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public online: Entdecke deinen eigenen Style The good news is that Facebook has a really handy tool that allows you to hide all of your timeline posts with a single click. Go to Settings and Privacy, select Privacy in the left-hand pane, and click on Limit Past Posts. This option automatically hides all your public posts from the Public and sets them to Friends only How to hide Facebook posts from certain people. Now let's see how to hide certain posts such as status message, photos, link or a video from certain people. Step 1: Whenever you post a new entry in your Facebook status tab (such as status message, photos and videos) you will see a drop down option close next to post or share button. Just. You can block someone to prevent them from seeing things you post on your profile, starting conversations with you or adding you as a friend. Blocking someone you're friends with will automatically unfriend them. People you block won't be able to: - See things you post on your profil All page admins and post authors can hide comments on Facebook. So, every time you comment on someone else's post, there is a chance that your comment will be hidden. The only place (on Facebook) that is completely under your control is a page that you admin and your private timeline. Automate comment moderation with NapoleonCa

Hide the Facebook post of your choice Once you've opened your page, scroll through your personal timeline until you find a post that you want to hide. Click or tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the post. Skim past the editing options, and select Hide From Timeline Now you can hide the number of likes people see on your posts. You can also hide the number of likes you see on other people's posts. Or you can keep things as they are - whatever works for you,..

You can access Facebook privacy options to hide links, status updates, photos, and videos from individual people while allowing others to see them. You can change the setting whether you are accessing Facebook via a web browser or on the mobile app. How to Use the 'Friends Except' Setting in Facebook It's easy to hide a post from certain people as well as showing a post to only certain people. To hide a post from a certain person, log in to your Facebook account in a browser and write your post in the Status box. Click the Friends button to the left of the Post button and then click More Options To hide a post from your Timeline, click or tap the downward facing arrow next to it and select the Hide from Timeline. Click or tap Hide and the post will be hidden from your Timeline. It'll still appear elsewhere on Facebook, just not on your profile's Timeline. If people have already shared the post, it will remain on their Timelines

If you want to keep your hidden pics under the radar you can simply remove the tag. This will make it so the images are not searchable. You can also adjust your privacy settings for Timeline and.. It is very easy to hide Facebook profile by deactivating your Facebook account. 1. To start off, open your Facebook account, click on the little down arrow appearing in the upper right corner and then select the option Settings

Go to the profile page of the friend you want to restrict. Click the Friends button in gray (three-dot menu > Friends on mobile), and select Edit Friends List > Restricted. That friend will no.. Under the Don't share this with heading, type in the names of any people you don't want to see the post. Hide all future posts from a person or people 1. Click the gear icon in the upper right.. Unfortunately, you can't hide your Facebook comments. Only the person who initially shared the post can change the privacy settings of that post. If they decide to hide or delete the post, the same thing will happen to your comment. As long as the post's privacy is set to Public, it will remain visible Hiding comments on Facebook will simply make the comment disappear from your point of view—the person who posted it as well as any common friends you share with them will still be able to view it... You can easily ban people from your Facebook page. Banning someone means they will not be able to see the page and they won't be notified of your posts. However, if your posts are public (and they should be), the person could see them on Facebook if they are shared

The easiest way is to go to privacy settings and set it to only me. Here's how to do it. 1. Go to your profile and click Photos. 2. Click Albums. 3. Use the audience selector tool under each album to choose Only Me, so that only you will be able.. There are two scenarios. The first one is where you posted a status update, and someone commented on it. The second is when someone posts a comment on an update on your Page. When you hide a.. By accessing your Facebook settings, you can prevent people from reading things you post and hide all of your profile data. If you need to completely hide your profile, you can temporarily disable your account. All of your data will be saved, but hidden from everyone on Facebook until you reactivate. Method The Simplest Way to Hide Old Facebook and Twitter Posts. BY Michele Debczak dig up those old posts—and you can do so without spending hours scrolling through your timeline. been public.

