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  1. INSIDE OF HURRICANE IRMA! 100 MPH WINDS HURRICANE VIDEO FOOTAGE - Vlog #3Subscribe if you like! + http://bit.ly/1PG8z9GWell, we had to do it, you can tell t..
  2. on September 11, 2020 September 11, 2020 On Tuesday morning, September 8th, 2020, a severe wind storm that unusually came from the east, caused severe damage to trees, light poles, bushes and other features of the Salt Lake City Cemetery
  3. Watch what winds over 100 mph do to this house. Check out this wind test from the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety to see how a typical US house would hold up to winds over 100 mph.
  4. This rolled in out of nowhere and there were reports that winds hit 100+ MPH
  5. Category Sustained Winds Types of Damage Due to Hurricane Winds; 1: 74-95 mph 64-82 kt 119-153 km/h: Very dangerous winds will produce some damage: Well-constructed frame homes could have damage to roof, shingles, vinyl siding and gutters. Large branches of trees will snap and shallowly rooted trees may be toppled
  6. Hurricane-force winds struck the Wasatch Front on Tuesday, creating tons of debris and causing numerous power outages.. Wind speeds approached 100 mph, toppling 45 semi-trucks.Several trees lay broken or uprooted on homes, streets and sidewalks. More than 180,000 customers lost power

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  1. 45 - 57 mph. According to the National Weather Service, slight damage can begin when winds reach 45 mph, but this range is considered non-severe. These non-severe winds may cause some tree branches to break off and can cause damage to already loose or susceptible shingles. 58 - 74 mph
  2. Visual Clues and Damage Effects; 0: Calm: Calm: Calm wind. Smoke rises vertically with little if any drift. 1: Light Air: 1 to 3 mph: Direction of wind shown by smoke drift, not by wind vanes. Little if any movement with flags. Wind barely moves tree leaves. 2: Light Breeze: 4 to 7 mph: Wind felt on face. Leaves rustle and small twigs move.
  3. However, winds can remain at hurricane strength well inland, as evidenced by Hurricane Hugo in 1989, which hit Charlotte, North Carolina, 175 miles from the coast, with wind gusts of almost 100 mph. Structures built to meet or exceed current building-code high-wind provisions have a much better chance of surviving violent windstorm
  4. e if a tornado touched down there early Wednesday.
  5. Take a look at the chart below and you can compare a 100 mph wind to a 75 mph wind showing TEN TIMES the damage potential. Look how the damaging effect shoots up dramatically with higher winds.

Strong winds are one of the most destructive forces in nature, capable of destroying hundreds of miles of property with violent gusts that can exceed 100 mph. But it's not just 100-mph winds or hurricane-like conditions that can cause damage - even gusts that are much less severe can knock out power or cause damage Destructive Jacksonville tornado was 115 yards wide, had wind speeds of 100+ mph. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - At 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, just north of Goodbys Creek in Jacksonville's Brierwood. Several people were injured and widespread property damage was reported in Marshall County in central Iowa after 100 mph winds swept through the area, according to county homeland security..

January storm caused at least $3 million damage to facilities at Mariposa Grove. A storm with winds up to 100 mph toppled trees on Jan. 18 and Jan. 19, 2021 in Mariposa Grove, Yosemite National. As such, water intrusion through a window opening from wind driven rain would happen well before any structural damage to the window system would be expected to occur. For example, when Hurricane Irma passed through Miami, its peak wind gust speeds were estimated at 100 mph, with 8-10 inches of rain

