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Plenty of Antennas Antennae to Choose From. Fast Shipping and Orders $35+ Ship Free. Great Prices on Antennas Antennae. Shop Now and Save 4 element moxon. Moxon 4 element (standard): This antenna has a very good F/B, bandwidth and gain. Dimensions 4,0 * 4,0 meter, weight about 3,0kg, gain 8,5 dBi. Elevation Plot on 20m. Measurements to build a Moxon 4 element: We can offer you this antenna in a complete antenna kit. For more information send us an e-mail or look on www.DX4.us Moxon 4 element. The 4 element can be build as mono band for 6, 10, 11 or 12 meter. Also as wide band. 10 and 11 meter can be combined in one antenna. Or the complete 10 meter band. Still very good gain 8,9 dBi and FB. The best gain in a small antenna. Dimensions 4,0 * 4,0 meter, weight about 3,0kg. While I've scoured The Moxon Antenna Project site as well as Googled the subject I am unable to find any specific plans for a 4- element Moxon/Yagi anywhere. The closest I could find is a 3 element for 10m (built with 1.5mm wire) and a 5 or 6 element Moxon for 6 meters EAntenna 5070MOX. Only 86cm (34 inch) boom lenght with 2 elements Moxon in 4m and another 2 in 6m band. The gain is 6,03 dBi in 50 MHz. and 5,95 dBi in 70 MHz. with both bands with more than 30 dB of F/B signal. The weight is only 3 Kg. for DX holidays, Summer vacations, SOTA or for Field Days. Very soon available in all EAntenna dealers

Simple comparison of 136 MHz Moxon versus 136 MHz 4 element Yagi antenna for locating power line RFI by WD8DS The GW3YDX Super Moxon Adding extra directivity to the Moxon Rectangle for 6m, 4, and 2m PHOTO 1: Completed 4m GW3YDX Super Moxon. MOXON FAN. The author isa keen enthusiast of the Moxon Rectangle antenna, invented by the late Les Moxon, G6XN.ln its basic form it'seasy to build and is a great performer. The reduced wingspar.1 of the rectangle als Preliminary build and tuning of the 6 meter 4 element moxon. Just needs some cleaning up, some paint and up she goes. Should work extremely well. Another sm.. Dual Band 4/6m Moxon Antenna Experiment 9. Dual Band 4/6m. Moxon Antenna Experiment. I've used the SOTABeams SB6 Moxon antenna for a number of years now, it's a great compact antenna that performs remarkably for its size. Sadly it's out of production now, but it's easy enough to create your own. The stock SB6 is a 2 element directional.

The Moxon-Beam was introduced by L. Moxon (G6XN) in his book HF Antennas for all Locations (RSGB- Publications, Great Britain 1993). This beam is a 2-Element-Yagi with radiator and reflector and reduced size to about 75% of a normal beam. The 2-Element-Yagi with reflector has normally a 0,2-lambda-boom and an impedance of 50 W.The Moxon-beam has a 0,18-lambda-boom and still 50 Ohm This is a World Wide Web front end for a public domain program written by W4/VP9KF using PHP. This program has been derived from a public domain BASIC program written by L. B. Cebik, W4RNL and previously published on the web. Review: Hi Paul I have used your Moxon calculator for 2 antennas. One for 24 MHz the other 18 MHz using Ali tubes to my 4 dBd Moxon antenna4, the quad has more than double the gain and appears to be quieter. Summary The 6m 4-Element Quad is about 38% smaller in area than the 6m 6-Element OWA Yagi and weighs about 161/ 2 pounds. Compared to the Yagi, the quad has the same gain, less average F/B, and a narrower bandwidth 4-Square array of phased 33 foot verticals with 30-60 radials good performance if high horizontal Yagis and quads aren't feasible at least 50-70 feet away from all nearby towers and antennas Shorty 40 2 element Yagi or Moxon Rectangle 70-100 feet high 3 element Yagi or 4 element OWA Yagi 100-140 feet hig