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Now only people you're friends with on Facebook can see your posts. You may also choose other options, but don't choose Public because this selection allows anyone with online access to see your posts If somebody on Facebook is getting to you, you can unfriend them, block them, snooze them (so you won't see anything from them for 30 days), or hide their posts. Here's how Facebook makes it possible to like individual user posts as well as public events and interest pages. Unfortunately, Facebook does not allow you to hide likes on individual user posts. However, you can remove likes from your activity log, and you're able to hide any likes you make to public profiles and interest pages You can also choose specific people to share or hide the likes from they are made public. This means any posts you've liked or have you involved can be hidden from view so long as you give. You can hide someone's posts or unfollow that person, which means you remain friends but no longer see their posts on your News Feed. You also have the ability to snooze someone's posts for 30 days

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  1. Show or Hide Facebook posts from specific friends. Visit your Facebook profile and enter your message or link in the text box. Once you finished, click the Public button at the bottom to get advanced options. Tap More to expand the list. Facebook lets you manage the post visibility in five ways. Public: Post will be shown to anyone even.
  2. How to hide Facebook posts created by others. Of course, you can only delete posts you have created yourself — you don't have the power to delete something that was posted to Facebook by someone.
  3. Public means anyone on or off Facebook can see your posts, and anyone with a Facebook account can search your posts. You can also change this setting easily on a post-by-post basis

Type the names of the people you want to exclude in the These people or lists box in the Hide this from section. As you type, the Facebook user interface will produce friends whose name could be a match for the letters you've typed so far. When you see the name of the person you want exclude in the list, select it from the menu The Restrict feature on Facebook is an ideal way to hide your posts from people you are friends with on Facebook, without blocking or unfriending them. When you restrict someone, you still remain friends with that certain person on Facebook. The friends added to your restricted list can only see posts that you share publicly and posts you tag them in Facebook offers a great platform for you to share awesome photos. When you post photos on Facebook and usually they are visible to the public by default. It seems that you have zero privacy on your Facebook even if you can hide photos on Facebook. You will have other good choices to make photos private on Facebook To manage who can follow you: 1. Click at the top-right corner and select Settings. 2. Click Public Posts on the left. 3. Select Friends or Public next to Who Can Follow Me. Public: Includes everyone, even people not following you. Friends (+ friends of anyone tagged): Includes your friends on Facebook To make a photo album private on Facebook, follow these steps: From your profile, go to the Photos tab.; Then, find the photos you want to make private under Albums.; Go to the relevant album then click the three dots on the top right corner.; Then select Edit.You'll see a section that says Friends or Public with an icon showing two people

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Facebook offers a great -- and free -- way to connect with friends and family, but if you are not careful about your security settings, your site activity can be published for anyone to view. Comments you leave on other posts, for example, are displayed and made available for liking and commenting by other users as. That means anyone on Facebook can see the posts you make within the group, and that includes strangers who aren't even on your friends list. The only way to prevent your Facebook friends (and even the public at large) from seeing the posts you make in a Facebook group is to ask a group admin to change the group's privacy level from. Take control over what comments you see on Facebook. Hiding comments from any post on Facebook is easy — be that your own or someone else's — and you can do this on desktop or from the. Once you create a Facebook Page and publish it, it becomes visible to the public. If for some reasons, you don't want the public to see the Page but don't want it to be deleted permanently from Facebook, you can simply unpublish it. Unpublishing your Page will hide it from the public, including the people who like your Page To hide comments on Facebook's native platform, all you have to do is hover over the comment. You'll see a drop-down arrow; when you click on it, you'll see the option to hide comment or embed.. Just click hide comment.. After you do this, you'll see other options you can take, including unhide, delete, and.

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Now this is supposed to hide all of your old Facebook posts from the public. But by using Facebook's View As public function, you can see if it indeed has changed the settings for all of them If you want to stop seeing someone's posts in your News Feed without unfriending them (insert ex here), you can unfollow them to hide their activity. From someone's profile in the Facebook mobile app, tap on 'Following' under their profile picture and then 'Unfollow' to get rid of their posts completely

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You can choose to hide like counts before sharing a post, and you can toggle that setting on or off even after it goes live. In the next few weeks, Facebook also will be launching both controls Users can also hide public like counts on their own posts, one at a time. The feature is optional — users can keep likes on their feeds the same — and the default settings will still publicly.

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What About New Posts, Comments, Likes. Blocking someone practically hides your profile from each other. You aren't able to access their Facebook profile page at all. So neither you nor the. If you want to stay connected on Facebook without unfriending someone, you can unfollow people on Facebook so their posts stop popping up in your feed. On an iPhone, go to the person's profile and click the Friends icon under their profile photo. Click Unfollow in the pop-up. On a browser, go to their profile and hover over Following That's why Facebook is officially starting to hide Like counts on posts, first in Australia starting tomorrow, September 27th. A post's author can still see the count, but it's hidden from. 5. After that select Public Posts on the left side and change Who Can Follow Me from Public to Friends. 6. Other than that you can also disable the face recognition feature on Facebook to enhance your privacy. This will ensure that Facebook doesn't automatically suggest you as a tag in a photo in which you are present. Hide Your Facebook.