Microburst with 100 mph winds caused destruction in Limestone, meteorologists say by Hannah Catlin June 23, 2021 A Limestone firefighter surveys the damage to a building on Bog Road caused by a.. Wind Strength / Frequency: Description of Damage: F0 Gale tornado: 40-72 mph 35-62 knots 64-116 kph 29%: Minimal Damage - Some damage to chimneys, TV antennas, roof shingles and windows. Breaks branches off trees, pushes over shallow-rooted trees, damages sign boards. F Tornado Warning Issued For Parts Of Wisconsin; 100 MPH Winds Tree damage likely with winds in excess of 70 mph possible. The storms will be approaching the Des Moines metro in 30 to 45 minutes Damaging winds are classified as those exceeding 50-60 mph. Damage from severe thunderstorm winds account for half of all severe reports in the lower 48 states and is more common than damage from tornadoes. Wind speeds can reach up to 100 mph and can produce a damage path extending for hundreds of miles The trail of damage stretched across multiple states, leaving more than 1.2 million without power. Winds topped 100 mph in Iowa

At the peak of the storm's intensity, communities in eastern Iowa saw sustained winds of 70+ MPH for an extended period of time, with gusts as high as 112 MPH. Nearly 1.3 million electric customers will go to sleep without power tonight as a result of the extensive damage. It'll take a few days before we know the full extent of the damage Several people were injured and widespread property damage was reported in Marshall County in central Iowa after 100 mph winds swept through the area, said its homeland security coordinator Kim Elder. Elder said winds blew over trees, flipped cars, downed power lines, ripped up road signs and tore roofs off buildings, some of which caught fire

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Dunham said the 100 mph winds recorded in Pepperell were the fastest gusts recorded during Friday's storm. Wind gusts of up to 90 mph also caused damage in Groton and Westford during the storm Straight line winds are generally defined as thunderstorm winds generated in the absence of rotation. They can include wind gusts of 100 mph or more. For that reason, they can do severe damage to building structures and roofing systems. Roof damage potential from straight line winds are not to be underestimated Take a look at the chart below and you can compare a 100 mph wind to a 75 mph wind showing TEN TIMES the damage potential. Look how the damaging effect shoots up dramatically with higher winds. Winds estimated at 100 mph, snow cause biggest storm damage to park since 1997. Share this: 2021 due to damage from a wind storm and heavy snows, which toppled trees, took out power and. EQUIVALENT WIND VELOCITY IN MPH. 1.57 (0.30) 25.08. 6.24 (1.20) 50.00. These values are calculated from the Ensewiler Formula, P = 0.00256 V^2, where V = Wind Velocity in MPH and P = the Differential Pressure across the window in Pounds per Square Foot (PSF).The equation assumes the direction of wind is perpendicular to the window and there are.

An intense wind storm called a derecho blustered across the Midwest yesterday, producing tornado-like wind speeds and widespread damage. Wind speeds in some cases exceeded 100 mph Hanna, first hurricane of Atlantic season, slams ashore in Texas with 100 mph wind gusts Flooding rains, damaging winds, and dangerous storm surge are occurring in a state coping with an uptick in. In terms of general damage, in the United States, we consider 50 knots (58 mph, 93 km/h) to be the speed where the likelihood of notable damage is high enough. Damage can occur to some very vulnerable objects (things like tarps and tents (and umbrellas!) can way well before that) at lower speeds. But in terms of solid objects being damaged. Microburst with 100 mph. winds blamed for Coxsackie damage. Damage is extensive after Wednesday's storm hit Coxsackie. It's now believed to have been caused by a microburst, not a tornado. Security Camera Captures Moment Tornado Rips Through Jacksonville..

There are 4 wind rated classes of awnings. Unrated or Class 0 either wasn't tested or failed to withstand a sustained wind of 12 mph. Class 1 is rated to 12 mph (Beaufort 3), Class 2 (Beaufort 5) to 24 mph, and Class 3 (Beaufort 6) to 31 mph of sustained winds. When fully retracted (closed), some retractable awnings will survive 100 mph winds During this week's wind event, 50 to 60 mph was common, with some gusts at least 70 to 80 mph and higher, he said. Mono winds are caused by the interaction of different air pressures, he said Derechoes, with winds of at least 58 mph, occur about once a year in the Midwest. Rarer than tornadoes but with weaker winds, derechoes produce damage over a much wider area. The storms raced over. Several people were injured and widespread property damage was reported in Marshall County in central Iowa after 100 mph winds swept through the area, said its homeland security coordinator Kim Elder