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The Antenna Store & More. 1-815-669-6567. 20 meter Moxon Beam that covers 14 to 14.350 Mc. at 1.5:1 or less VSWR. The SE-20M can be also be setup for 17 Meter operation by resetting the reflector and element spacer settings with an VSWR of 1.3:1 or less across the 17 meter band. Constructed of 7/8, 3/4, 5/8 and 1/2 hard drawn 6063-T832. • Elements were folded toward each other at about the 50% point (1/4 wave spacing required!!) • Narrow Bandwidth • Gain was relatively low • F/B and F/S ratios were good. • Design was fairly critical •Antenna is a square configuration with equal size elements and a stub to lengthen the reflector This antenna has a very good F/B and bandwidth (works from 27.200 MHz till 28.600 MHz) Dimensions 4,0 * 1,5 meter, weight about 1,5kg, gain 5,87dBi. The Moxon with a RF choke

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A 6 Meter Moxon Antenna Discover 6 meters for the first time or enhance your existing operation with a rugged but portable version of this novel 2 element antenna. The 6 meter Moxon is built from 5/ 8 inch OD and 1/ 2 inch OD aluminum tubing with 3/ 8 inch OD solid aluminum for the corners. The detailed construction drawings, sheets an The Moxon antenna (invented by Les Moxon (SK 2004), G6XN) is sort of a two element yagi with the elements folded and spaced to eliminate the need for an impedance match. The moxon can be further simplified by also eliminating the yagi's boom support

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  1. Moxon-Antenne for 20-m-amateur band. Moxon antenna for 144 MHz. The Moxon antenna or 'Moxon Rectangle' is a simple and mechanically robust two-element parasitic array antenna. It takes its name from the amateur radio operator Les Moxon ( amateur radio call sign G6XN). Scheme of Moxon antenna; main beam points to the left
  2. I started another thread about the EZO antennas but recently I heard back from Henry, PD0RZU, who is the guy with the 4-element Moxon-style antenna in the picture. He outlined the dimensions of all the elements, spacings and so on for me. Also has a diameter of around 12 feet as it's basically a squarish configuration
  3. Building a 2-Meter Moxon L. B. Cebik, W4RNL. In a past issue of AntenneX, I described the properties of a 2-meter Moxon rectangle and surveyed some potential uses for the antenna.There are almost innumerable ways to build the antenna--that is, ways to support the elements
  4. Mosley electronics radio building the 6 meter moxon antenna the ultimate to 11 meter cb antennas mfj 1890 10 meter moxon antenna cb 2 element cubical quad for 10 or 11. The Ultimate To 11 Meter Cb Antennas. Hb9cv 2 Element Yagi For The 11 Meter Band Radioaficion
  5. 3. 0.75 WL: At a 3/4-wl height, both antennas continue the emergence of their characteristics, with the Yagi developing distinct side nulls. The Moxon, on the other hand, shows a better front-to-back pattern, as seen in Fig. 5. For the Yagi and Moxon at a 3/4 wl height, the tabular data is as follows: Antenna TO Angle Max
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[pq]The Moxon Antenna, designed by Les Moxon G6XN (SK), is a compact two element beam antenna with about 5.5-6 dbi of gain and a 25db front to back ratio.[/pq] Les was looking for a compact design for the HF bands when he asked the question: what if I fold in the ends of a dipole antenna to reduce the amount of space an antenna occupies A in interesting Moxon Antenna for the 40 meters band. This document, illustrate an home made project about a moxon antenna for 7 mhz interely designed, built, and presented by W7XA. This is really an interesting ham radio antenna project based on the moxon antenna model, that allow in a limited space to have a good bandwidth and directivity The Moxon Beam. . The Moxon Beam is the name most often used for a two element beam whose elements are folded towards each other and terminated at a precise distance from each other. It's kissing cousin is the VK2ABQ Beam. The main difference is, the VK2ABQ Beam is square and the Moxon Beam is rectangular