how to hide facebook post with someone/ hide facebook to certain people This video is tell you how to hide facebook posts from certain people. Or some facebo.. You can also customize the privacy of your likes across myriad categories, keeping some public, sharing others only with friends, and even allowing or blocking specific people from seeing them But after a few awkward comments on family photos, you're itching to block your him or her from seeing the snapshots you post. When you mouse-over a name on Facebook, you'll see a business. To block the posts of a specific friend on Facebook for iPhone, Android or web: Click or tap the three-dot menu button in the top-right corner of a friend's post; doing so will open a pop-up menu with a series of options. To permanently block the friend's posts from your news feed, click or tap Unfollow [name of friend]. If you are not a friend with someone then you can't see the photos in which they are tagged by their friends even if those photos are public. How to Reveal Someone's Hidden Photos on Facebook Revealing hidden photos means Seeing someone's photos that are somewhere public but not visible to you

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  1. d people will be able to see you've limited the comments on the post
  2. Be aware of who you share things with on Facebook. When you post something, don't just choose the public option unless you're absolutely sure that you want literally anyone who stumbles on your profile to see the post. Instead, choose Friends or Specific friends to limit the post's visibility. You can hide your Facebook post from certain.
  3. Hide: hides a single specific post from the user's newsfeed Hide All: hides all the posts by that page from the user's newsfeed. This used to be known as unsubscribing
  4. If you want to ignore a friend's posts for a short time, you can also snooze them which will hide their posts for 30 days. To unfollow someone, go to their profile on the web, hover over Following.
  5. Since Facebook doesn't have a Disable Comments or Hide Comments button you need to improvise a bit. When you post anything on Facebook you can choose the people who can view or interact with that content. If strangers have access to your posts they can come, do plenty of damage, and leave without consequences

Although there is no official option to hide your mutual friends on Facebook, you can still do it by asking your other friends to keep their friend lists private. Now, you have learned how you can hide your friends from being publicly available. If you like this information, please share it and subscribe to our free newsletter How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else (Or As The Public Does) A popup reminds you to: Remember: Things you hide from your timeline still appear in news feed, search, and other places on Facebook. (If you want something to not be visible. What Items To Check When Viewing Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else. 1 The visibility of the post, including comments and likes on the post, will only include people who you include in the list of custom people who can see it. So if one of those friends likes your post, based on your setting their friends won't see it and any of your mutual friends won't see it UNLESS they were also included in your. You will also be able to change whether to hide likes on a per-post basis on both platforms. You can hide the like counts in the new Posts section in Settings. Start the day smarter. Get all the. Here's a subtle change you may have noticed on Facebook. Recently, Facebook made a change to the way they display post edits. Normally, when someone edits their post on Facebook, you'll see an indicator like this signalling that the content has been updated. (Image via Antonio Calero) But recently Facebook made an update removing this note

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  1. Image. A privacy setting lets you limit who can see all of your older posts. One of Facebook's key principles is that the person who posts a piece of content — status update, photo, video.
  2. Friends means only people who are friends with you can follow you. Public means anyone can follow you, regardless of whether or not they're friends with you as well. You can also change other settings about your public posts. You can change who can comment on your posts, to limit it to just friends, friends of friends, or the general public
  3. Facebook has always had a policy of requiring users to supply their real name on the site. Enforcement has been lax, but there's still a risk of getting caught. Here's how to fly under the radar.
  4. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to make your Facebook profile private.In this tutorial you are going to learn how to hide facebook profile from p..
  5. To hide like counts on Instagram, you can go to your settings and click on the posts section. If you choose to turn off like counts here, it will apply to all your posts. In addition, you will also be able to hide the counts for individual posts before you share them. You can also choose to hide like counts before sharing a post
  6. On Facebook you can choose to remain unavailable for people, other than your friends by choosing not to appear on the searches made on Facebook or any other search engine. Facebook provides this granular customization and can be implemented by changing the preferences of your account in order to remain invisible to searches

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Giving People More Control on Instagram and Facebook. You may have noticed that we've been testing hiding like counts on Instagram for a while. Today, we're announcing that everyone on Instagram and Facebook will now have the option to hide their public like counts, so they can decide what works for them. We tested hiding like counts to see. You can hide like counts on others' posts by visiting the new Posts section in Settings. This control applies to all the posts in your feed. You can also choose to hide like counts before sharing a post. You can turn this setting on or off, even after it goes live. People want more flexibility, so we thought it would be important to give. Click on Hide people then start typing a name in the box to hide all memories associated with a specific person. Click on Hide dates then click Add New Date Range to specify a start and end date to exclude memories. You can effectively turn off Facebook Memories by blacklisting the entire date range in this menu First thing you need to do is to check what information and posts general public (anyone who is not your Facebook friend) can see. To do this, you need to go to your timeline and click on the.

