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Replace pitted glass, repair cracks or holes. The only way to correct a badly pitted windshield is to replace it. The average cost of a new windshield is $200. Special windshields, like those with. Auto Detailing Discussion - Pitted Windshield and Insurance Question..... - I have full glass coverage through GEICO. My windshield is so pitted that I can't see hardly anything when driving into low angle sun in the morning or afternoon. Does anyone know or have experience with insurance companies covering..

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Your insurance company may even pay for the damage without raising your auto coverage rates. We Can Repair Your Pitted Windshield. Only 1 Auto Glass can inspect your windshield to see the extent of the damage. We can either smooth out the pits and repair your windshield or replace it with a brand new windshield. You can call us at 651-789-1111. Tiny micro-pits build up on the windshield over time as airborne particles hit the glass at high speeds. These pits reduce vision when illuminated by oncoming headlights, or a rising/setting sun. The only practical fix for a badly pitted windshield is replacement. Inspect the edges of the glass for damage to surrounding bodywork

GEICO Glass & Windshield Insurance Claims GEICO may be able to help when your vehicle's windshield or glass is damaged. This is usually covered under comprehensive coverage. GEICO also provides a glass claim service that is fast and convenient If your windshield (or other glass, e.g., side windows, rear window, or sunroof) is damaged by something other than a collision, you'll likely pay for it using comprehensive coverage. However, understand that this coverage is optional and if you don't have it, you may be on your own when it comes time to pay for repairs American Warrior Auto Glass is excited to offer free full-vehicle window tinting on all windshield replacements covered by insurance. Because american warrior auto glass accepts any insurance for . A small crack in the windshield can easily become a major problem for you if you run over a bump in the road or if the windshield is damaged further

You will have to pay the deductible, however. Get a quote first, because if the cost of a new windshield is less than your deductible, you shouldn't file an insurance claim. A typical windshield replacement cost is between $100 and $400, reports CostHelper.com, averaging $214. If you drive a luxury car or a rare car, the cost may be much higher So, does auto insurance cover sandstorm damage to my car? Sandstorm damage is covered under your comprehensive policy as this is a weather related event. Damage from a sandstorm can include windshield pitting, erosion of painted surfaces, dulling of exterior trim, and damage to electrical or mechanical systems The comprehensive coverage under your USAA Auto Insurance policy helps cover damage to various types of window glass, including windshields, side and rear windows, sunroofs, moonroofs and T-top panels. It doesn't cover headlights, taillights or other types of glass. How long will my auto glass repair or replacement take Pitting is the natural ageing of a windshield. It's caused by sand, dust, and other debris coming into contact with it over an extended period of time. Pitting causes small craters to form, which can distort the sunlight and impact your vision. Since pitting is considered wear and tear, it's not commonly covered by your insurer

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  1. Scrub the windshield with a nylon-bristle brush. Use a liquid dish soap. This will strip any oily residue from the glass and clean the pitted areas of any particles that have been trapped inside them. Rinse the glass with water
  2. A pitted windshield is not only displeasing to the eye but it can also compromise your safety, especially if it's in the driver's view. There are tons of ways that your car can get a pitted windshield. It could be through an accident or on purpose. In fact, you can even get your windshield pitted just by driving too close to the rear or.
  3. It is dangerous to drive with a pitted or cracked windshield, meaning it is important that you get a damaged windshield replaced as quickly as you can. You may even qualify to get your windshield replaced for free depending on where you live, from Boston, Massachusetts to Apache Junction, Arizona and places in the middle
  4. With full coverage car insurance from us, our auto glass repair program takes the hassle out of the claim process. It only takes one call to get fast, professional windshield glass repair service. You can get help filing a claim or scheduling your auto glass or windshield repair service by calling 800-892-8484
  5. Will My Auto Insurance Pay To Replace my Car Windshield. Reader Question Will insurance pay to replace a windshield that has become so pitted and cloudy that it is hard to see if you have complete glass coverage? Otto. Howdy Otto Lets talk about auto insurance coverage for auto glass repair and windshield replacement

