as chassis supplier for LMDh prototype in FIA WEC, IWSC championships May 21, 2021 paultan. Porsche has confirmed its collaboration with motorsport constructor and automotive supplier Multimatic for the construction of its Le Mans.
  5. WEC:トヨタはLMH継続の意向。. LMDhの哲学は「我々が探しているものではない」とバセロン. autosport web. トヨタは、2019/2020年シーズンからWEC世界.
  6. FIA世界耐久選手権(WEC)には2021年9月から、IMSAウェザーテック・スポーツカー選手権には2022年1月から、新たなプロトタイプマシンのカテゴリーLMDhが導入されることが発表された。. これにより、IMSAに参戦するマシンがル・マン24時間レースに参戦する.
  7. lmdh規定は、北米のimsaウェザーテック・スポーツカー選手権とwecが今年1月に発表した新たなプロトタイプカーのカテゴリー。 LMP2車両のシャシーをベースとしたマシンで、WEC(2021-2022年シーズンから)とIMSA(2022年から)の両シリーズを戦うことができるよう.

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Acura va a construir su propio LMDh.Honda ha anunciado que su marca de lujo se involucrará en el nuevo reglamento conjunto para el WEC e IMSA, pero de momento no sabemos si ese coche llegará a. BMW to make endurance racing return in 2023 with LMDh racer. BMW will make a return to top-level sports car racing in the new LMDh prototype class in 2023. The Munich firm took victory at Le Mans.

Porsche LMDh prototype set for Le Mans, WEC, IMSA in 202

「lmdh」は今年1月に初めて公にされたルマン24時間レース等が含まれる欧州中心のwecとデイトナ24時間レースが含まれている北米のimsaウェザーテックスポーツカー選手権の双方で使用されることになる新たな共通プラットフォーム Re: LMH vs LmdH. Post. Thu May 06, 2021 7:15 pm. I'm really curious how the LMH is going to beat LMDh. Probably they will have a smaller fueltank and some extra weight during the race to neutralize the hybrid system gains. So the team can spend allot of money on mechanical grip, wear and maybe better energymanagement Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications

After a first visit, back in 2017 with the Prologue, this is going to be the maiden race in Italy for the FIA WEC. See More. FIA WEC. Penske and Porsche will write a new motorsport chapter together from 2023 onwards as they combine to form a new LMDh powerhouse. Penske and Porsche will write a new motorsport chapter together from 2023. Peugeot maintient son retour en FIA WEC pour 2022 mais retarde sa décision entre le LM Hypercar et la nouvelle réglementation LMDh Joined: Sat Nov 06, 2010 1:14 pm. Location: United States. Re: WEC 2020 Tech Regulations - Hypercar Regulations. Post. Tue Jul 06, 2021 1:32 pm. So far the Toyota is the most LMP-like, the Glickenhaus is what I expected a Hypercar to be, and this Peugeot is currently blowing my mind

Le LMDh sostituiranno le DPi (Daytona Prototype international) in IMSA dal 2023, mentre nel WEC dal 2022 correranno insieme alle più sofisticate LMH (Le Mans Hypercar) nella classe unificata Hypercar. Toyota, Glickenhaus, Peugeot e Ferrari hanno scelto questo regolamento, che permette di costruire tutto in casa WEC. Peugeot Sport desvela los detalles técnicos de su LMH de Le Mans WEC. Porsche vuelve a la resistencia: correrá con un prototipo LMDh en 2023 El fin de semana del 17 y 18 de junio de 2023. This week on Double Stint, John Dagys and Ryan Myrehn discuss the first day of the WEC Prologue test at Spa plus the latest on Audi's LMDh plans, Electric GT, and the Fanatec GT World Challenge Asia powered by AWS schedule before answering listener questions and previewing this weekend's racing Die gemeinsame Top-Klasse von ACO und IMSA ist endgültig auf den Weg gebracht. Nachdem Le-Mans-Hypercars (LMH) und Le-Mans-Daytona-Hybriden (LMDh) theoretisch schon ab 2022 die gemeinsame Topklasse Hypercar in der Langstrecken-Weltmeisterschaft (WEC) formen, dürfen nun die LMH offiziell auch umgekehrt in der IMSA SportsCar Championship ab 2023 starten WEC: ok sulla convergenza Hypercar-LMDh, nuove LMP2 nel 2024. Di: Francesco Corghi. 9 lug 2021, 07:21. Il Consiglio Mondiale ha approvato le modifiche regolamentari che garantiranno ai prototipi.

Endurance WEC-IMSA, definita la convergenza tra Hypercar e LMDh. I prototipi della Class regina del WEC potranno correre nelle gare del campionato IMSA e, dal 2023, le LMDh potranno fare. O Conselho Mundial da FIA, reunido no Mónaco, aprovou as alterações ao regulamento técnico do Campeonato do Mundo de Resistência (WEC) que permitem a convergência de desempenhos entre as novas classes Le Mans Hypercar (LMH) e Le Mans Daytona h (LMDh). É mais um passo para a convergência entre as duas competições dos dois lados [

WEC: ok sulla convergenza Hypercar-LMDh, nuove LMP2 nel 2024 . IMSA IMSA. 7 g . IMSA: 1-2 di Cadillac, Corvette e Lexus a Watkins Glen . IMSA IMSA. 11 g . IMSA: Mazda e Corvette vincono la 6h di.

Offiziell: Alpine 2021 mit LMP1 in Le Mans und WECLe calendrier WEC 2020/2021 dévoilé, Monza et Kyalami auPorsche and Penske Reunite for a Shot at Daytona and LeSportwagen: Das neue Toyota Hypercar für Le Mans und WECスクーデリア・キャメロン・グリッケンハウスのLMH『SCG 007』イメージ画像 | WEC:ル・マン・ハイパーカー