A large area from central Iowa to north central Illinois experienced wind gusts of 70-80 mph, with maximum winds estimated at 100-130 mph in a few isolated areas. The storm system also produced 26 weak tornadoes in Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana, although damage from the tornadoes was similar in magnitude to that caused by the straight. The map key shows the wind velocity for Zone 1 at 130 mph, Zone 2 shows the wind velocity at 160 mph, Zone 3 shows the wind velocity at 200 mph, and Zone 4 shows the wind velocity at 250 mph. Other To protect against wind damage without making any structural changes to a building, you can Derecho with 100 mph winds moving across the Midwest. A line of severe storms slammed through downtown Chicago and surrounding areas Monday, downing trees and power lines, which sparked fires in.

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An F1 tornado with winds over 100 mph caused extensive damage at the Cheshire County fairgrounds and just 30 minutes later, a strong F2 tornado, with winds over 135 mph, went through Greenfield. to wind speed. • Use the table (below the map) to see average U.S. wind speeds in your area.* Wind speed Did you know basic wind speeds in the continental U.S. are 100 mph and higher (see map). Yet, many bargain-priced shingles are only warranted for 60 mph winds. U.S. Wind Speeds† Source: American Society Of Civil Engineer NJ weather: No Wall tornado, but 100-mph wind Nov. 1. WALL - The wind that demolished buildings, levitated a trailer and carried trees and structural support beams the length of a football field. The long-lived storms traveled over 200 miles across the country's center, producing 60-100 mph winds, downing trees and knocking out power for millions. Derecho leaves damage across Midwest Aug. Hundreds of thousands across the Midwest remained without electricity on Tuesday after a powerful storm packing 100 mph winds battered the region a day earlier, causing widespread damage to.

This strong downslope wind brought wind gusts of over 80 mph to some locations. As the wind comes down the leeward side of the Rocky Mountains the dry air warms Heavy structural, tree & crop damage occurred sporadically in these 3 tracks. Winds gusted to 103 mph near Montmorenci, while an F1 tornado with winds to 105 mph hit Buck Creek. An estimated 100 mph wind gust occurred near Fulton (based on the damage survey). Damage to structures, powerlines & crops amounted to millions of dollars

1971 — 50 years ago. A severe thunderstorm with winds reported as high as 100 miles per hour hit Rochester. The storm caused extensive damage and a dozen injuries. The roof of Elton Hills. The damage was caused by a derecho, a rare storm that swept across the Midwest with 100 mph winds in some areas. It lasted several hours as it tore from eastern Nebraska across Iowa and parts of. 100 mph Winds Destroy Airport in Arkansas. It was a long afternoon and evening of severe storms across Arkansas on Saturday. Multiple severe warned storms produced very large hail. For example, Pope, Arkansas reported baseball size hail while Rock Springs, AR was the overall winner with tea cup size hail reported on Saturday afternoon The 90-100 mph straight-line winds caused a barn to collapse and other roof damage near Nisula, and tore a roof off of a home in Pequaming. Later in the storm, it produced a 76 mph wind gust

Winds gusts of 30-60 mph were reported on Colorado's eastern plains with gusts of 60-100 mph in the mountains and on the western slope. READ MORE: Colorado Air National Guard F-16s Perform. Elmore and Ferguson (1999) measured mid-season corn stalk breakage on over 100 hybrids in south central Nebraska resulted from 100 mph winds on July 8, 1993 and 80 mph winds on July 1, 1994. Corn development stages at the time of damage ranged from V10 to V14 According to the National Weather Service of Northern Indiana, these storms are producing wind gusts of 70 to 100 mph and widespread wind damage. These storms will move into northwest Indiana and.