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If this is the case, your comprehensive insurance will still cover it. Depending on your state and policy, you may have to pay a deductible. For instance, if it costs $800 to replace your windshield and your comprehensive deductible is $100, you'll pay only $100 toward the cost of the new windshield Step 1 - Reporting a Windshield/Auto Glass Claim. This step is the process whereby you notify an American Commerce Claim Service Center Representative that you have a glass claim for your automobile. You can contact American Commerce Insurance Company's Claim Service Center at: 1-877-ACI-LOSS. ( 1-877-224-5677

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I do have windshield replacement included on my insurance polcies for all the cars, but I doubt GEICO will be too thrilled if I call in all 3 at once. Last edited: May 1, 2015 1997 Audi A6 Avant 2.8 quattro - 12/2006-04/2007 - Totale Answer: According to the Massachusetts Division of Insurance, if an object damages your windshield, you are covered for this loss if you have comprehensive coverage (sometimes also referred to as other than collision coverage) on your vehicle. Formally, your normal $300, $500 or $1,000, or whatever you may have selected as your comprehensive. Have you checked with your insurance to see if it qualifies as a safety hazard? For example if your view is obstructed when the sunlight hits it at a certain angle or by headlights when night driving. The repair kit effectiveness will depend upon how deeply the windshield is pitted. If the kit is simply a polishing cream with an abrasive pad or. Re: sandblasted and pitted windshields. You can do it, you can polish those pits out. Just get yourself some cerium oxide, a felt polishing pad and a high speed drill. Mix a slurry of water and cerium oxide and polish away. Be sure to polish to insure optical perfection. This should only take 2-3 years to do

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by nixquax » September 20th, 2008, 5:22 am. No, pits cannot be repaired only filled. I have one customer who I like but is so picky about pits. He does not realize it almost takes the same time and effort to fill them as it does to repair. The angle of light on the windshield can reveal so many pits it is just better to replace Email; Driving with a cracked or pitted windshield is dangerous, making it important to replace a damaged windshield ASAP. Depending on where you live — from Apache Junction, Arizona to Boston, Massachusetts and points in between — you could qualify for a free windshield replacement.Here's what you need to know about free windshield replacement laws and auto insurance Auto-Owners insurance offers more coverage than its name implies, but it does cover anything that happens to your own car, even with the best policy. You could buy collision insurance to Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades On 2016 Nissan Frontier Windshield wipers are an important safety feature on any vehicle, and it's essential to. Getting into an accident that shatters your windshield can make you feel pretty bleak. Unlike a dented fender or a scrape along the side of your vehicle, a shattered windshield makes your car undrivable until it is fixed -- and in some cases, a replacement windshield can cost as much as $1,000. If you are lucky enough to only have a minor dent in your windshield, an auto shop might be. North Carolina Windshield Insurance: What are the Full Glass coverage laws in North Carolina? In North Carolina, it's only illegal to drive with windshield damage if it obstructs the view of the driver. Ask your provider about $0 deductible options for NC windshield replacement insurance

Massachusetts windshield replacement law. Under Massachusetts law, car insurance companies are required to offer windshield replacement coverage as part of their policies, with either a zero deductible or a $100 deductible option. Typically, glass damage is covered by the comprehensive portion of your policy American Family Insurance offers a glass repair program with our trusted partner, Safelite. With them, we'll work quickly to get your windshield repaired or replaced so you can get back to more important things. Make sure you file a claim before you take your vehicle in for repairs, since your agent can help you determine how you're covered The insurance agent must inspect your windshield before adding the coverage to ensure it is not already chipped or cracked. But this is what usually happens to pitted windshields when the.