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4 Elements, 70 - 70.5 MHz - 4m Yagi antenna PA70-4-1.5B Short portable antenna on 1460 mm boom. Dir.. 95.00€ Add to Cart. 4 meter 5 Element Yagi Antenna PA70-5-3B 70MHz. 5 Elements, 70 - 70.5 MHz - 4m Yagi antenna PA70-5-3B The best performance antenna in the class. 125.00€. Designing Moxon Rectangles by Equation and by Model L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK) There is an urge among antenna builders to discover magic formulas for determining the element lengths of various antenna types. In most cases, tradition sets the form of these formulas in the following terms

Moxon-Modifying the C3-Type Tri-bander L. B. Cebik, W4RNL (SK) The Force 12 C3 tri-band Yagi has become a very popular compact beam for the general operator. Nevertheless, its 35' wing-spread has prevented some would-be owners from purchasing the antenna because their available space is not sufficient for full-size 20-meter elements This antenna has a very good F/B and bandwidth. Dimensions 4,0 * 4,0 meter, weight about 2,5 kg, gain 7,5 dBi. Is quieter then the Skypper through the very good F/B. (42 dBi) Price: euro 175,- plus transport- and PayPal costs. For the total price, including transport, please fill in the form on contact and we will reply a.s.a.p So, the feed point remains in the middle of element, providing a perfect match, but the cable leaves the end of antenna (or the corner of Moxon). What if I put here a ferrite choke right on the braid, or, possibly better, make a trap with several turns of the cable with trimming capacitor (e.g. made of the same coax) I experienced the same results on my 1st Moxon for 15 meter band, I used an insulated wire and the resonant freq. was a bit below 21 mhz. 4 pcs spreaders - Since the turning radius is approx 4.18 mtrs or 13.54 ft. you may use 2 rigid pvc and make it telescopic for each spreader. The orange type appears more firm and sturdier than the blue ones Building The 6 Meter Moxon Antenna Kb9vbr Antennas. 11 Meter Moxon Antenna Cqdx11 Cb Radio Citizens Band Hf Dx 27mhz. Martin Hedman S Hemsida. Dk7zb Moxon With Aluminium S. Moxon Yagi. 20m mini yagi beam the moxon beam by dk7zb yagi antenna 6m s directional antennas pg1n ham radio site microstrip yagi antenna calculator

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The 17-meter Moxon is a little over seven feet between elements while the 15-meter Moxon is about six feet between elements. I used a piece of half-inch PVC pipe as a template to mark the joists for the 17-meter antenna. The antenna is about 2.5 feet above the attic floor for a total height of eleven feet above the ground The Moxon Antenna Design. The Moxon antenna was designed by Les Moxon G6XN and is an optimisation of an earlier Australian design for a compact 2el beam. Essentially it consists of two metal or wire elements: (1) a driven element with its ends bent back towards the reflector (2) which has its ends bent towards the driven element

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MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. 10 or 11 mtr. 5.5DBd. £ 104.50 Read more MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. 12 mtr. 5.5DBd. £ 115.50 Read more MOXON 2 ELEMENT BEAM. 15 mtr. 5.5DBd. £ 126.50 Read mor A Moxon Rectangle (Yagi) for 24MHz - 12m. The Moxon Rectangle was first introduced by Les Moxon, G6XN during the 1950's. Since then it has been a very popular limited space Yagi do to its very compact size. The Moxon Rectangle comprises of 2 elements, a driven element and a reflector element

A collection of 50 MHz Moxon antennas category is a curation of 16 web resources on , TriBand Moxon Antenna for 6m 4m 2m, Building the 6 Meter Moxon Antenna, KG4JJH Moxon Antennas. Resources listed under Moxon 50 MHz category belongs to 6M main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators 20/15m 4 el. beam Yagi (14-21 MHz) DXBeam (DXD2015-4mx) 20m Moxon and 15m Yagi 4 element beam (14-21 MHz). No traps or relays, one single coaxial cable This note looks at the antenna and antenna model for the 40 meter Moxon Yagi designed by Dave Leeson, W6NL. The performance of the antenna, through the model, will be explored in several typical settings. The antenna is modeled using the EZNEC 1 package, built upon the NEC 2 engine. Best results are obtained with the NEC-4 engine. Table of Content