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DIVIDE COUNTY, N.D. (KFGO) - High wind warnings were posted from central North Dakota west into Montana. There was good reason for the warnings. A powerful storm system brought gale-force winds that caused property damage, including toppled semi's, uprooted trees, and more than a dozen communities lost power because of downed lines Winds topping 100 mph (160 kph) are possible over the ridgetops of the Sierra. Travel could be very difficult. Very strong winds could cause extensive tree damage, the service said

While Sally's winds decreased to 80 mph (130 kpm) at 7 p.m.(2400 GMT), it was moving at a glacial pace of two mph. Sally was 75 miles (135 km) south of Mobile, Alabama and spreading tropical. A rare storm packing 100 mph winds and with power similar to an inland hurricane swept across the Midwest on Monday, blowing over trees, flipping vehicles, causing widespread property damage, and. Based on the damage, the weather service estimated wind speeds in the narrow swath from 60-70 mph for the lower-end damage of trees, irrigation lines and outbuildings, to 80-100 mph for the more. An intense complex of thunderstorms moved through eastern Iowa Monday and produced winds of 60 to over 100 mph. This has led to extensive power outages, downed trees, crop damage, damage to homes. The National Weather Service is conducting a damage survey that so far concluded there were three EF-2 tornado touchdowns, with winds of 125 to 130 mph Paths ranged from .63 to .9 of a mile. Each touchdown was on the ground for around a minute and created a damage path of 50 to 75 yards

The twister reached winds up to 100 mph. The National Weather Service sent crews to Randolph County on Friday to assess the damage. Severe weather on Thursday made for a messy day in the Triad. Straight-line winds damaged homes and uprooted trees in Springfield, according to the National Weather Service. Early Monday, winds between 100 to 110 mph gusted through the city, meteorologist. Potential Damage. Tropical Depression. <38 mph. Tropical Storm. 39-73 mph. When a storm's maximum sustained winds reach 74 mph, it is called a hurricane. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The highest wind speeds generally occur in Hawaii with speeds of up to 140 miles per hour, mph, and the lowest in the Pacific Ocean region with maximum wind speeds in the range of 85 mph. Flagpoles Each flagpole specification lists the wind speed that the pole can withstand without damage

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  1. The Cape May twister generated winds as strong as 100 mph, and the Ocean twister packed winds up to 110 mph. Here are the wind speeds and expected damage caused by tornadoes on each level of the.
  2. Sources Cited. CHICAGO — A severe thunderstorm that could cause significant damage with wind gusts up to 100 mph is expected to hit Chicago on Monday afternoon. The day will start humid and could feel as warm as 97 degrees late in the morning and in the afternoon, according to a hazardous weather outlook for the National Weather Service
  3. By definition, if the swath of wind damage extends for more than 250 miles (about 400 kilometers), includes wind gusts of at least 58 mph (93 km/h) along most of its length, and also includes several, well-separated 75 mph (121 km/h) or greater gusts, then the event may be classified as a derecho
  4. From these data, average wind radii ranges of four wind fields (39, 58, 74, and 100 mph) were calculated. Once the typical ranges were established, each wind field range was divided into sections. Since hurricane-force winds are much more damaging than tropical storm-force winds, the size scale is weighted more toward the 74 and 100 mph wind.
  5. Winds gusted up to 112 mph in Midway, Iowa and up to 99 mph as these storms passed through Marshalltown, Iowa. Strom damage in Des Moines: The severe thunderstorms are expected to track eastward into northern Illinois, far southern Wisconsin, northern Indiana and southwestern Michigan through the afternoon and early evening hours