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Windshield insurance is an important part of an auto policy. It will decide how much you will need to shell out if your glass becomes broken, pitted or cracked. Repairing or replacing the glass is extremely important, and the sooner you do something about it, the better Call us at 800-242-6422. 1 Glass coverage varies from state to state. Repairs are not guaranteed. The coverage descriptions are for educational purposes only and may vary by policy and state. Your policy, policy declaration and/or amended declarations are the primary sources of reference for your coverage information and govern your policy and. Windshield pitting is caused by small particles flying through the air at high speed and colliding with your windshield glass. Sand, dust, pebbles: all of these can cause micro-damages to your vehicle glass, and over time, these can combine to create a windshield that is hard to see out of due to the glares and imperfections in the glass March 2019 edited November -1. My windshield has numerous micro pits. Tesla isn't replacing my windshield. If it bothers me too much I'll have to go the insurance route. My deductible is only 50$ so I'm kinda ok with it, though I feel this is a windshield glass material issue Free Windshield Replacement (No Deductible) Driving with a cracked or pitted windshield is dangerous, making it important to replace a damaged windshield ASAP. Here's what you need to know about free windshield replacement laws and auto insurance

Full glass coverage is a policy add-on that covers windshield and other window damage without a deductible. Full glass insurance can add $5-$10 per month to your premiums. You may need full glass coverage if you drive a lot as it will cost you nothing out of pocket to repair cracks in your windshield. Scroll down to learn which insurance.

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  1. Car insurance covers windshield damage and replacement in most cases through comprehensive insurance, and when others are at fault, through property damage liability insurance. In this piece, we will discuss how auto insurance will cover you should your windshield crack or shatter
  2. Windshield chips and cracks are common in personal and commercial vehicles. The good news is we can help you file a claim with your insurance when there is damage to your windshield. In most cases, the insurance will pay for the auto glass repair without raising your insurance rates. It's good news if you have a sandblasted windshield that.
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  4. The deductible is the amount you have to pay towards work performed before your insurance covers the rest. You won't have to pay a deductible to have your windshield repaired. However, if your damaged windshield is deemed unsafe and not appropriate to repair, you will need a replacement and a deductible will apply
  5. In South Carolina's Code of Laws, there are specific guidelines for auto safety glass. Residents of South Carolina who have 100 percent auto insurance coverage enjoy a benefit when it comes to windshield replacement. In general, South Carolina state laws require that auto safety glass be free of damage and clear
  6. A recent question from B.H. of Oak Park (Cars, May 10) about the pitted windshield on his 1998 Cadillac got us to thinking about auto glass. In response to the question about how the pitting.
  7. Life insurance is issued by Farmers New World Life Insurance Company, 3003 77th Ave. SE, Mercer Island, WA 98040. Each insurer has sole financial responsibility for its own insurance products. Visit farmers.com for a complete list of companies. Not all insurers are authorized to provide insurance in all states

File a claim online, contact your agent, or call LYNX Services at. 888-624-4410. 888-624-4410 . Massachusetts policyholders - call. 800-526-8210. 800-526-8210. Canadian policyholders - contact your State Farm agent. Check your policy to verify you're covered for repairs Get back on the road as soon as possible. With Auto Glass Claim Express, you can: Get in touch with a Glass Claim Express representative 24/7. Choose from over 16,500 repair shops. Easily schedule your appointment; some shops can even send someone to your home or work. Rest easy with the workmanship guarantee Email: myclaim@farmersinsurance.com. Fax: 1-877-217-1389. Mail: Farmers Claim Services. National Document Center. PO Box 268994. Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8994. Include your name, policy number, phone number and date of loss on all documents. 2

However, if your windshield is badly pitted, or the badly cracked, it should be replaced. Reno Windshield repair - an affordable solution Repairing a windshield is also a great value. If you have comprehensive insurance coverage, and you choose to have your windshield repaired rather than replaced, most insurance companies will waive your. In my experience all windshield glass, irrespective of manufacturer, is subject to pitting. If you have the rain/light sensor then you'll need to order Green windscreen, shade band+rain sensor, P/N 51 31 7 183 012, MSRP $450.49. The windshield without the rain sensor shade band runs MSRP $410.61