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MFJ 6-Meter Moxon Antenna MFJ s 6-Meter Moxon for limited space features low SWR and a broad cardioid pattern with 5.5-dBi forward gain, high front-to-back ratio. Element span is a compact 7 feet on a 34 boom with turning radius of under 4 . It s winter-storm tough but extremely lightweight, under 5 lbs. Feedpoint is an SO-239 pigtail I installed an InnoVAntenna, Mox-14, 2-element, 20-meter monoband Moxon Yagi in October of 2019 and have it mounted on a Penninger Tipper mast at 35 feet (11 meters). This antenna weighs about 25 lbs. and the whole mast with antenna is raised and lowered using a brake winch on top of a 6x6 pressure treated post A horizontial moxon would be quite low profile compared to a Vertical Loop/Delta antenna. I may be able to mount it as high as 20 feet AGL before visability becomes an issue, roughtly 1/2 a wavelength on 11 meters, but I said 17 feet as a more probably number, and the extra 3 feet probably will not gain much

A DIY lightweight 2m Moxon antenna. Here is a rough guide to my home brew 2m Moxon (According to some old kitchen scales it weighed in at around 160g, my luggage 'scales' said .2kg, but it only shows up .1kg units ) I built it to take to ZL and VK, so the dimensions were for frequencies a little higher than the UK, although it seems to work. A Simple Fixed Antenna for VHF/UHF Satellite Work Explore the low-Earth orbiting amateur satellites with this effective antenna system. will be exactly half the impedance of one element alone. So we will obtain an im-pedance of about 35 Ω. For the dipole-based turnstile antenna, we'll either have to accept an SWR of about 1.4:1 or we'l 3 elements yagi: 6-10-12-15-17-20m. 2 elements yagi folded 30-40. Gain (dBd): 6,1 (4,2 db 30-40m) F/B ratio (dB): 25/30 (15 db 30-40m) Power (PeP): 3500 watt. Longest elements: 11m (5,5 + 5,5) Boom length: 4,50m. Boom diameter: square 60x60mm. Max wind-area: 0,97 Dual band Moxon antenna (2 + 3 elements) for 10m and 6m, ideal for Sporadic-E or DX. Not only for Sporadic-E QSOs on the bands 10 and 6m, the 2850MOX antenna made by EAntenna offers a high gain with very compact dimensions. This antenna features an additional third element for 6m, which leads to a particularly high gain on this band

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L. A. Moxon, in his HF Antennas for All Locations, provides the essential clue: the main benefit [of a beam] accrues from the reduction of interference during reception, though the 4 to 6 dB gain provided by typical amateur beams is an important bonus and probably the reason which carries the most weight with the majority of amateurs SuperYagi antennas computer designed optimized Katyusha mk1 1 element delta loop antenna covering the 6 M band 50MHZ broad band no need for a tuner ! 2.5 dbd gain over a dipole low noise works very low to the ground unlike a dipole. put out a big signal . fully rotatable complete with 100 ohm 1/4 w ave.. 4 Element Vhf Yagi Antenna Satnam Singh VU2COR. Yagi-Uda antenna commonly known as Yagi antenna, is a directional antenna consisting multiple parallel elements in a line. The driven element or the radiator is a half wave dipole which is connected to the receiver or transmitter with a transmission line

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The footprint of these two antennas is the most interesting though, while the Spiderbeam would fit in a 350cm x 350cm square, the Moxon is 390cm long and 422cm wide and the Yagi is 380cm long but 523 cm wide. Either of the two lightweight antennas can match the 3 element Yagi antenna performance in a more compact and easy to build package Moxon Yagi 40m Bands 40: Gain (dBd) * 3.5: Gain (dBi) ** 10.7: F/B (dB) 15 - 18: VSWR Europe setting: 7,00 - 7,05 - 7,10 - 7,30 1,5 - 1,15 - 1,4 - 1,9: USA setting: 7,15 - 7,20 - 7,30 1,5 - 1,15 - 1,4 Elements (number) 2: Max. Elementlenght (m) 10.6: Boomlenght (m) 5.6: Turning Radius (m) 6: Feedlines (number) 1 Coax 50 Ohm: Weight (kg) 35. The three antennas discussed herein are: 4 element - 9 dbi Yag 3 element - 7 dbi Yagi 2 element - 5.5 dbi Moxon Rectangle To make any of these antennas at a different frequency you multiply ALL of the dimensions by the formula: Multiplication factor = 1280/frequency needed-Ale Moxon tails and element trusses getting caught in the KT-34XA that is 30 feet down from the 40. Just not used to rectangular antennas and 60 foot elements ! After using it for 9 months, I have nothing but good things to say about it. It performs far better than the old 3 element KLM did at the old QTH