The top wind gust recorded by the Weather Bureau at Baer Field was 86 mph, but wind speeds were estimated to have been more than 100 mph in some parts of the city Category 3 hurricane: Devastating damage will occur. In a Category 3 hurricane, winds range from 111 to 129 mph. There is a high risk of injury or death to people, livestock and pets from flying. Severe storm with 100 mph winds slams Midwest ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee assess the damage from a severe storm in the Midwest that left one million without power and tracks the latest weather. Up Next in News. Bridge underwater following rains in New South Wales Hurricane-force winds, in places topping 100 mph, ripped through Utah Thursday, overturning semitrailer rigs on Interstate 15, toppling trees and triggering widespread power outages affecting nearly 50,000 homes and businesses. Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune A semitruck toppled in the wind on Park Lane in Farmington An often-misunderstood aspect of hurricane winds is the potential for increased damage as wind speeds increase. The forces against structures do not increase linearly, they increase exponentially (power of 3), and as wind speed increases. A 241 kph (150 mph) wind is 20% stronger than a 201 kph (125 mph) wind

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Studies of hurricane damage have shown that when wind gusts exceed about 120 mph, between 3 and 5 out of 10 shingle roofs suffered enough damage to require re-roofing, regardless of the age of the roof. As shingle roofs get to be more than about 10 years old, the failure rates in areas that likely experienced only 75 to 95 mph gusts ran at a. These winds can range from 50 mph to over 100 mph in speed, making them just as a damaging as tornado winds, as they topple trees, snap limbs, and cause damage to your home and vehicles. They can strip shingles from rooftops and push cars off the road Every wind turbine has an anemometer that measures wind speed and a wind vane to keep track of the wind's direction. See if you can find them toward the end of the scene of this 360° Wind Turbine Tour video.. When the anemometer registers wind speeds higher than 55 mph (cut-out speed varies by turbine), it triggers the wind turbine to automatically shut off A rare storm packing 100 mph winds and with power similar to an inland hurricane swept across the Midwest on Monday, blowing over trees, flipping vehicles, causing widespread property damage and.

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Secondly, wind zone II equates to a 100-mph fastest-mile wind speed Thirdly, wind zone III equates to a 110-mph fastest-mile wind speed For one thing, based on the Basic Wind Zone Map, if you live in a home designed for states such as Colorado or Idaho, you shouldn't expect your mobile home to be able to withstand an 80 mph wind Based on the damage, this tornado produced winds of around 100 mph, and is rated EF-1. 12. EF0 - Dillsboro, IN (Ohio County) A tornado touched down along Milton Bear Branch Road in western Ohio. Dangerous thunderstorm complex with a history of 100+ mph wind gusts racing east into the far western portions of the Chicago Metro area Severe thunderstorm warning just issued for Lee, Ogle. The counties affected by the first series of intense downbursts associated with the July 4, 1977 derecho, mostly in Minnesota, are shown on Figure 3. Estimated wind gust from 80 to 100 mph roared through this area between noon and 2 p.m. CDT causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage to personal property EF1 tornado with 100 mph winds blasted San Antonio over Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend plans were tossed aside in San Antonio, Texas, on Sunday evening when an EF1 tornado twisted.

Thursday is a Pinpoint Weather Alert Day. High Wind Warnings remain in effect all day. Widespread 50 mph gusts across Denver, I-25, the Palmer Divide, and Eastern Plains. 100 mph gusts in the high. A 100 mph wind gust is the same as a Category 2 hurricane. Officials say early estimates put damage in Centerville alone at $8 million. Davis County declared a local emergency Thursday evening. More Tornado Warnings Issued, 100 MPH Winds Possible - Lemont, IL - New tornado warnings issued for Lake, McHenry and Cook counties structural damage, including significant roof damage to several homes, and snapped hardwood trees indicated wind speeds of around 100 mph in this area. the tornado path continued southeast for another 4 miles to near the town center of hamden ct, with tree and structural damage indicative of wind speeds of 70 to 80 mph Most wind damage happens when gusts hit 70 mph or above, Braun said. Since the winds have been around a long time, the region has adapted. From a natural standpoint, most of the windiest areas in.