JoeMario July 18, 2016, 5:13pm #14. AIUI, the Massachusetts law says there will be a $0 deductible for windshield repairs as part of comprehensive. As bing noted, I recall the motivation for it was to reduce the amount of cars being driven with broken windshields. Docnick July 18, 2016, 5:13pm #15 Windshield repair insurance and windshield replacement insurance typically fall under the same category. But it really will depend on the type of auto insurance coverage you have. Windshield dings and cracks are easy to repair, and with American Family Insurance, they typically won't cost you any money out of your pocket Hi all, I just got delivery of a CPO 335i. The car is beautiful, although I noticed that the windshield had a minor scrape in it, and it's pitting a bit, may have been where it came from. I called my local BMW dealership, and the windshield replacement is covered under warranty. My fear is.. Mazor says that a new windshield might be cheaper than you would think. In many cases, windshield repair is covered by car insurance (under your comprehensive coverage — not collision). The.

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  1. In this video you will see the proper way to get rid of all those nasty scratches, wiper tracks and other imperfections from our windscreens.You will have a.
  2. Ask the windshield and auto glass damage experts. Do you have questions about a chip or crack in your windshield or broken auto glass? We will happily answer your questions to get your vehicle back on the road. Safelite FAQs. Take a look at our FAQs below for additional information
  3. WITH. (303) 732-5414. Other Locations ». 2820 S 31st Ave, Greeley, CO 80631. Website Get a Free Estimate Directions More Info. 1. Glass America. Windshield Repair Automobile Body Repairing & Painting Plate & Window Glass Repair & Replacement. 22
  4. Broken glass in your car, van or truck? Now what??? There are three things you need to know in order to choose the best repair company: EXPERTISE: Our technicians use the proper procedures and best materials to repair or replace your auto glass.; SAFETY: We guarantee that your vehicle will be as safe as it was when it left the factory. Quality, not quotas, is the motivation for our technicians
  5. ating the need for a successful windshield chip repair
  6. A large number of motorists opt for State Farm Insurance for coverage. Of course, the company's auto insurance provides coverage that's comparable to most insurers. Each insurance provider tends to differ on auto glass and windshield replacements, though. Policyholders might be confused as to whether State Farm covers these replacements and.
  7. The inevitable happened driving Florida's interstates. A semi I was passing threw a rock that hit my windshield. In 36 years of driving and having insurance, I've never had to make an insurance claim of any kind so I need some advice on whether to pay out of pocket or use my insurance to cover the cost since it's covered under comprehensive

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Windshield Repair Automobile Parts & Supplies Glass-Auto, Plate, Window, Etc. 30. YEARS. IN BUSINESS. Website Directions Products. (619) 265-2811. 1106 S Coast Hwy. Oceanside, CA 92054. From Business: Auto Glass Replacement Auto glass is one of the most important structural support features of your vehicle My daily driver is a 1993 Legend 6-speed with about 170,000 miles on it and going strong. The windshield is starting to look like it's been sandblasted and has lots of glare...especially when driving into the rising sun in the morning. Does insurance cover something like this....or should I hope a rock from a construction truck bounces off my windshield :wink My insurance company replaced my windshield due to pitting from getting sandblasted on an unusually windy day. I have no idea what their threshold is for being pitted enough for that, but Wawanesa replaced mine no problem. I'm very leery of filing frivolous claims with insurance companies Some windshield companies may charge you or your insurance company to fill pits which we feel is an unethical practice. Sand Blasted Windshields Some windshields will get extremely pitted overtime due to Arizona's dirt roads, sand storms, and daily driving in the Arizona desert