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  1. MFJ Enterprises Inc,Ameritron,Hy-Gain,Hygain,Cushcraft,Vectronics,Mirage,MFJ,MFJ Enterprises,Antenna,Radio,Ham Radio,Amateur Radio,Tuner,Analyzer,Starkville,Amplifier.
  2. 2 Elements on 40M / 22 Foot Boom. The JK402T is a 22Ft boom 2 element 40m Yagi that has excellent gain and F/R. The elements are loaded Capacitively which shortens the overall length while still maintaining a good gain, F/R across the 40M band. This antenna is made for the DX'er or Contester that is looking for an antenna to work across the globe
  3. Moxon beam for 2m (144MHz) I was reading Practical Wireless the other day and found a piece about the PW 2m QRP contest on Sunday June 13 2010. I've never taken part in this, but thought that I might make the effort this year. I have a Yaesu FT-817 and a couple of SLA batteries, but I haven't got a 2m beam. I used to own a 4el quad by Jaybeam.

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There are examples where an active Moxon VHF element is used to drive the UHF portion of a Yagi antenna. LY2SS from 2013 - VHF Moxon UHF 3 element Yagi Antenna - Here is a video of DS1MFC using the antenna design to make a contact through SO-50. And other video. And yet another from M0NPT. PY4ZBZ from 2016 - VHF Moxon UHF 4 element Yagi Antenna. Jul 18, 2019 - Explore Raymond A. Franz's board Moxon on Pinterest. See more ideas about antenna, ham radio antenna, amateur radio We just need to apply the scaling factor of 0.945 to the original sizes with a calculator and a little rounding to sensible numbers: So for the reflector we need a wire 2051+384.5+384.5 - 2820mm long and for the driven element 2 wires 1025.5+305.5 = 1330.5mm long. Now we can build the antenna and have a good chance of it working

40m antenna at E73M is Cushcraft XM240 modified into Moxon style, 2 element Yagi at 24m (79 feet). Antenna shares the same tower as 20m 4 over 4 element Yagi stack. It is a good performer due to the terrain slope towards the N-NW. Take a look at the diagram below generated by HFTA for elevation statistics from E7 to the USA on 7 MHz W8JK/MOXON antenna Variant : This design is a variant of the Open-Folded W8JK . This antenna is design on the same basis but instead of folded wires to the center pole of the boom , this design is relying on the MOXON one. If you have more space since the monopoles are 400cm long The element spacing between the driven elements and the reflector element can remain at 7'. When fabricated and tuned at 9 feet (almost 1/4 wavelength at 17m) the coaxial antenna produced the following readings: (using the Mfj 259b), (some trimming or lengthening of the driven elements may be required short of easily referencing antenna elements and placement that the amateur radio operator would like. KE5KJD adds his own elements to a element diameters and tapered elements. NEC 4 has the most up to date Of the Moxon with all elements In place - Not too bad. Antenna SWR on 6 Meters. Antenna SWR on 2 Meters