Replay. Dorian hits Outer Banks with 100 mph winds, 14 inches of rain. First responders arrived by helicopter to Okracoke Island, hit hard by the hurricane, to help the estimated 800 people who. Officials estimated winds up to 110 miles per hour caused the damage in Limestone. A severe thunderstorm produced a microburst over Limestone, Maine. Damage in the area was consistent with winds between 100 and 110 mph, said officials in a release on Tuesday afternoon. This included a barn that was almost completely destroyed, and another. The winds in these events caused damage equivalent to EF1 and EF2 tornadoes in Boulder, Colorado, and vicinity, uprooting trees and damaging many roofs. On January 17, there were numerous reports of peak wind gusts in excess of 100 mph in the area. NOAA's Environmental Research Laboratory measured a 118-mph gust on its roof before the power. Though they don't attain wind speeds even close to a tornado's, microbursts can be more dangerous than either tornadoes or hurricanes because there is usually no warning of their approach and winds can exceed 100 mph. They result when downdrafts occur during thunderstorms and usually don't last very long. But they can cause a lot of damage

Overall, New England experienced $680 million in damage, $39 million in Massachusetts alone. Most of southeast Massachusetts faced hurricane-force winds, with coastal communities in these areas seeing sustained winds of 75 to 100 mph. Brewster and North Truro experienced gusts of 125 mph, with North Truro enduring sustained winds of 100 mph. Estimated winds in excess of 100 mph followed a highly-localized band of storms that moved through the area in northeast Colorado. The National Weather Service office in Boulder confirmed that a. Winds can be as strong as 100 mph or higher in extreme cases. Wednesday's derecho produced at least a half dozen wind gusts of at least 75 mph, including an 80 mph gust in Converse, Indiana, and a.

We now know what caused all that heavy damage in parts of Greene County on Wednesday. The National Weather Service says it was straight line winds between 70 to 90 miles per hour. They say it wasn. Peak winds were seen around 10 a.m. Tuesday at 70-90 mph with some gusts reported above 100 mph, but the winds have since lulled slightly, Weyman stated. noting that high winds may damage. in d'hanis, wind-driven hail produced severe damage in an rv/trailer park, to school busses at the high school, and other structures. as the storm moved eastward, baseball to softball-sized hail and 80 to 100 mph winds caused a dangerous combination and more widespread damage According to data recordings from NWS Reno, wind gusts in Kirkwood steadily whirled above 175 mph from 6:30 a.m. to 8 a.m., topping out at the 209-mph record with two other readings of 196 mph. For context, a hurricane reaches Category 5 strength once wind speeds reach at least 157 mph. A tornado is classified as an EF5 once winds reach at 201 mph Winds top 100 mph in Colorado Springs, Share this: The school was closed Monday morning due to wind damage. Dagen also found windows of her car shattered by the wind. High winds have.

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Utility repair costs in Iowa alone are estimated at $100 million.Cedar Rapids probably had the worst damage with the 140 mph wind just southwest of downtown and 126 mph winds just west of the city. Those winds are projected to range between 70 and 100 mph, the product of two storm systems hitting the area back to back. For comparison, during last fall's nasty Bering Sea storm that battered.

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A wind record set in 2014 fell at Billings Logan International Airport in Montana. The winds won't let up on Thursday. Powerful gusts projected to top 70 mph are in store from Colorado, Idaho and. However 80 mph winds for 2 hours resulted in a number of deaths and some extreme wind damage..In 2011 there was a high risk for our area and the closest severe storm was 100 miles away.In 2012. the tornado caused tree damage, and extensive damage to outbuildings at 4 farmsteads. THE TORNADO WAS RATED EF1, WITH MAXIMUM WINDS ESTIMATED AT 90 TO 100 MPH, AND WAS ON THE GROUND FOR ABOUT 6.

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