Texas Body Works is the the trusted expert of how to repair a pitted windshield in Dallas, TX. Our Collision Repair and Auto Body Shop has been proudly serving Dallas for more than 32 years.. Optimum Glass Coat over pitted windshield? My road warrior - the car I use for multi-thousand mile trips - has micro pits all over the windshield from pebbles and general road grime thrown on it. Seems the general advice I get is to replace, but I hate throwing $3k into a new windshield only to have it look like this again in a couple of years

Space Cowboy is right...some Insurance companies will pay for the replacement of a damaged windshield as they feel it is a safety hazard the might result in a more severe claim like an accident or injury claim. Others feel it is part of the insureds responsibility to ensure they are driving in a safe vehicle free of defects Have you checked with your insurance to see if it qualifies as a safety hazard? For example if your view is obstructed when the sunlight hits it at a certain angle or by headlights when night driving. The repair kit effectiveness will depend upon how deeply the windshield is pitted Joined Jan 8, 2014. ·. 21 Posts. #11 · Jan 17, 2014. grizzstang said: If it is only pitted be happy. I bought our Jeep in August. Our windshield is cracked along the bottom, 2 up from side to side and yes cracked, rock battered windshields are common on Wranglers. Click to expand.. Pitted windshields User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register: ShopForum Gallery: FAQ: Calendar: Search: Today's Posts: Mark Forums Read: Page 3 of 3 < 1: 2: 3 LinkBack: Thread Tools: Display Modes #31 03-20-2004, 11:23 PM markku. Registered User. 3,333 Posts. #2 · Sep 21, 2014 (Edited) Yes, an absolute must do, with the R8 being so low. Even with windscreen insurance, it's a horror to watch the glued edges sawed to replace it. Clearplex has very good optical clarity and wipers work fine without skipping. Holding up well after a year. Cheers

Windshield insurance coverage is a crucial a part of an auto coverage. It's going to resolve how a lot you have to to shell out in case your glass turns into damaged, pitted or cracked. Repairing or changing the glass is extraordinarily necessary, and the earlier you do one thing about it, the higher Comprehensive auto insurance can cover a cracked windshield if you choose to file a claim. The average cost of comprehensive auto insurance is around $150/year. Broken and cracked windshields are covered by insurance and even by law in some free windshield replacement states Strengthens windshield and windows by up to 40%. Repels rain, snow, dirt, ice and makes them easier to remove. Increases nighttime vision up to 35% while reducing glare. Long lasting formula bonds to glass for up to 4 years. Resists scratching and pitting. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly Unfortunately pitted windshields can't be fixed and will need to be replaced to resolve the problem. DIY windshield repair kits and professional windscreen repair shops can only fix chips and cracks. Pits would need to be filled in to fix the gap and there's nothing available that can fill the pit that will be able to restore visibility A Florida statute prevents car insurance companies from applying a deductible to windshield repairs or replacements. Driving your car with a cracked windshield can result in personal injury or wrongful death. If your windshield is damaged in a car accident or by road debris, get it replaced for free

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Over time, however, these panels eventually develop imperfections, including windshield pitting. Instead of being smooth throughout, they will have tiny craters across the glass. This will be evident if you look closely while cleaning your car. It may seem like a minor issue, but it can cause major problems if you do not address it as soon as. Q: Are pitted windshields a covered loss? A: No. Pitting of a windshield does not involve glass breakage, and is a condition that develops over a period of time from normal wear and tear. Under the Comprehensive portion of the Massachusetts Auto Policy: We consider glass breakage when not involving other collision loss, and the following type of losses to be Comprehensive and not. Our Progressive Insurance has a free windshield provision so do many other Insurance companies.....check on page 39a of the fine print you might get some use out of your premium. especially since you aren't a commercial vehicle and a pitted windshield ain't illegal in a personal vehicle. That is assumin' that Dolly ain't turned herself into. Bring in any insurance claim today or schedule repairs for your pitted windshield or cracked windows. Let us work on any make or model of vehicle you have! Ensure your automotive glass replacement or repair is fast, easy, and within your budget. Call All Glass Center today Due to the fact that SC auto insurance does cover glass repacement with little to no questions asked, there are a ton of windshield replacement companies. Many are simpy sales people who contract with others to do the work. I have had them knock on my front door selling such. I guess the question is back to factory authorized parts or not