Works good. When tuning and adjusting the lengths, just know what makes sense wont work. I've been building wire Moxons for over 10 years now and what works for that wont work for this tube type. Antenna hears and talks just fine. I have it on a 50ft pushpole at 29ft. Front to back is pretty good and its directional similar to a 3/4 element Compact and effective 2m/70cm dual band antenna for satellite operation Antenna was designed for SO-50 satellite operation. It has gains 4 dBd on 2m and 6.5 dBd on 70cm bands and it is fed via single 50 Ohm cable (use as short as possible for comfortable operation This antenna might be the smallest 2 element antenna with a turning radius less then 1.6 meters. It gives a gain of 4 dB over a dipole and the F/B is about 15 dB. It needs a balun transformer 2.25:1 to match the 20 ohm impedans at the loading point 28 MHz 3 Element OPT (Realized Antenna) 28 MHz Moxon Rectangle at 10m; 28 MHz OWAs; 50 MHz / 6m. Comet CA-52 4 Element HB9CV type (Running at DF9CY) Comet CA-52 4 Element HB9CV type 2 stacked antennas; DF9CY 50 MHz 6 element yagi (Realized Antenna) DF9CY 50 MHz 6 Element different versions (28 and 50 Ohm).

Moxon Antenna Projects-- 17M and 20M Via KD6WD. About Mobile Dual-Band 2m/440 432 8 Element Quagi Antenna By N2KBK 440 MHz -- 2 Element & 4 Element Yagi's - From The Antenna Elmer Super J-Pole Antenna (Collinear Design) - By KB0YKI U HF EggBeater Antenna - From ON6WG / F5VI My experience is the Moxon has significantly lower windload than the two element Quads I've used. As far as disappointment with a Moxon performance, compared to the 4 element Yagi I had up before the Moxon, it wasn't a comparison, but I wasn't disappointed because it was as good as the 2 element Quads I had used before the 4 element Yagi

Manufacturers of High Quality Amateur Radio / Ham Radio HF Yagi, Transmitting and Receiving Antennas. New Home of the Force 12 Antennas. The next generation in Design and manufacturing. We have assembled the best team, suppliers and parts manufacturing to provide our clients with HF antennas that will be considered a work of art. Listen to the big signals that come from stations using our. Moxon hand held type antenna made from 3mm wire with 3,9 dBd is mechanikaly stable, 30cm shorter than two element dual band antenna. It is posibile to connect it to radio via BNC. It is just a 4 element on 4 feet boom with a gain of 8 dB and having a low SWR of 1.2 : 1 on the operating frequency 144 to 146 MHz Assemble antenna elements on the boom, using a single clamp for each element, with the exception of the driven element, which will use 2 (see above image). 7. To provide some mechanical strength between the driven elements and reflector, use a 3mm drill bit to drill out a piece of dowel of nylon to form a spacer. push the ends of the driven. OB8-4M 8 Element 4 Band. The OB8-4M is an extremely effective, compact and innovative Yagi for the classical four bands 40, 20, 15 and 10m. It is the first trapless Yagi for this frequency spectrum in the world with a single 50 Ohm coaxial feed and with two powerful Moxon Rectangles integrated in its design to improve performance

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The Moxon is a really great antenna design. Its overall size is around 30% less than a full-sized beam. Depending on your choice, you may prefer this reduction in size, when you're working with an antenna as large as 20m band antenna are. A full-sized 20m 2-element beam is over 10m (32 feet) long, and 2.3m (7.54 feet) wide 11 Meter Moxon Antenna. Tune Frequency 27.415. Material List. 1. Small section of tubing to mount antenna to. 2. Two Muffler clamps for the size tubing you use for the mount. 3. 1-4' section of 1Aluminum Tubing. 4. 4- 5/8 fiberglass plant stakes 5' in length ( I cut mine to 52and drilled down the middle 4 to accept driveway markers The Moxon antenna is a 2-element yagi with the reflector and driven element ends bent, so that it occupied less space. The antenna had to be lightweight, so it was constructed out of 2mm aluminum welding rods, and 28mm plastic conduit used for electrical installations. Construction had to be quick, and utilizing available materials The 20 meter Vertical Moxon Project. There are numerous limitations at my present QTH (location) in Pretoria, South Africa. One restriction is that I can't put up a usable tower or pole for a beam antenna. I wanted an antenna that could DX with the United States of America anytime the band was open. I looked at a number of small or compact Yagis, Hexbeams, Quads, Etc