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  1. Alternatively, you can delete the post completely by clicking on the 'X' button. Hide old Public posts If you have lots of Public posts that you want to hide, believe it or not, Facebook has a.
  2. By default, any Facebook user who can see your profile can view your friend list as well. With Facebook privacy being talked about in the news almost daily, many users are now hiding their Facebook Friend Lists from the public in order to protect the privacy of everyone on the list
  3. One of the core purposes of the First Amendment is to allow people, regardless of their views, to hold the government accountable through expression. So, if your elected representative has an official Facebook page where she invites comments, can she block you from commenting because you criticize her work?According to a federal appeals court, the answer is a resounding no

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  1. In addition, even if the person you tagged is friends with a person you hide the post from, the latter will not be able to see it on the former's wall or in their own news feed. From a technical standpoint on Facebook, the excluded people will have no way to know that you posted the status update
  2. Why Unhide a Post on Facebook. As a Facebook user, you get almost complete control over the content on your personal timeline. That means you can make posts public or private and hide or unhide content as necessary. For example, you might want to unhide a Facebook post in the following situations
  3. The only option now for hiding out on Facebook is to block the people you want to hide from. I am one of those small number, commented one of my Facebook friends. What a bummer. If you are one.

The 'Friends except' option allows you to hide your post from select Facebook users. Which also means you won't see their comments. By following the steps above, you can choose the. Go to the Facebook post where the comment is. On iPhone or Android Facebook app: Long-press the comment. Tap Hide. On computer: Hover the mouse pointer on the comment, and you will see the three dots icon. Click it and choose Hide comment. If you hid a comment by mistake, here's how you can undo it You can also choose to have someone removed from your On This Day Feed, so Facebook won't resurface a person's posts from years past. To do this, go to the left side of your News Feed and scroll. To use them, just hover over the chatty offender's status update. Click the arrow on the top right corner, and you can choose to hide that particular story or unfollow from their updates. Almost anything (except guns and other restricted items), whether new or old, can be put on sale on Facebook Marketplace. All you have to do is -. Click on + Sell Something button. Click Item for Sale. Enter a title, price, location, and category of the listing. Click + 10 Photos and upload photos of your item. Click Post

A Facebook business page is one of the most essential social media tools that you can have for your online business. This page should be thought of as an extension to your home page, which is very open to the public.However if there are photos, comments, posts and other aspects of your business page that you want to keep private, there are settings on Facebook that allow you to maintain. Facebook and Instagram have made it possible for users to hide the public likes their posts have received.. It's a move that may upend one of the core dynamics of those social media. Tap Limit who can see past posts if you want to switch all of your old public posts to Friends Only. Tap Who can see the people, Pages, and lists you follow to choose who can view parts of your profile, such as your name, email address, and workplace You can choose to hide the like count before sharing a post. This setting can be enebled or disabled even after your post is uploaded to the feed by simply tapping the three-dot icon on a post and then choose Hide Like Count. To hide other people's like count, Instagram is adding new Posts sections in Settings controls

6. Disable Resharing Posts to Stories. If you have a public profile, people can reshare your posts on their stories along with your username. While some people may not have an issue with it, if. The original Hide From Your Timeline debuted roughly when the Timeline did; basically, once something has been posted to your Timeline, you can click the arrow in the upper right hand corner. Minimum Requirements: A computer or a mobile device. Internet access. A Facebook account. You may be affected by this problem, whether you use Facebook on your desktop computer or your smartphone, to learn how to set up Facebook offline to hide your online status using one of these devices Unless you want to totally block those people on Facebook, which will essentially remove them as your friends, all you can do is to manually filter who you invite to your event when you create it. As long as you set your event to Private or By Invite Only, you can safely avoid having other people see and know about your event This method will help you get a notification on Facebook whenever you are tagged by someone to get reviewed by you first before it appears on your Facebook timeline. And will only let you hide the tagged posts from your timeline. You can view all the pending review requests using an option present on your Timeline.. It can be useful for stopping unwanted tagged posts appearing from your timeline Facebook allows you to change the privacy settings of your facebook photos. This simple video tutorial explains how you can use this feature to hide photos o..