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Typically, a repaired windshield will clear up about 60%-80% and will regain the original structural strength. Pitted Windshields. If the windshield damaged area appears to be where the surface of the laminated glass gets pitted and the top layer of glass is not fully broken through, then it is possible that the windshield requires a different. (Add Full Window Glass to your coverage and ERIE will waive the deductible for both windshield repairs and replacements*.) Learn more about how to handle a windshield repair. Get Advice from a Professional You Trust. There's just so much to know about insurance, but fortunately, you don't have to know it all Jan 28, 2013. #1. Colorado has lots of sand and rocks on the highway, and I drive my Jetta 30K/year. As a result, my windshield gets pitted pretty fast, and I could use a new one every year or two. Insurance won't pay for this, since the windshield isn't cracked, and I'm reluctant to shell out $200 or so to pay for it myself

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Calling clients month after month and getting them to replace their windshield so they can get a $80-$100 incentive. Misleading the customer about OEM glass and or billing them for it when they really got aftermarket glass. Read our blog posting on OEM GLASS. Repairing or replacing windshields with only pitted damage --Standardize your training, increase your skill, and save money on all future GlasWeld orders!We also offer an all-encompassing training and certification p.. The Windshield Shop provides automotive, residential & light commercial glass installation and repair in Wichita, KS. We specialize in pitted glass & surface damage repair, come highly recommended by leading insurance companies and offer mobile & same day service Windshield Replacement Near Me Smartphones and available wifi everywhere has been a godsend in a lot ways but when you type in 'windshield replacement near me' you will get smothered by paid advertising by the big auto brands who might not even be able to offer you a windshield replacement, let alone a mobile service who can attend on-the-spot, where ever you are My insurance, Geico, will charge the deductible for windshield replacement, which may not be OEM. For repairs, no deductible but they don't repair surface pits, only chips and cracks. Audi coverage will give you OEM glass and one windshield replacement a year and no limit on repairs

It typically takes 1.5-2 hours to replace a windshield. Keep in mind all vehicles are different. If the vehicle has a lift kit or any pre-existing damage, it can take longer. The longest part of the replacement is the wait time for the urethane. We have found the best results come when the urethane cures for an hour after the windshield is in. If you need a windshield replaced on your Motorhome/RV, Nomad Glass can assist you with filing an insurance claim. We will bill the insurance company directly, you pay the deductible portion. Our team of installers will go to your location to perform the replacement services, providing convenience. Call for more details 1-800-808-9762 Windshield repair services by Magic Auto Care your is your #1 choice for windshield repair. We work with your insurance company and use over a decade of experience to repair chipped windshields and glass. We can repair your chipped or pitted windshield for an affordable price while you wait The windshield isn't noticeably pitted, yet, but I hear some hellacious gravel strikes pretty frequently driving on the freeway (not a highway and not where you typically expect a lot of gravel). I have got to assume that the aerodynamics have something to do with it Go to does full coverage auto insurance cover windshield replacement page via official link below. Step 2. Find the official insurance at the bottom of the website. Step 3. If you still can't access does full coverage auto insurance cover windshield replacement please leave a message below

We Cover Up to $100 of Insurance Deductible. A broken car window or windshield is no laughing matter. At Novus Glass, we understand the importance of getting your vehicle's glass repaired quickly and efficiently. As an established auto glass repair business in Eastern Maine, our goal is to get you back on the road as swiftly and safely as possible 59 Windshield provides quality windshield replacement, windshield repair and replacement services when and where you need it. Broken windshield or car window? With over 25 years of experience, 59 Windshield is trusted source for affordable auto glass repair or replacement. Trust 59 Windshield Auto Glass Experts To Replace Your Windshield. See Why 9 outa 10 Customers Recommend 59 Windshield

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Some reasons to replace a windshield rather than repairing it could be, if the crack is extending into the edge of the windshield, spider cracks that cover the whole windshield and the integrity of the windshield glass is gone. Another reason for replacement is if your windshield is pitted from sand or is very old and not as clear as it use to be A 2018 Wrangler windshield lists for $410, whereas the Gorilla Glass version goes for more than $700. The same upgraded windshield in a 2019 F-150 is $900, while Ford charges $430 for a base. windshield repair with insurance and windshield replacement with insurance houston katy cypress . You can submit your claim through our mobile app, online, or by calling 1-800-776-4737 and providing some basic info. A representative walks you through your coverages and next steps

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  1. Windshield Replacement. Windshield repair services by Dent Shoppe your is your #1 choice for windshield repair. We work with your insurance company and use over a decade of experience to repair chipped windshields and glass. We can repair your chipped or pitted windshield for an affordable price while you wait
  2. Here's why you should purchace a Diamon-Fusion® windshield treatment today: Creates a surface that is 11.76 times more resistant to rock chips and pitting by reducing the co-efficient of friction on the surface of the glass - making the glass slippery. Provides up to 20% more brilliance for increased visibility to extend driver reaction time
  3. The windshield is the single most utilized window in your vehicle and also acts as a safety measure in a collision. Regardless of the size or degree of damage to your windshield, a certified repairman should do most repairs and all replacements. Many auto insurance policies today carry a glass rider, which covers some, if not all the cost to.
  4. We will give you the information you need to make an intelligent decision about your pitted or chipped windshield. Call us or make an appointment and we will come to you and discuss what can be done to fix your windshield. Related Posts: No Related Posts; For Immediate Service: 858-231-5529 Free Repair Through Your Insurance Company. We are.
  5. Fortunately, many insurance companies waive windshield repair, so if we're able to resolve damage without the need for replacement, there may be no out-of-pocket costs to you. In the event of windshield damage, Portland Glass has you covered. Our windshield services are among the most trusted in the industry
  6. COVID update: Safelite AutoGlass has updated their hours and services. 13 reviews of Safelite AutoGlass I started online and chose the windshield I wanted and then looked for a date to have a windshield installed (earliest one was about 8-9 days out). I was hoping for an installation date sooner, but understand the Houston highways take out a lot of windshields
  7. Our headlight restoration system smooths pitted surfaces, erases deep scratches and polishes headlights back to its original color for a cheaper repair than a full headlight replacement. In most cases, the auto glass specialists at Portland Glass can perform the process while you wait for your windshield to cure after replacement

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  1. Pitted Windshield: 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Long-Term Road Test. Pitted Windshield: 2005 Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG Long-Term Road Test. Learn more about Mercedes-Benz CL-Class at the Edmunds.com Car Forums! Read real discussions on thousands of topics and get your questions answered. New Car Pricing
  2. 1,058 Posts. #2 · Feb 17, 2020. No, my windshield cracked for impact reasons. It would help to post a picture of the crack. There were a few with cracks initiating at the edges that were replaced under warranty. However the last windshield picture that was posted had a definite impact that caused the crack
  3. utes later I noticed what looked like a smear from the windshield wiper, but it was a crack. It's now about 15-18 long (hard to tell, because it's curved). From what I read here, some people were complaining that the aftermarket windshields pitted badly after a year or two
  4. Pitting happens when you get sand blasted in the desert dust storm or over a long period of time. My windshield was not pitted. I asked the fella if he wanted to show me where the pitting was..he pointed to the lower driver side corner. I used my pinkie nail, removed some dirt and said, This is called dirt, not pitting
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